Tuesday, November 17, 2020


This is going to be a year to remember for a lot of reasons, one being the weather being all over the place and is still setting records.  We had nights in the low 20s, which led us to believe that summer was over, guess not......!!! LOL  We've triaged the fly masks, washed the ones that made the cut for next spring and threw the rest away.  I don't know how the flies can survive the cold nights but lots of them obviously do.  So far we're just putting masks on the 4 that are the biggest fly magnets, Boaz, Big Gus, Macho Man and Cisco.  But if the weather stays warm very long, we may have to drag out the masks for all.

Next Tuesday we are taking Macho Man up to the clinic in Gilbert to hopefully remove the scar tissue from his sheath, so he can retract like the other boys do.  I asked the owner when we picked him up how long he had been that way, she said about 15 years, poor guy......!!!   I'm still working on his leg to get the extra growth off it.  I hesitate to call it proud flesh, it doesn't act like normal proud flesh, but it doesn't have any feeling in it.  I'll have them look at it while we're up there.  John and I plan on staying overnight or however long it takes for him to get stable and ready to trailer.  He was gathered from the BLM range in 2003 and was said to be about 6-7 years old, which would make him 23-24 years old.  They might decide he is too old to do, basically cosmetic surgery on, we'll just have to see.  

Today John and I are doing a home study for a possible adoption, for one of the minis.  Not sure which one, but it sounds like a wonderful home.  We are also doing a home study Friday for Anazazi and Kachina.  A couple came out last week, and thought the girls would be a good fit in their family.  

This is a video of Avery one of our alumni with her brother Brigs in Colorado, out enjoying a run.  Thanks Nate for another nice video.


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