Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Frijolita use to be our "helpful" gate opener, but Jasper has taken over the job.  He's really very good at it......

We've tried chains, which he's learned to open.  We've tried lacing the chain thru a hole drilled in the bottom of the drop and people didn't like that one, although it did deter him, if we took the time to do it.  We have one gate between his pen and Penny, that has so many "this will stop him" items, we don't even use it anymore.  It's too complicated............

So the new idea that will hopefully contain him is number combination locks, we will need 3 of them for the 3 gates into his pen.  We will try only changing one number at first, hopefully he'll not figure out the combination..........!!  LOL

Getting ready for the Open House is starting to speed up, the rest of the week will probably be a blur.  Unfortunately the donkeys will probably have to stay in Saturday night, otherwise all the decorations would probably end up as toys.  

The last time we did this a few years ago, Sunday morning John had to go around and retrieve all his signs everywhere.  They ate some of them, and stomped others so I had to make more.  This time there will be more goodies to play with, like a decorated Christmas tree..........won't that be fun..........!!  So they will be in donkey prison for the week-end.  They just did weeks of solitary because of the mesquite beans, so they will be just fine.  

During the day isn't a problem, because they will have people with red solo cups of pellets to entertain them.   But the nights might be a little boring.  Wish us luck.........LOL

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