Saturday, November 21, 2020


Linda caught Casper aka Diablo Blanco today, doing what he does best, not doing what he is suppose to do.  

You can tell from his behavior that he knows he isn't suppose to be over there.  You can also tell his opinion of Linda catching him.

We had quite a few tours today and when they were over, I opened up Burroland for all the donkeys to go over for an hour or so.  Casper was already over there to welcome them.....!!!  LOL  


Steph said...

Oh, that little turd! He doesn't even hesitate to go through that fence, you can tell it's second nature to him LOL!

ellie k said...

He needs a yoke like people used to put on cows that would get through any fence. they were used in the north but maybe not so much in other parts. It waas made from a tree limb that had a fork in it, it was put around the cows neck the two ends of the brance was tied together. The limbs prevented the cow from getting any more than her head through the fence. I only saw them on cattle and ponys. I may not be saying what I am trying to say but I think older people will know what I am trying to say. That don't make sense, I need another cup of coffee,

Tish said...

Yes, Steph it's second nature to him, he does it all the time. As far as we know he usually just goes right around home and always shows up at meal time....LOL

I've seen yokes used Ellie, but as long as he stays around here, we'll let him think he's getting away with something. He's not had an easy life and has learned to rely on himself. He's not as smart as he thinks he is though, when he gets caught all we have to do is tell him to get back where he belongs and he'll run back to where he came under the fence and get where he belongs. Then he stands there like, "what's your problem, I've been here all the time"

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