Monday, December 16, 2019


The movie people and the horses are gone.  They were here about a week, and it was interesting to see the process.  It takes a lot of people, and time before a movie or video is ready for public consumption.    This week they are shooting over at another movie site over in Mescal, just a few miles from here, but with different buildings and vegetation.  The name of the movie, if they don't change it will be, The Righteous Twelve and if I was guessing, I'd guess it will not be in theaters, but will be a video for purchase.  

On the final day they were shooting they finally asked John to come up with BlackJack for their part.  This is John and BJ walking up the road from our place to the movie site. 

John and Blackjack walked from one side of the street to the other with this mountain man and an Indian, while the 12 Righteous Twelve people rode towards them on the horses.  John said at one time the director stared the horses early and John and BJ ended up in the middle of the street surrounded by a dozen horses with riders.   

The same day they finished shooting here, we took 15 donkeys to the Tombstone Light Parade.  We had volunteers to walk 10 of the donkeys.  It really went well, most of the volunteers had never done  anything like that before, and 3 of the donkeys had never been in a parade.

Headed up the hill to the parade

Some pictures taken before the parade, everyone had a smile on their face.........

 Waiting for it to get dark enough for the parade to start....

Yesterday Suzanne, John and I picked up a donkey south of Sierra Vista.  His owner had called me a few weeks ago, but he was an intact jack and we don't take jacks.  She said she would call me when she had him gelded, which was a couple of weeks ago.  

He's really a nice boy, although Bunny one of the jennies is trying to make his life miserable.  Last night at bedtime when the donkeys all get to go out except for the new guy, she sauntered by him and gave him "the look" I guess.  Next thing he's up and over the cattle panel.  Most of the pens are corral panels, this one just happened to be a flimsy cattle panel.  Linda said it was no problem getting him into another pen, they just led Bunny and he was more than happy to follow.  We were thrilled this morning to find him still in the pen.......!! LOL

He should be shooting blanks by now, but we'll keep him in a few days to give him time to acclimate, he's not been around other donkeys, just horses.

 This is the welcoming committee whenever the stock trailer comes in and there is someone in it. 

 He's a good boy, has manners and seems easy to work with.

 His name was Brutus which none of us really cared for.  We tried a few other names and the winner is Cochise.  Suzanne said his mane looks like a war bonnet.  He's been rolling in mud, so his mane might not be quite as yellow after a bath or the passage of time.  But it is gray like his body up by his ears and down by his withers, so it is a rather festive mane and Cochise seems to suit him. 


ellie k said...

He sure is a pretty boy. After a bath he will look even better. The parade looked like fun and the donkeys were well decked out for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and the gag there.

Tish said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Ellie. I hope 2020 is a wonderful year for you.