Wednesday, November 13, 2019

PAST TIME FOR AN UPDATE...............

I just checked out the date of the last update, it's been awhile.  Can't tell you what I've been doing, but I guess I've stayed busy at it.........!!!

 Suzanne, Lynn and Linda took donkeys up to the McDowell Park in the Phoenix area for a 12 mile fun run with the donkeys.  There was an endurance race for horse and riders going on at the same time.  They said many of the horse people were interested in the donkeys and many brought their horses over to see the donkeys.  Many times if a horse hasn't been around donkeys, the 1st time they see one, can be quite exciting, depending on how upset the horse is.  We don't know why they react so much to donkeys.  Linda said someone told them, the reason is, because donkeys have no smell.  Not sure what that means, we thought it might be because of their ears.  

They actually took 6 donkeys up and brought home 7.......!!!  Monique asked them to do some training with Legend. 

Legend is really a pretty boy, with his bracelets on all 4 legs. Fuzzy Focus took this picture of Legend.  Thanks Evelyn. 
 He's really pretty easy to work with, seems more than willing to meet you half way. 

This is 2 more new boys on the property.  Lynn is going to be working with these 2 over the next few weeks.  Cooper is on the right and Pablo is on the left.  They have had some training, but their new mom is new to donkeys and needs a little help with being in charge.  So before it's over she will probably also get some training..........LOL

Donkeys are pretty easy to work with IF, big if they think you know what your are doing and are the leader of the herd.  If you don't come across as in charge, one of them will take over that position, which doesn't bode well for a happy long term relationship.  So a little bit of brushing up on manners and "rules" and these boys will be just fine, especially if their mom takes the "head jenny"position. 

Evelyn took a lot of pictures the day she was here.  This is Gigi and I'm not sure if she is stating her opinion of having her picture taken or what............LOL  Quite a few of the donkeys have learned how to get people's attention and sticking their tongue out is one of them. 

This is a great picture of baby Link.  He's gone thru different stages over the last year of looking pretty gawky.  Right now he's looking pretty good, although he's got some LONG legs to grow into.  He's not even 2 years old yet, will probably grow until he is 5.  I think he's already taller than my head.  We have to be careful around him, he hasn't figured out exactly where his feet are at all times.  So we try to make sure our feet aren't anywhere near his feet..........LOL

Friday Suzanne, Linda and I are going to Phoenix for a meeting with the Arizona Dept of Agriculture.  Most of the equine rescues in Arizona were notified of the meeting and last I heard about 30 of them are going to be there.  It's suppose to be so the rescues can bring their ideas and questions to the attention of the AZDA and hopefully make some changes where needed.  

I last went to one probably 6 or 7 years ago, don't remember any changes that came from it, but you never know.  Doesn't hurt to go and see what is going on. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Linda opened the gate about 2pm today.  The first couple of days are usually pretty slow and today was no exception.  I drove over with the golf cart and Lynn and Cheyenne actually followed me.  They went as far in as the 1st tree, heads went down and they started munching.  Besides the beans, we had wind yesterday that blew lots of leaves off the mesquite trees.  

Drove around looking for other donkeys, finally Legend followed me over there.  In fact he wasn't the least bit interested in snacking on beans, he pestered me for cookies.  I finally turned around and come back over here.........sure enough he followed me, he was bound and determined that if he was persistent enough, I would come forward with a cookie.  

In the meantime, a few more donkeys figured out what was going on.  It usually takes a couple of days for everyone to get the memo.  I'm sure tomorrow there will be more going over.  Lynn said he is up to running them back over here, I'm sure he'll find out when it's time to put everyone in their pens.  They will probably be pretty reluctant to leave all those beans and leaves.

First load

This morning around 7am our pea gravel finally got here.  Not only did the poor driver have mechanical trouble yesterday, he also had a blowout.

This morning didn't start out much better.  He drove past our road and ended up down Jorja's place.  She picks up poo for us, so I got the whole story this morning.  He saw her out by the road and I guess had figured out he had gone too far.  The problem was, he was hauling 26 tons of pea gravel in a double trailer arrangement.  In other words, you can't turn that thing around without a LOT of space.

Jorja tried to figure out a place big enough, but he finally decided to drop the back trailer where it was, and haul the 1st trailer of gravel in.  The full trailer slides into the empty first trailer, so then he only has one trailer to contend with for the trip back to the yard.

The unloading went smoothly, which I'm sure by now he appreciated........ LOL  

I'm surprised the donkeys haven't played "king of the mountain" on it by now, but so far they have left it alone.  Now the fun begins, putting it in the pens, not sure when that will happen, hopefully before the Open House Dec. 7th and 8th.

Cheyenne and Lynn were the first ones to find out Burroland was open.  Linda and I went around to some of the others to help them figure it out.  Legend followed me all the way over there, I walked in about 30 feet, figuring he would take the hint and start eating beans.  But "NO" all he wanted was me to give him a cookie.  I finally came back and left him over there, don't know if he ever figured it out or not.  He had never been to Burroland before, that's been a couple of hours ago, wonder if he's figured it out by now? 

Tuesday, November 05, 2019


Much to their disgust.  Lynn Linda and Suzanne ran their 26.2 miles marathon down Mt. Lemmon Saturday as planned.  And they all finished, which to  a (not going to do it EVER) non-runner is absolutely amazing.  I do have to say, when they got home Saturday afternoon, they looked pretty rough..........LOL  They also weren't moving very fast and they all disappeared into their RVs for the night.  

Next morning I was shocked, Suzanne was in the feed room doing her thing and Linda was moving around like normal putting donkeys in their pens.   Lynn didn't make the morning wake up call, he might have been awake, but he had the wrong shoes for that race and his feet looked like hamburger.  But he made it out for the afternoon feeding.

There are beans over in Burroland, but not a lot, the cows have been over there more than we thought.  So the hold up on them going to Burroland is waiting until Lynn's toes will allow him to chase reluctant donkeys back over here after only a couple of hours.  It usually takes a few days for them to get the hint, and Lynn is usually our star donkey chaser.  John has locked the perimeter gates, so the cows can't get in there anymore, when the time comes all we'll have to do is open the gate to Burroland.  The other day, John went over by the gate and Buddy came running, so they are watching the gate.  

Lynn Linda and Suzanne are doing a 12 mile race up in the Phoenix area this week-end with donkeys, hopefully they will all be up to speed.  

 This is Muzzy that is visiting here for the winter from Colorado.  He's another one with bracelets on his legs, like Legend.  They are both real nice boys and should make good racing donkeys. 

 This is Coquette at her new home in Colorado.  I would imagine she's wondering what happened to the weather........!!!  Looks like she's got a nice blanket to help her adjust to the cold.  OBTW she has had a name change.  She is now known as Avery, but she'll always be Coquette to me. 

Here she is out for a walk with her new best friend.  Coquette has to bond with someone, she and Penny were inseparable here, Penny could care less, but Coquette insisted on being wherever Penny was.  I'll have to wait until I talk to Linda to share her new friend's name.  I know it starts with a B, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is......!!


We're suppose to have 25 tons of small pea gravel delivered today, but so far the truck hasn't showed up.  He was suppose to be here between 1-3pm and it's past that.  It's coming from Phoenix, I guess people in Cochise county don't use small pea gravel, I called the office and they are looking for the truck.

He just called and said he's had mechanical issues, so I gave John the phone.  John is talking to him and they are talking about we start feeding at 7am, which leads me to believe we aren't getting our gravel tonight..............LOL