Saturday, December 28, 2019


Since I last updated Jacque and Sugar have come out to participate in a New Year's Day run, the Burro Buddies, aka, Suzanne, Linda and Lynn have planned.  Some of the runners are coming out the day before for a sleep over  and potluck.  I hope the weather gets better, it's been cold, windy and rainy the last few days.  I'm sure everyone will have a good time, BUT, they could have just as good a time with it a little bit warmer........!! LOL

 Jacque and Sugar's family aren't into running, but Jacque and Sugar really like to run, so they spent last summer in Colorado, being pack burro racers and did really well.  So they are out here for the New Year's run, it seems like there is always more people wanting to run, than there are donkeys.  Some of the people coming are bringing their own donkeys also.

Last week-end the Burro Buddies took 15 donkeys to Tombstone for the day.  They would bring 3 donkeys at a time to the Good Enough Mine for the visitors to pet.   When the donkeys weren't on display they were all running around on 12 acres of "donkey heaven", really rough terrain, lots of rocks and steep hills.  This is Sugar and Jacque on high ground surveying the available area, trying to decide what to do next.  When Georgette saw the picture, she thought they had "escaped", but they were just having fun being wild burros..........!!

Some of their adoring public..!!

Loki working the crowd....!!

The minis waiting for the next group.......!!

Link with a new friend......!!

Lynn's new friend's hat matches Lynn''s halter.....!!

Escorting guests down to the Good Enough Mine tour......!!


ellie k said...

Were the donkeys walking free or on a rope or something? Looks like everyone is having a good time in spite of the weather. You are getting the donkeys out and people walking all in one. The Burro Buddies are doing a good thing.
Happy New Year, wishing you all good health and happiness.

Tish said...

They were in a pretty large penned area that led to the mine. That's when they were escorting the people to the mine. They took 3 at a time to that area, the others would then be on the 12 acres of "wild" burro country. Even old BlackJack was running around like a colt up and down the hills. Our land is pretty rough, but this was "new" land, so it was quite exciting..........!!

ellie k said...

That must have been a great sight to see them all having so much fun and enjoying people and playing, There might have been a few treats handed out.