Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Linda opened the gate about 2pm today.  The first couple of days are usually pretty slow and today was no exception.  I drove over with the golf cart and Lynn and Cheyenne actually followed me.  They went as far in as the 1st tree, heads went down and they started munching.  Besides the beans, we had wind yesterday that blew lots of leaves off the mesquite trees.  

Drove around looking for other donkeys, finally Legend followed me over there.  In fact he wasn't the least bit interested in snacking on beans, he pestered me for cookies.  I finally turned around and come back over here.........sure enough he followed me, he was bound and determined that if he was persistent enough, I would come forward with a cookie.  

In the meantime, a few more donkeys figured out what was going on.  It usually takes a couple of days for everyone to get the memo.  I'm sure tomorrow there will be more going over.  Lynn said he is up to running them back over here, I'm sure he'll find out when it's time to put everyone in their pens.  They will probably be pretty reluctant to leave all those beans and leaves.

First load

This morning around 7am our pea gravel finally got here.  Not only did the poor driver have mechanical trouble yesterday, he also had a blowout.

This morning didn't start out much better.  He drove past our road and ended up down Jorja's place.  She picks up poo for us, so I got the whole story this morning.  He saw her out by the road and I guess had figured out he had gone too far.  The problem was, he was hauling 26 tons of pea gravel in a double trailer arrangement.  In other words, you can't turn that thing around without a LOT of space.

Jorja tried to figure out a place big enough, but he finally decided to drop the back trailer where it was, and haul the 1st trailer of gravel in.  The full trailer slides into the empty first trailer, so then he only has one trailer to contend with for the trip back to the yard.

The unloading went smoothly, which I'm sure by now he appreciated........ LOL  

I'm surprised the donkeys haven't played "king of the mountain" on it by now, but so far they have left it alone.  Now the fun begins, putting it in the pens, not sure when that will happen, hopefully before the Open House Dec. 7th and 8th.

Cheyenne and Lynn were the first ones to find out Burroland was open.  Linda and I went around to some of the others to help them figure it out.  Legend followed me all the way over there, I walked in about 30 feet, figuring he would take the hint and start eating beans.  But "NO" all he wanted was me to give him a cookie.  I finally came back and left him over there, don't know if he ever figured it out or not.  He had never been to Burroland before, that's been a couple of hours ago, wonder if he's figured it out by now? 

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