Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I'M BACK AGAIN..............!!

I guess some people missed my ramblings, since they let me know I hadn't updated in a timely manner...LOL  

For years and years John and I never got to go on trips together, because we had no one to take care of the "fur" kids.  Now that we have Suzanne, Lynn and Linda here, we can pack our bags and hit the road........!!

We spent 10 days up in the Phoenix/Apache Junction area.  The 3/8s mile dirt track at Apache Junction had 6 nights of racing with about 140 cars from all over the country including Canada over a 2 week-end time frame.

We missed the 1st night, the banquet for our race track in Tucson was that night.  I had to go get my 5th place trophy.  LOL  Got it and found out how much fun it is to babysit a trophy on a 10 day road trip trying to keep it from getting broke..........LOL  They are shiny and gaudy BUT it's all plastic I think you are suppose to take them straight home and enthrone them in a place of honor or a closet whichever you prefer.

We had a lot of fun, watching the races.......

During off time we went to the annual Barrett Jackson auction and car show in Scottsdale. 

 John got to drive a road course simulator.  He was the only one that didn't crash while we were there, he finished the course.  Maybe he should be racing instead of me......!!

 Just a few of the "goodies" available to look at.  This was one of 7 tents we saw, in the area we were in.  There is no way you could see everything there is to see, thousands of cars every direction you look.....!!  People too.

There was enough '57 chevys there to make a child of the 50s happy

There is a place called Cameron Trading Post up north on one of the reservations that is known far and wide for their Indian Fry Bread, of which I am particularly fond.  So my choice of a trip was to find that place.  

Really a nice stop and shop for people that are into that sort of thing.  They had enough stuff to look at and buy to keep anyone happy for hours.  I was just there for the fry bread. 

We had been told to come hungry and to share one.  Good advice, we asked to split it and it came out on 2 plates full.  I'm sure there are people that could eat the whole thing, but I couldn't even finish my half........LOL 
It was really good, but I make a pretty good fry bread also, although mine are a lot smaller. 

Spent the night in Flagstaff.  Didn't have to drive in snow, but did see the remnants of their last storm.

One day we drove up to Saguaro Lake, which was really a nice area.  Saw a couple of the Salt River wild horses resting in the shade.  I guess they are use to people, they didn't care we and some other people were gawking at them. 

We drove over to Wickenburg thru the Lake Pleasant area one day.  We've been thru there a couple of times before, and tried to find some of the burros that live there.  This time it was late afternoon and a good time for burro watching. 

This is one of 6 we both saw.  I saw 2 or 3 more, but by the time John got turned around, they had disappeared. 

We had a great time bumming around, wish it had been a little warmer.  The people from Canada and places like SD were running around like it was summer.  John and I couldn't hardly move we had so many layers on.  

Came home and everything was great, even had a new shelter put up. 

Cochise watching his shelter going up.  Good thing they got it done, they had quite a bit of rain while we were gone.  It seems like every time we leave for a few days, it rains, this summer Suzanne had to contend with our roof leaking. 

Paco being welcomed by Leddy and Muzzy.  Paco is a racing burro that lost his buddy recently and rather than have him lonely and by himself he will stay here until Lynn and Linda head back to Colorado.   In fact all 3 of these boys will go to Colorado this summer along with quite a few others.  I'm not sure what the final count will be.

Thursday, January 09, 2020


A few years ago we had a Mystery Tour come to see the donkeys.  They came out in a big black beautiful bus that was big enough to hold 53 tourists, a tour guide and the bus driver.........!! They had a great time, said it was the highlight of their trip.  They were headed to a winery from here, so that might have changed their minds.......!!! LOL  

Today we had a total of 58 visitors from one of the local RV parks.  They drove their own cars in a tag along tour, so there were a lot of vehicles.  We divided them up in 3 groups, Suzanne, Linda and I took off in different directions with our group and John followed along with extra timothy pellets in case they ran out.  Of course Cisco, Penny and Cheyenne can't eat pellets they have to have animal crackers or they might choke, so John was carrying them too.  

This was some of the crowd, we were waiting for the rest of the people to get parked

Buddy Brat and BlackJack behind him, working the crowd

Sugar, Lobo and Legend were in the Burro Barracks along with Jacque and Bunny

Everyone seemed to have a good time, asked lots of good questions and of course the donkeys worked really hard to get the people to give them pellets or crackers or whatever was being offered. 

Tour over.......... everyone gathered for last minute questions and away they went. 

Cochise has been going out for short runs and is doing really good.  In fact this week-end he will go out for a hike for the first time: 

N Secret Springs Dr, Marana, AZ

Once the word went out, all of the donkeys that usually go to these happenings were spoken for, and people were  disappointed if they didn't get a donkey.  So Cochise the new guy on the block and Boaz are going to be put to work.  It's only a 5 mile hike, split into 2 segments,  Boaz has never gone out before either, but I think they both will do just fine.

 Cochise spent a lot of time in this training session trying to get off the trail.  I guess he hadn't planned to run that day and was ready to go home.  He's got a real nice little trot and won't break into a lope like some of the donkeys do.  He just keeps trotting faster and faster.  He should be a good little racing burro, once he gets some experience.  That is, if he quits trying to NOT follow his running buddy...........!!

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

I'M BACK...................!!

Between now and New Year's John and I headed for Vado Speedway in New Mexico to watch some really good racing from the big boys in dirt late models.  They come out to this area to race in the winter, because they can't race in other parts of the country.  There were racers from 21 states and Canada.  Had 3 nights of racing, no really bad wrecks and a lot of good side by side racing.  Wish it had been warmer, but we bundled up and and a great time.

New Year's day was a lot of fun.  All the fun started the day before when the campers started showing up.  We had a potluck that night, with a bonfire.  Next morning the race started at 10am.  A lot of the people had never ran with donkeys before, but it really went pretty well.  A few loose donkeys, but they got caught and the race continued.

The start...........!!

They ran out our dirt road, to the main road, crossed it into the desert, ran in a big wash, circled around and headed home.  A few of the donkeys hadn't planned to run that day and some of their runners turned back rather than try to finish the race.  But they said they had fun, so it was a good day.   

John and helpers weighing hay for the next feeding

Plenty of dogs to join in the fun.......!!

A couple of hard working chore helpers.....!!

Nellie and Carlos resting up for the race.....!!

Running in the wash

Everyone was talking about next year, so this New Year's day run will probably become an annual event.  

Levi has gone into a foster home that will probably become a forever home.  

Levi with his new friends, Jenny and Angus

We had not planned on Levi being adopted until he had lost some more weight.  But Angus and Jenny's dad said he'd like to add Levi to his family.  

With an area like this to exercise in on a daily basis, how could we refuse..........!!  For now it's a foster, but the donkeys are getting along just fine with each other and we are anxious to see if the rough country will melt some of the weight off Levi. 

Levi and Angus checking out possible "toys"

Thanks Linda and Robert for the pictures and videos