Sunday, February 19, 2017


We drove up yesterday, and picked her up.  

Look at the set of those ears, she's ready to go somewhere else........!!!   I guess her opinion of the medical profession isn't very good.......!!!  LOL  She hopped in and we headed the rain.  

Arizonians for the most part are not good drivers when it's rainy.  You have at least  2 groups, the ones that have never heard of hydroplaning and drive as usual, which is 10-15 miles over the posted speed limit.  Then you have the others that got caught out in it, otherwise they would be at home curled up with a good book.  They are driving 10-15 miles under the speed limit.  And of course the truckers driving as usual, which is not a problem, they should know what they are doing, BUT, they throw a lot of water up in the air, which seems to panic the ones that should be home reading.  

It wouldn't be so nerve wracking, except when hauling animals.  You can't stop quickly, without taking a chance on them losing their balance.  John is always alert when hauling, but in inclement weather he doesn't relax at all.  He says he's more tired after a drive from Phoenix, than if he'd worked a full day.  But he's never had one fall, although a few close calls, thanks to other drivers.  

For the next 3 days, she gets Banamine twice a day by mouth for pain.  She also gets penicillin shots  twice a day for 5 days, because of all the infection around the 4 teeth they pulled.   

I think you could give her shots all day long and she wouldn't even flinch.  Sticking something in her mouth is another thing.  Let me put it this way, it's going to be a LONG 3 days.......!!!   LOL  

She's going to be staying in her pen until we're done with shots, so we will take this opportunity to feed her an extra meal at bedtime.  She seems to really be enjoying her mush, so I assume her mouth is feeling much better, without those teeth.  

This is the 4 culprits that caused all the fuss, the black hole is a cavity

None of them are even 2 inches long.  Equine teeth start out about 4 inches long and push out as they age, get ground off and eventually fall out because of a lack of root to hold them in.  They all had less than 1/2 inch of root left, so even if they hadn't been causing problems, they probably wouldn't have hung on much longer. 

I had to soak them in bleach water overnight, the smell was really bad.  Thank goodness the clinic put them in a sealed plastic bag.....!!!  LOL

I'm going to have to get a bigger "treasure" box for these beauties.  I have a collection of medical parts from donkeys, including an eye lash from Buddy Brat that is about 5-6 inches long.  It had encapsulated into a tumor under his eye, Fred the pot bellied pig's tusks, and a couple of roosters spurs.  No room left for Penny's teeth, so I'll have to find something bigger.  

Friday, February 17, 2017


Rough crowd wanting to know where their supper is, BlackJack, Boaz, Leddy, Frijolita, and Tula in the back.  The rest of them were on the other side, probably
Dr. Voss called this morning after they did Penny's teeth.  They had to pull 3 loose ones on one side in the back and 1 on the other side, poor girl.  I asked him how many she had left and she now has 4 total in the back.  She likes her mush so I assume it won't be a big problem with those teeth gone and she should be a lot more comfortable. 

He said they only had about 1/2 inch of root, that was pitted, and had calcium buildup on them, not to mention leftovers from what she has eaten recently.  Of course that had all fermented, which is why her breath wasn't very inviting.  I checked her mouth yesterday morning, really didn't go inside, just gave her an animal cracker and made sure my hand touch her lip.  The smell stayed with me all day, thru 3 or 4 washings.  UGH!  

So we'll leave right after chores in the morning to go pick her up.  Linda said Coquette wasn't very happy yesterday, so she'll be thrilled to have her BFF back.


Well the last few days have been........interesting to say the least.  Got a call from Ed at the local feed store and he said he had a man standing by him that was looking for his 2 dogs...!!  Talked to Kyle and he came out that afternoon and picked up Roo and Lennie the 2 wanderers.  They actually had been on the other side of the San Pedro river bed when they disappeared, so they went quite aways in about 1 1/2 hours in the timeline of them disappearing and Lynn and Linda picking them up on this side.  He said Lennie is the problem child, as cattle dogs they are suppose to work cattle.  I guess Lennie is more of the lay on the bed type of guy, so Kyle said he's looking for a home for him.  Lynn's ears perked up even though they have 3 medium size dogs traveling with them in the RV.  We discouraged him until Kyle had left, and we don't have a phone number for him.  But Lynn went to the feed store to see if Ed did, so this story hasn't ended yet.  Ed didn't have a phone number, BUT we'll see how determined Lynn is.  Actually Linda is the one with the problem.....!!  LOL

 Headed for the truck to go home

Penny of colic surgery fame last summer, started not eating very well, a few days ago.  She usually really enjoys her mush and eats her hay pretty good, but she was just picking and yesterday morning wasn't interested in eating at all.  

She is a problem to work with in the field, and rather than call out Dr. Jeremy when the only help he would have would be us, we decided to just cut to the chase and take her up to the Equine Surgical Center in Gilbert, up by Phoenix  Called and they said bring her up, so we loaded her and headed out.  We always get a 1pm appointment because it takes 3 hours plus to get there.  

She has had a broken jaw so her teeth are wonky and don't match like they should.  Blood work was perfect, no temp, everything looked good, so they zeroed in on the mouth.  Had to almost knock her out on her feet, poor Jennifer the tech was literally holding her up.  Jennifer has been there 18 years and loves donkeys, so we've gotten to know her over the years.  She now does mostly desk work, her back is giving out.  So she's in there holding up a drunk donkey......!!  

Dr. Voss found 2 loose teeth and probably because of her jaw teeth that are to the gum on one side and horribly overgrown on the other.  Two teeth in the back have no teeth above them to grind, so they are way too long and are hitting the roof of her mouth.  

Going back to working on her in the field, she has had regular dental care for years, BUT, she's difficult, donkeys have small mouths, etc, in other words she hasn't had a real good "look and fix".  So today they are going to gas her, put her on her back and do a good job.  Pull the 2 loose ones, cut the 2 long ones down to size and try to straighten up the ones that are angled from gum to high on the other side.  She's not going to have many teeth left in the back at this rate.  But she does like her mush, so it probably won't be much of a problem for her. We also think she might be older than our guesstimate of 20, it's really hard to tell when the teeth are such a mess.  And even then you can ask 5 experts about older equine's age by teeth and get 5 different answers.  We'll probably pick her up tomorrow.

Night before last at feeding time, Linda came in with news, that there was a bobcat in the feed room.  She said she opened the door and he went in.  Thank goodness the dogs weren't in there too.  John got a crate and set it up at the doggy door.  Doug got a trash can lid and headed into the feed room, with his "shield".  It actually went really well, considering.  It seemed to have a hurt rear leg, so it wasn't in 100% bobcat mode I guess.  

Here's John with his little buddy
I called the Tucson Wildlife Center, and was told they can't take in wildlife without notifying Fish and Game.  Of course it was after hours, so after waiting for a couple of hours, the Wildlife center called back and said bring him in, they'd deal with Fish and Game later.  

He wasn't very happy and let us know it.  Linda, John and I made the trip, and he snarled and lunged at the cage the whole time.  They have a very deep growl that will raise hair on your neck, especially if they are in a crate behind the seat, and are clawing at the cage. 

The woman that took him in said he didn't look right to her and that he smelled like a skunk.  I thought he smelled like a tomcat.  Hopefully the day crew people know about bobcats.

John asked if I was going to call, I told him I'm afraid they will tell me they euthanized him, so I haven't called yet.  Of course if he had rabies, euthanizing him would be the best thing for him, that is a horrible death from what I have read.  Unfortunately there is no test for rabies, except quarantine and I don't know if they would make that effort. 

So yesterday morning before we left for Gilbert with Penny, a guy from Fish and Game called and asked if we still had the bobcat.  I commented on the fact that we had tried to get in touch with them, but they didn't return our calls and the Wildlife Center decided to have us bring him in and deal with the bureaucracy later.

I'm getting to the point of, if it's a government organization with bureaucrats, I don't even want to deal with them.  In their zeal to keep their job and retirement, they have to justify the job and more and more it seems they just get more and more rules and regulations to push paper.  The plight of the mustangs/burro program under the BLM is absolutely destroying the wild herds, as they round them up and put them in holding pens.  Don't know how I jumped to BLM from Fish and Game, but a bureaucrat is a bureaucrat as far as I am concerned..........LOL

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


                       THANKS, LINDA                                  

Linda went around yesterday with her camera and head pieces for Valentine's day.  I think she has decorations for every holiday.  Her dogs know the drill, they see her coming, they sit down and wait...!!  I think St. Patrick's Day will be next.

She found out some of the donkeys are OK with it, others, not so much.  She said she is going to make a list of the cooperative ones for the future....!!! LOL

John and I usually don't celebrate holidays, but with Lynn and Linda around, especially Linda we've kinda joined in.  We're going to grill steaks out this afternoon, then we'll do chores and after chores we'll do fruit fondue for dessert.  I made a chocolate sauce and caramel sauce yesterday to heat in my fondue pots to dip the fruit in. That will be about the extent of our celebration.........!!!

The last couple of days have been wet and chilly, which doesn't bode well for arthritic donkeys.  We have 3 or 4 that are older and when the weather gets like this, they don't move around very much.  Actually Gigi had been improving after her tantrum when Tyler was here to trim her feet, but this has set her back.  The weatherman says it will be moving out this afternoon, hopefully it will.  

We still have the 2 happy wanderers here.  We've been calling them Duke and Buck.  I put an ad up at the local post office and Linda put an ad in the local buy, sell, trade paper that comes out tomorrow.  If we don't hear anything by Thursday, we'll take them into the vet and see if they are chipped.  I doubt it, they act like friendly farm dogs.  Lynn and Linda put leads on them to put them in the truck, and Linda said she doesn't think they've ever had a lead on before.  They're friendly with man or beast.......well Buck the red one has buggered up his nose, where he sticks it thru the chain link trying to bite a donkey, usually Quilla.  Actually Quilla isn't the only one that trolls the fence, but when we hear the dogs all barking like crazy, it's either one or some of the donkeys, playing, "I'm out here and you aren't".  That consists of just standing by the fence with their heads down.  For some reason that really gets the dogs going.  Seems like if the dogs quit trying to "attack" and go lay down, then the donkeys will run up and down the fence to get them going again.  I'd think all that barking would hurt their ears, but they seem to think it's entertaining......!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

IS IT SPRING YET..........????

Must be getting close, the last few days have been Chamber of Commerce weather, not too cold, not too hot........just right....!!!  Unfortunately a few days like this and the flies will come out in force.  I got notification from Spalding that my first batch of predator wasp eggs is in the mail, so they must keep a pretty close eye on the weather.


This is Lynn and Linda's donkey Leddy learning new skills.  I wasn't aware that we needed a bell ringer, but I guess you never know when his "skill" might be needed.  Thanks for the video Linda. 

Yesterday Frijolita showed up with a dried muddy place on a front leg.  I tried to wash it off, but the dirt and blood was so dried and caked, I finally globbed a bunch of Vaseline on it, covered it with a gauze pad and vet wrapped it.  My guess was a cactus wound, but when I cleaned it up this morning, thanks to the Vaseline soaking, my first thought was snake bite.  It looked just exactly like the 2 canon bone, aka shin bone dry bites we've had over the years.  But when I got it cleaned up, there is only one hole.  So I'm back to my cactus diagnosis. I wouldn't be surprised if the snakes are starting to move around, hopefully the donkeys will be careful, usually fall has been our worst time for snake bites, actually I think they all were in September.


This is Lynn trying to enjoy the great outdoors on his porch.  Unfortunately he has "guests" that are looking for cookies.........LOL  Linda always has her camera with her.....!!

Yesterday Lynn and Linda went to the Wheel of Fortune "cattle call" in Tucson.  They said it was a lot of fun, lots of people showed up.  They didn't make it to the stage, so they went back again today, hopefully there wasn't as many people.

When they came in last night, Linda came in and said there were 2 dogs in the feed room.  Their 3 dogs were in with Saddik for the day and Doug had taken Saddik  into his RV at 7pm, so I was a little confused.  And they had moved their 3 dogs to their RV.

She said when they were driving in about 7 miles down the road, when they came upon 2 dogs in the dark, which isn't good.  They were friendly, so it wasn't any surprise that they got loaded up and brought home......!!!   LOL

 You will notice other dogs in the picture.  I took these this morning at feeding time, when Saddik, Lola, Lennon and Lucy were all in the feed room with these two.  In other words 6 dogs, Linda and I in a room about 9 foot square.  They all actually get along really good, but the floor was pretty full.  No collars or anything.  This morning when Lynn and Linda headed out for Wheel of Fortune, they stopped in the area where they found them and asked, but no one was missing them, so we'll have to make up some flyers.

John finally got the motor and transmission in my new dirt car.  He's still got about a month to finish it, so he should get it done.  Next race will be on the asphalt the 4th of March I think.  That will start the pavement season and will be Lynn's first run on asphalt.  We have a practice before, so he can get an idea of what it's like.  It's quite a bit different than dirt, but he seems to be a real quick learner, so I think he'll do just fine.  

Thursday, February 09, 2017


 Justin in training and everyone else coming along for the adventure

Very little gets done around here without "help".  They remind me of cats, anything going on or anything new on the property, gets their full attention, until they ALL check it out. 


We've all learned to work around our helpers, otherwise we'd never get anything done.  This morning Lynn was digging a trench in the pens on the west side.  We've used hoses ran along side the pens for years to fill the water buckets.  Last year Lynn, ran water to each pen on the east side, so this year he's completing the job on the west side.  

He said Pepsi checked out the trench, jumped over it, which is not something they all would do.  I guess you never know when a snake or some type of monster might be in that trench and jump up to grab a donkey......!!!   Lynn said when Pepsi got thru checking everything out, he peed in the trench.  We're trying to figure out just exactly what that means.........LOL

Some friends of Lynn and Linda came out a couple of times on their way to Florida.  They had a lot of fun with the donkeys and as usual the donkeys did their best to be entertaining.  BlackJack is always available for letting kids sit on him for pictures.  He was raised with a little boy and probably would let kids ride on him, but we've never let anyone try.  

Years ago a church got in touch with us, for a donkey to use in a Christmas play.  They wanted Mary to ride in on a donkey.  I told them we'd get back with them and we started trying to figure out who would be the best candidate.  We decided on Cisco, I got on his back, he took 2 steps and locked up big time.  I don't think anyone had ever been on his back in his life and he wasn't interested in learning to be ridden, so no one went to the Christmas show unfortunately.  

We're not exactly sure what Cheyenne was trying to do to Ted, but he was a good sport about it.....!!!  

Lynn has made a 7/10's of a mile trail over on Burroland that is wide enough for a golf cart or his quad.  It's really going to be neat, especially when looking for donkeys, fly masks or leggings.  We can drive around and see much more than stumbling thru the mesquite like we've always done before.  

He's taken everyone for rides and it's pretty exciting, in some areas, the mesquite are "real" close, so you better be paying attention....!!!  His best time is 1.46 minutes, which is an average of 17mph.  That might not sound very fast, but believe me, things zip past pretty quick on a lot of the trail and some of the turns are pretty tight.  

So now I'm in the market for a small quad so I can be lazy and ride instead of walking or stumbling over rocks and dead limbs the donkeys have pulled off the trees.  We found one on Craigslist in Tucson, but it was too big.  Years ago John bought me a Big Bear, and big was right, my little legs could just barely reach the pegs and it wasn't very comfortable for me to wrestle.  Hopefully we can find one that's my size.....!!! 

Linda took all the pictures this time, except for the quad picture, which was about 10 years ago.  We traded it for a retired U-haul car trailer, that we use to take my Hornets to the track.  Hope the people that traded got as much use out of it, as we have out of the trailer.  It was a couple and she was quite a bit taller and heavier than I am, so she probably didn't have a problem with it.  

It's starting to warm up at night, so we're probably going into spring, although it will be awhile before the mesquite trees bud.  That's when spring starts according to the old timers.  

We've also got a crew putting a new roof on the garage, and carport.  The shingles don't hold up well out here in the desert sun, so we've decided to put on a metal roof.  Metal roofs are really good in the desert and we don't want to have to do it again in a few years, although the shingles lasted about 25 years, so I guess we really shouldn't complain too much.........!! 

Saturday, February 04, 2017


Boaz has figured out that if he does "cute" things with his tongue and lips that people ooh and ahh and he gets treats.  So he is usually more than willing to play the game.  Looks like he could use a shave........LOL

This morning Tyler came to do Gigi and Penny's feet.  Gigi wears a shoe on one front foot 100% of the time, or the foot will turn under. Both of them have opinions on getting their feet done, and generally their opinion has nothing to do with Tyler's opinion on what he is going to do with their feet.

This morning it was almost like they had gotten together and decided to be as bad as they could be.  Gigi fought until she was on the ground, with Tyler's helper kneed down on her neck.  Not the best way to shoe an animal I'm sure, but he got it done.


This is what a pouting donkey looks like.  When he was done with her and we all stepped back she refused to get up.  I guess she figured if she just laid there and ignored us, it didn't happen.  They can be so much fun to watch sometimes.  She finally made the effort to get up and went as far away from us in her pen as she could get and gave us the evil eye. 

So we move on to Penny.  She seemed to be of the same mind set as Gigi, Finally got her in the redneck squeeze so we could get a halter on her.

These two are never easy, but today they seemed to be particularly obnoxious. Soooooo............

Tyler knows a guy that can build stocks.
 He's going to get the guy's phone number and see what he says.  He's made stocks for a couple of oxen our family doctor has, so donkeys should be a piece of cake.  I know one thing horse stocks don't work really well for donkeys, because of the size difference.

We're going to the races tonight at the asphalt track, to hopefully watch our son Rod, race his modified.  I don't know what it is about racers, but a lot of them seem to have no problem ignoring the car until a day or two before the races and then think their devotion to getting the car ready and staying up until all hours of the night turning wrenches, etc is fun.  John always started working of the car on Monday and in those days we raced every week-end.  Now we're lucky to get to race every month.

Lynn is going to try the asphalt, the 4th of March.  He might like it more than I do, we'll have a practice the end of February, so he'll get to feel it out before jumping out there in the "battle".  He's got a competitive nature, so he'll probably do good, at least I hope so. 

Monday, January 30, 2017


Linda is a picture taker, and this sequence of Justin begging is so cute.  

And yes, he got a cookie, after all that work........!!!  Thanks, Linda......!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Needless to say, I had a "fabulous" time at the 1st race of the season.  I WON the main event, got a big gaudy trophy, (they are the best kind), and a money envelope.  What more could you ask for.........? LOL

Lynn finished 2nd his first time on a track.  I think he's really going to be good, he has the mind set and in fact John said he was right behind me for most of the race. 

Hopefully by the next race in about 2 weeks, John will have my dirt car finished, so I don't have to beat my poor asphalt car to death on the dirt.   

The races were suppose to start at 1pm..........that sounds like being finished by 4pm, which would have gotten us home in plenty of time to feed the "herd".  By the time the 1st day (opportunities to excel) were taken care of it was almost dark.  We had called Doug and told him we'd be home when we got there, we were going to eat.  Figured they couldn't be anymore POed than they already were when roundup didn't start by 5pm.  

Got home about 8:15PM  and you talk about a rough crowd?  They were on the porch of the feed room, not all of them, but enough that the porch was full.........LOL  Of course feeding that late, it would take them until midnight to finish eating so they could go out.  So John and I sat up watching TV.  I don't help him let them out, we do it so differently, they would be very confused.  But when he went out Linda had set her alarm and came out to help him.  That's dedication, to leave a nice warm bed to go out in the cold, it was already 29 degrees and falling.


Friday, January 27, 2017


I don't even know where to start.........LOL Got my computer back, have a couple of glitches, that need to be looked at by Jared.  

Of course it's getting down to crunch time to get ready to race tomorrow.  I'm taking the asphalt car and Lynn's car is ready to go........even has numbers on it.  We haven't gone thru tech yet, and I'm sure there will be plenty of things for them to look at, hopefully nothing that would keep us from racing.  

In between everything else Lynn has been busy making a path thru Burroland wide enough the golf carts will be able to go all around the 20 acres.  I don't think he cleared this with the donkeys, but they do seem to appreciate having a nice wide smooth trail.  Yesterday some people called for a tour and I went over to run some of the donkeys back over here.  It's bad enough to have to flush them out of the brush on 10 acres over here, most people wouldn't want to go thru the "fun" of trekking all over Burroland too. .  

Actually the donkeys have pretty much learned to come out of the brush and gather in the driveway, so they basically come to the people.  A few times Doug has gone over when people showed up unannounced and ran them back over here, but it's much easier to just have them over here, when we are expecting tours.  

Last night we noticed a very strong skunk smell, after supper.   Linda came in and said Lucy and Lennon had gotten sprayed.  We thought it was funny, but since the dogs sleep in their RV, it was somewhat of a problem.   Lola, who if you were guessing who would get sprayed, would be your first guess, had gone out to potty and come right back to the RV.  The other two didn't.  So they got to stay in the feedroom/dog run last night.  There's heat in there, but it wasn't as warm or as comfortable as they usually are, on the bed, with their people, snuggled in.  Went online and found the recipe for skunk smell, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap.  It was 16 again this morning, so it will probably be afternoon before "bath" time.  

Cisco is doing better, he's not limping much at all, although he still is picking that leg up a little funny.  It's been so cold we've upped both Gus and Cisco's  pain meds.  It's suppose to warm up next week, and hopefully this will be our last "cold" spell.