Thursday, December 12, 2019


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I guess you could say the donkeys are "nosy" neighbors.  They like to "participate" in any and everything the movie people try to do.  I don't think any of them have been around donkeys before, or if they have, not a whole herd of them that are loose on the property and insist on knowing what's going on. 

One of the wranglers getting to know Link....!

What's really funny to us is when they are moving the horses back and forth from Gammon's Gulch, they have been asking, if Casper is in his pen.  The little devil has them buffaloed I guess.  

I think Linda took this picture yesterday, when Casper was in his pen and one of the movie guys was trying to make friends.  He went in the pen and squatted down to Casper's size and did all the things people do to get an equine to come to them.  He left disappointed, this was about as involved as Casper got.  The green paint rubbed off on his neck where he's been sticking his head thru the corral panels to "get" the horses, shows up pretty good..........LOL

Here's a nice selfie Mindy took during the Open House

Boaz doing his thing during the Open House.  He has learned over the years the people love to see him "talk".  He has perfected his technique over the years and gets a lot of attention.

That's Tula in the background wanting the people to hurry up and come to see her.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Big Gus having a SNIT FIT..........

Mindy took this video of Big Gus showing his displeasure that supper isn't on time.  He's such a fun animal to have have a sense of humor and appreciate his particular way of looking at life.  Otherwise he's just a big pain, we do get irritated with him sometimes, but overall he's one of a kind. 

All the horses for the movie they are shooting up at Gammon's Gulch finally arrived last night about 8pm.  The movie is the Righteous Twelve and they only have 11 horses.  So today they are trying to find another horse, which isn't as easy as you might think in this area.  I don't know if they will be able to shoot today or not, it is really foggy this morning.  Unless the sun comes out to burn off the fog, it will probably be a wasted day.

Of course the donkeys have been involved in vehicles coming and going, horses being unloaded and put in the Burro Buddy Barracks, on the other side of the wash.  When they saw Linda coming over to see the horses, Bunny had to lead the parade.  Wonder if she was excited to show Linda what she had found........!!!  Donkeys are so easy to put human thought with their actions.

Of course Casper took this opportunity to show what a "big bad dude" he is.  The reason we ended up with him, was because of him attacking horses.  He's not a coward either, if there was no fence he'd be right in the middle of their business, especially if he could get them to run. 

The buckskin isn't impressed......LOL  This morning Casper has a green circle around his neck.  I guess he spent the night with his head thru the green corral panels, trying to entice the horses to fight with him.....!! 

Thanks for the videos, Linda

Monday, December 09, 2019


Saturday was a nice day, we had people coming in a few at a time all day to visit with the donkeys.  Sunday was a little cloudy and cooler, so we had less people coming in to visit with the donkeys.  I think we all had a good time, and everyone that came left with a smile on their face, although a couple of women got their fingers in the wrong place and got bit.  We tell visitors how to feed the donkeys, and almost all the donkeys are very careful when taking something out of hands.  Obviously a couple of them need some remedial training.......!!!  

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Balloons to get people attention as they drive down the road.  I don't know how many times people coming out to see the donkeys say they drove right past the road to our place in spite of the sign.  Lynn was creative about putting up the balloons, usually out here people just tie 3 or 4 balloons in a bunch.  This was nice, it even looks like he evenly spaced them.  

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All neat and tidy, seemed like everyone had been cleaning and organizing for days.  

 Mindy and her mom came down from the Phoenix area to help with the Open House.  Mindy comes down a couple of times a year to get her "donkey fix".  She really enjoys being with the donkeys. 

And she brought cookies, she made them from her mom's recipe and they not only look good they were really tasty.  

Cheyenne doesn't mind dressing up, but didn't want to be the photo donkey.  So Justin had to step in and save the day.  

This is Justin, with, John one of the volunteers.  We weren't overly busy either day, but we couldn't have done it without the people that came out to help.  Evie from Fuzzy Focus took pictures on Saturday, we really appreciate all the really neat photos she took. 

I was sitting at the entrance table and who walks up but a dear friend of over 50 years.  In fact Ellyn was our bridesmaid, when we got married over 58 years ago.  She still lives in Missouri and winters in this area in the winter.  For about the last 4 years she has threatened to come and see us while she is out here, but you know how life gets in the way of plans a lot of times.  But she made it this year, we were glad to see her even if it was a short visit.  

Tonight there are 11 horses on the property.........!!  They are shooting a movie called The Righteous Twelve, up at Gammon's Gulch, the little movie site just east of us on the road to our place.  A couple of weeks ago the director came down and asked if they could keep their horses on our property, for the week that they will be shooting.  He even wants John and BlackJack in their mining outfits to be in the movie.  

Over the years John and some of the donkeys have been in 2 or 3 movies or videos up there.  Believe me movie making isn't near as glamorous as the end product.  It's a lot of waiting around for your part and then doing it over and over, until they are satisfied with the results.  I guess if you are a big star, and have a RV or something to go hide in until it's time for you to show up, it's not so bad.  Nothing John has been in, has had enough budget to furnish a RV for the star.......LOL  They don't mingle with the extras like John though, so don't know where they hide out.  

When they came in with the 1st load of horses this afternoon, they had to deal with Big Gus, he is bound and determined they need his help to get settled in, the people that is.......!!  Linda, Suzanne and I were in the house and we watched one of the guys trying to get away from Big Gus.  He was roaming around by the house, trying to escape Big Gus and Gus was having a great time keeping up with him.  Should be a very interesting week, because the donkeys are loose on the property.  And being the nosy critters they are, they will want to "help" the movie people do whatever it is they are doing, whenever they are doing it, whether they want the help or not.   

We have 2 parades before Christmas to walk in.  They are both at night, so all the donkeys will be lite with strings of lights.  BlackJack is the only one that has done a nighttime parade with lights, so it should be interesting hopefully it won't be a big deal to some of the donkeys.  They usually are willing to go along to get along.  

Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Frijolita use to be our "helpful" gate opener, but Jasper has taken over the job.  He's really very good at it......

We've tried chains, which he's learned to open.  We've tried lacing the chain thru a hole drilled in the bottom of the drop and people didn't like that one, although it did deter him, if we took the time to do it.  We have one gate between his pen and Penny, that has so many "this will stop him" items, we don't even use it anymore.  It's too complicated............

So the new idea that will hopefully contain him is number combination locks, we will need 3 of them for the 3 gates into his pen.  We will try only changing one number at first, hopefully he'll not figure out the combination..........!!  LOL

Getting ready for the Open House is starting to speed up, the rest of the week will probably be a blur.  Unfortunately the donkeys will probably have to stay in Saturday night, otherwise all the decorations would probably end up as toys.  

The last time we did this a few years ago, Sunday morning John had to go around and retrieve all his signs everywhere.  They ate some of them, and stomped others so I had to make more.  This time there will be more goodies to play with, like a decorated Christmas tree..........won't that be fun..........!!  So they will be in donkey prison for the week-end.  They just did weeks of solitary because of the mesquite beans, so they will be just fine.  

During the day isn't a problem, because they will have people with red solo cups of pellets to entertain them.   But the nights might be a little boring.  Wish us luck.........LOL

Monday, December 02, 2019


I'm not the most holiday orientated person on the planet, but with Linda and Suzanne around, I don't have much choice........!!!  I just try to stay out of the way..........!!! LOL  This week-end is the Open House in conjunction with the 39th annual Community Cascabel Fair here in the valley.  If all their plans fall into place, it's going to be busy around here.  They are setting up a photo booth, so people can take pictures with a donkey.  They are going to have packs on a couple of "beverage burros" carrying sodas to sell.  Of course all the pens will be full of donkeys for people to interact with.  

Leo is inviting everyone in the area to come on out and spend some time with him and his friends

Today they are visiting with a couple of BLM donkeys and their new family.  The people are so excited to have the donkeys, BUT are new donkey parents and wanted to get some ideas of the best way to train them.  

Lynn Linda and Suzanne are in the process of setting up a business called Burro Buddies, and one aspect of it will be training.  Both for just the basics,  but also teaching the owners how to work with donkeys.  If a donkey can be haltered, led, stand tied, allow all 4 feet to be picked up, and be trailered the battle is half won.  People need as much training as the donkeys in fact usually more.  If donkeys are easy to work with or have training for a job, such as pack burro racing, they have a better chance of getting a long term good home.  If the Burro Buddies can help people with their donkeys, or if the donkeys have a specific issue such as picking up their feet and they work with the donkey, the people or both, it's a win win for everyone.  

We will be getting in a new member of the family soon.  His owner called me a few weeks ago and wanted us to take her donkey.  He had a small problem, he was an intact jack, which we no longer accept.  She said she would get him gelded and this morning was his date with destiny.  I told her to call in a few days when he has recuperated and we'll come get him.  Haven't seen him, he's about 4-5 years old, who knows he might be a good racing candidate..........!!! 

We've had a lot of rain the last week or so.  Sure hope it's nice for the Open House.  The weather people are saying partly cloudy, 60s and 70s which would be pretty nice.  But, they aren't always accurate...........!! LOL  We always say if they got paid for being right, they'd starve to death.......!! 

Casper the little white mini mule is finally behaving himself again.  For some reason he took a personal affront to 5 of the donkeys Lynn and Linda brought down from Colorado.  What is really weird is one of them is Bunny a jenny and the boys usually don't chase the girls except for one reason and his mind wasn't on romance.  It got so bad, we started having him in his pen and them out, or them in their pens and him out.  This went on for days and I asked my herb expert Claire if there was anything we could give him to make him less reactive.  It took a few days, but he finally settled down with a little help from herbs and peace reigns again, thank goodness.  The reason we ended up with him in the first place was because he didn't play well with others, and he would try to kill full sized horses.  He's like a little buzz saw when he gets focused on a victim. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to help during the Open House, we'd love to have you come out.  Just let me know.....!!!