Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Big Gus having a SNIT FIT..........

Mindy took this video of Big Gus showing his displeasure that supper isn't on time.  He's such a fun animal to have around............IF.......you have a sense of humor and appreciate his particular way of looking at life.  Otherwise he's just a big pain, we do get irritated with him sometimes, but overall he's one of a kind. 

All the horses for the movie they are shooting up at Gammon's Gulch finally arrived last night about 8pm.  The movie is the Righteous Twelve and they only have 11 horses.  So today they are trying to find another horse, which isn't as easy as you might think in this area.  I don't know if they will be able to shoot today or not, it is really foggy this morning.  Unless the sun comes out to burn off the fog, it will probably be a wasted day.

Of course the donkeys have been involved in vehicles coming and going, horses being unloaded and put in the Burro Buddy Barracks, on the other side of the wash.  When they saw Linda coming over to see the horses, Bunny had to lead the parade.  Wonder if she was excited to show Linda what she had found........!!!  Donkeys are so easy to put human thought with their actions.

Of course Casper took this opportunity to show what a "big bad dude" he is.  The reason we ended up with him, was because of him attacking horses.  He's not a coward either, if there was no fence he'd be right in the middle of their business, especially if he could get them to run. 

The buckskin isn't impressed......LOL  This morning Casper has a green circle around his neck.  I guess he spent the night with his head thru the green corral panels, trying to entice the horses to fight with him.....!! 

Thanks for the videos, Linda

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