Tuesday, July 17, 2018


The clouds are moving in this afternoon, although it's later than usual.  The last 2 days we got lots of rain and the wash ran.  In fact yesterday the county had just cleaned all the rock, mud and trash off the road from the day before and we had another gully washer and put it all back.  

I went to town yesterday and John said take the truck, because the little car wouldn't have made it. Except when I went out the road grader had just finished doing a good job of getting rid of all the dirt and trash  on the road.  I hadn't been home an hour and all that changed.........!! 

Dr. Jeremy was here to do dentals on Jasper and Lynn, one of the minis when I got home.  I guess Jasper and his parrot mouth wasn't too bad, although for some reason he couldn't or wouldn't open his mouth enough to do a good job on his rear teeth.  I've never seen many parrot mouths and asked how bad his was and Dr. Jeremy said it could be a lot worse, so that's good.  

When I drove in they were wrestling Lynn to the stock.  She had already had more drugs than Jasper and had 3 or 4 grown men busy trying to control her.   She had already tried to kick Dr. Jeremy's dad in the face and before it was over, after she had more drugs she managed to nail him in the shin.  She fell off the side of the stock and scraped her leg.  She was absolutely serious about not having her mouth worked on and after one more shot, Dr. Jeremy decided it wasn't going to get any better, so we decided to quit, while everyone still had all their body parts...........LOL 

Lynn's problem is she is a mini with some dwarf issues, one of which is a small mouth with full size teeth.  I think her rear teeth are lined up pretty good, but her front teeth are a jumbled mess, we've had 2 or 3 pulled over the years, which of course, jumbles them even more with extra space to move around.  

 Linda shared some videos of what they've been up to.  They needed to measure Justin's feet for boots and went out to measure him.  Catching him has become a challenge or a lot of fun depending on which side of the equation you are.  

As this video shows one of them is having a great time, running and frolicking, the other one.....not so much.  I'm not sure how long it went on, but she also sent a later video of Lynn not quite as speedy..!!  

I guess Justin finally got tired enough to think hiding behind Pepsi might work.  

Not sure if the sequence is correct, but I can't imagine what is going thru Justin and Pepsi's mind.  Of course while this is all going on, Pepsi probably can't figure out what the big deal is........you stand still the people come up to you and you get cookies, so what's the problem?


I'm sure it took a lot less time to measure his feet than it did to catch him........LOL

Well at least the dogs are having fun.........!!!  They've been really dry, and are having to use hoses to water the yard.  Doesn't seem to slow the dogs down.  Lola just wants someone to play ball with her, she's not into all that tug of war stuff.  


Friday, July 13, 2018


As of about an hour ago, no more sprinkles and threats, we got about 20 minutes of really hard rain, the type you can't go out in and stay on your feet.  I guess it's over, the birds have come back to the feeders.  Now we have to wait for the wash to go down, so the donkeys will come across for supper.  Most of them will not wade thru water 1/2 inch deep, although John just came in and said Don came across like no big deal.  He is the exception, believe me, so we'll be feeding late tonight.....!!!  It usually takes about an hour for the wash to go down.

This was right after it quit raining, the wash was already running and rising.  Gigi, hiding in the trees and about half the herd are on the other side, basically trapped, until the water goes down. 

This is one of the 2 fences that run across the wash and get taken out if the wash runs bank to bank.  When that happens panic sets in, this one just lets the donkeys over on Burroland, so no big deal.  But the other one on the east side opens out into "wild" country.  The idea of a bunch of donkeys heading out like Loki Joe did this spring, on 8,000 acres isn't a pleasant thought......LOL

 We had a little "guest" on the courtyard last night.  Three of the cats were focused on the patio screen door.  John went out and this little guy had come thru the gate and was trying to continue his walk by attempting to climb the wall.

Gila Monsters are one of the 2 poisonous lizards in this part of the world, and they are pretty cranky and can give you a nasty bite.  We think this is one we've seen on the property a couple of times over the years.

John got a broom and started trying to get him to the gate.  He hissed and lunged at the broom the whole way, but finally figured out where freedom was and off he went.

Heard from Diane, who has been fostering one of our donkeys for about 3 years as a companion for her jenny and her old riding gelding, Hank.  A couple of days ago, they were getting lightening and thunder, Diane went out to get them into the barn.  I think she said Hank had been in the barn and went out, calling for the girls.  They had all turned around headed for the barn with Hank in the lead, when he was struck by lightening and killed instantly.  Diane said he was about 3 feet from a metal post, they don't know if it hit the post and went thru his feet or just hit him.  John said because they have no trees or anything tall out there, it might have hit Hank because he was taller than anything else in the area.  That would be a horrible shock, even though he was 31 years old he was healthy and had been with Diane for 21 years. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


No rain yet, but today is cloudy off and on as the clouds and the sun play tag.  Suppose to be a 50/50 chance of rain, so we'll see.  

When we got about an inch of rain in June, John noticed about half of the pens had areas that needed sand/gravel added.  Most of the areas were in the shelters, so the donkeys didn't have anyplace to get out of the rain, even if they wanted to. The low areas were full of water. 

 So we ordered some gravel to fill in the pens.  We actually got 2 trailer loads, 24 tons.  Sounds like a lot, but the 1st trailer load is on the ground and the driver is getting ready to unload the the other trailer, the gravel piles  actually look tiny compared to the size of the truck and trailers. 

 Now is the fun part..........John on the tractor and Doug on a shovel.  They've done it before with 1/2 as much gravel a couple of years ago.  As hot and humid as it is right now, they haven't been very eager to get started. Actually it was only delivered yesterday and John is talking about maybe tomorrow.  LOL  Probably will have to see how the weather is, it's not much fun in the first place, and trying to do it in the rain would be horrible.  

While the guys are playing with the gravel,  John is going to have to use the backhoe to dig out pee ponds in Frijolita and Jasper's pens. They both have one spot, in their shelters of course, where they pee.  We know from past experience when they do this, it eventually smells like an outhouse.  Doug has been putting PDZ stall freshener on the areas, but it's time to dig them up and replace the gravel with clean gravel.  When John digs it up the gravel will have turned black, and be so compacted it would take a miner's pick to break it up if he didn't have the backhoe.  It will be that way down about 4 feet.  I'm sure we insult them by destroying their potty spot, but it doesn't take them long to rebuild it.  Don and Bill actually help Frijolita, every morning they go in her pen and pee on her "pond".  Not sure what it means, but it seems rude to me....LOL

This is Boaz's shoulder with the habronema larvae problem.  I've think I've finally got it under control, so hopefully if I can keep anymore larvae from settling in it might actually heal.  The one at the top by itself, is the one that Dr. Jeremy might have to lance, although I haven't gotten any little dead bodies out the last few days.  The problem is dead bodies are probably still in there that I can't find and he's tired of me digging.  

Boaz is usually easy to get along with, but if he's had enough he can be formidable.  He usually just lets me know enough is enough and we quit on a good note.  I guess he kicked Doug the other day, when Doug was trying to pull up one of his leggings.  Just a tap on the arm to let Doug know, he was done.  I would imagine he had given a warning and Doug didn't read it.  

We're getting a few sprinkles as I write, so hopefully it will continue.....!!

Friday, July 06, 2018


John went to Benson yesterday afternoon and said about 6 drops hit the windshield on the way home.  But that's about it so far.  Our monsoons that last few years have been very disappointing and the desert weeds and cactus are starting to look stressed.  Even if we have a good year for rain, it's not enough to catch up long term.  

Boaz is about the only one I'm still having to doctor on a regular basis.  He has an encapsulated habronema larvae on his shoulder.  I'm sure it's dead, but the area is swollen and he is tired of me messing with it.  When Dr Jeremy comes out to do teeth, I'll have him lance it.  Poor Boaz seems to have a lousy immune system that makes him a fly magnet.  The corner of his mouth is all but healed, but his shoulder is still a mess, and his "boy" parts are having to be cleaned and doctored twice a day, to keep ahead of more damage.  The problem with the guys is if it itches, they bite and make nasty bloody sores, which doesn't help with the fly problem.  

Many years ago when we got Cisco I as a friend for BlackJack, he was a horrible fly magnet and he was also very difficult to work with, very distrustful and wild.  We had to have him put down after 7 months because he had destroyed his sheath, we had no trailer and would have had to haul him to a specialty clinic to fix the damage.  We got a trailer as soon as we could, so an emergency like that wouldn't happen again, hopefully.  

Lynn, Linda and the gang did another parade on the 4th of July in Creede.  They took all 7 donkeys and had friends to walk with the extras.  

This was before the parade, when Loki Joe and Mark were getting ready.  Looks like Quilla is more than willing to help with the candy.!! LOL

This is Quilla with Stephanie, his #1 fan.  Although, Linda said he's quite popular with everyone, the people will stand in line to pet him.  Stephanie walked him in a couple of parades last year and was anxious for him to come back this year.  The empty bucket must have still smelled like candy..!!

Turbo molesting a float, probably making sure there weren't any flowers or edibles on board.

I see the little escapes artists make this parade unlike the one the day before.......LOL

The boys look like they are going to rob a bank........LOL

Leo definitely knows how to pose

Wednesday, July 04, 2018


It's sad to see "man on the street" interviews asking people what the 4th of July means and they don't have a clue.  What is really sad is they don't seem to care that they are ignorant, it's like a big joke.  

Well enough of that.... on to the fun stuff.

Linda and Lynn ready to "parade"

I was surprised to have pictures this morning from a parade.  I assume Southfork had their parade yesterday.

Turbo, Leo Charlie his handler, and Leddy

Leddy doing his "aren't I bootiful" stance, I think he knows when Linda has the camera

Leo and Charlie, discussing strategy perhaps?

You might have notice there were no minis in this parade.  The little devils have decided they don't have to be caught and they are on 40 acres, which pretty much means.........they don't have to be caught if they don't want to.  So this pen is set up with hay in it to hopefully catch the little monsters, so they can be in the Creede parade today. 

MEET AND GREET at the races last Saturday night.  Didn't finish as good as I'd like, this year is turning into a fight for every point.  At least the car came home in one piece.  New cars are coming in, which can be fun and frustrating.  But it makes for more competitive racing for us and more fun for the spectators to watch.  Not as easy to have a good finish though.

Dr. Jeremy was suppose to come out this morning to float Jasper and Lynn's teeth.  Jasper is parrot mouthed and when he got here, Dr. Jeremy came out and examined him.  At the time we weren't sure he would survive, so dental work was put off until later.  Jasper is doing good, losing a little weight, no more problems with his feet, so time to get those teeth looked at.  The link above shows all sorts of problems with equine mouths, parrot mouth being just one of them.  And Jasper's mouth is worse than the parrot mouth pictured. 

Unfortunately Dr. Jeremy is so busy he had to cancel.  He knows we are flexible, so no problem.  I just wish he could get a break, I'm not even sure he ever gets to sleep thru the night.  He's looking for another vet to come in  and help, which would be great, but so far hasn't found someone. 

Friday, June 29, 2018


Of course it's almost the week-end and we're going to practice tonight with the new car.  Perfect opportunity for rain.......!!  LOL  We need rain bad enough it would almost be worth having the practice rained out.

Linda called last night to bring us up to date on all their "doings".  I don't know how they keep it all straight, let alone keep going and of course with the passage of time they pick up more things to do..!!  She sent some more pictures from the Creede race mostly taken by professional photographers.  

This was the start, there's no organized starting places, if you want to run up front, start up front.  If you are just beginning you can start in the back and try to figure out what is going on.  It looks to me like a confusing mess, but it all seems to work out.   Lynn and Loki Joe are front and center, not sure what happened to Lynn's shirt....!!  LOL

This fairly chubby spotted donkey is Crazy Horse and wins more than he loses.  Looks like he's got some pretty tough competition.....!!

Guess Lynn found his shirt.!!!

Linda and May trying to encourage Justin and Pepsi..... doesn't seem to be working

FINALLY.........the finish line......May got the tail end award because Pepsi was even slower than Justin across the line.

I guess Pepsi was telling his side of the story, or trying to mooch a cookie from one of the photographers.....!!!

Can't forget the dogs, they obviously see no reason to get involved in all that is going on....unless it pertains to them. 


Saddik with a deer antler, Lynn and Linda found.  That's one of the things they do, go out and look for antlers for the dogs. 

We got the windshield put in the little car.  It's a good thing we didn't drive it down to Sierra Vista which was our first idea.  I'm not going to name the company, but don't believe what you see on TV about how efficient they are, and they can put in a new windshield while you and the kids enjoy a visit to the zoo.  

Had a 2pm appointment, trailered the car and handed it off at 12:30pm, the guy said it would be ready by 3pm.  Ran around town, got back at 3:20 and the only thing that had been done was the old windshield had been taken out.  Headed home about 4pm, with the new windshield, so obviously it doesn't take very long to put one in......!!!  DUH!  They sent me an e-mail wanting to know how I liked their service.........!!!    After I e-mailed them about the service, they said they would call me, haven't heard a word from them.  LOL

Rosie and Gigi are both walking better, although I think Gigi's other shoulder is bothering her, probably from trying to protect the bad foot with the abscess.  Poor girl, it's too bad when she was born the people didn't have her crooked front legs cast or splinted and saved her from a lifetime of being crippled.  It would have only taken about a week or so to straighten them out after being all wadded up before birth.  

We're fighting the good fight with Boaz and his skin problems.    The side of his mouth is healing nicely, and I'm keeping a long nosed crusader mask on him for the summer.  Right now the flies are really bad everywhere.  His front legs were starting to get sores, so we put socks on them and I figured the rear ones would be next, so he's got socks on all 4 legs.  Unfortunately his sheath has come to the attention of the flies, and the habronema eggs and larvae that hitchhike on them.  We're keeping wormer on his sheath, which kills the larvae  and discourages the flies when they try to land.

About 2 months ago I started a regime with Rosie and Buddy Brat to treat them for neck worms.  Although both of them had slimmed down quite a bit, they still had huge thick crests on their necks.  Rosie also had sores on her belly every summer that I had treated with everything I could think of.  Cortizone10 would keep it at bay, so to speak, but would not get rid of the sores.  I read up on how to worm them if you suspect neck worms and did the protocol.  Dr. Jeremy also had me try a compounded ointment and for the 1st time in years Rosie's belly is dry.  Both of them have lost the large hard crests, so hopefully between the worming and the ointment she will be good for the summer...........!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

YEA.........IT'S ALMOST BELOW 100*

At least that's what the weather people say.  The thermometer on the back porch disagrees, but it is hovering just above 100*, so I guess it's progress.  

Haven't heard from Lynn and Linda, if they made the people race this week-end and if so how they did.  I'm sure they'll check in when they get the chance, it sounds like their days stay pretty busy.

John and our neighbor Jorja, hung the gate into Burroland this morning, so that job is finally done.  Jorja insisted on helping because Lynn, Linda and John helped her string some fence to keep range cows out last spring.  It's a good thing she helped, because if there is one thing Jorja knows it's fence and gates.  When John came in this morning after they finished he said in 500 years archeologists will find that gate and wonder who built it..........LOL  Ranch people don't want to have to "fix" stuff, so they overbuild.

Tyler and his helper DJ came Sunday to reset shoes on Gus, Rosie and Gigi.  Gigi had been gimping around for a few days and when he started cleaning up her bad foot he found an abscess.  So now she's got a duct tape boot on that foot with a green slime poultice.  He said leave it on till it falls off.  

Penny also got trimmed.  She had a halter on, awaiting her fate and DJ went into put a lead on her.  He's young, big, strong all those things we all wish we still were, not to mention confident.  He grabbed her halter, which sent her into hypermode.  She uses her front feet like a deer or moose does, and also uses her head as a battering ram.  It's hard to keep track of both feet and a head, when you are in close quarters like that.  She nailed him under the jaw with her head and he managed to stay on his feet and hang on, much to her disgust and my amazement.  

This morning I had to put a  sock on one of her hind legs to keep the flies from chewing on her leg and she was just as cooperative as she could be.  Of course animal crackers help, BUT where Tyler and DJ are concerned, bribery isn't going to help much,,,,,,,,LOL

We have to take the little car today to get the windshield replaced.  Sunday John was coming home from Benson, and the hood latch broke with him going about 60mph.  The hood flew up, broke the windshield, dented the hood and John said made a lot of noise..........no kidding......!!!  

This was his fix to get it home

We have 3 night blooming cerius and the last one bloomed last night.  Usually they all bloom the same night, but the 1st one bloomed about 3 weeks ago.  They say there is only one night moth that pollinates them, but John saw bees going in and out of the blooms this morning before they closed up, so we'll see if they set on fruit.  Of course a moth could have come last night too.

We'll be going to practice Friday night to take the new/backup car thru tech and see how it does on the track.  It's not finished although most of the mechanical stuff is done. 

 Neons are known for jumping out of gear and that has been a big problem for me this year.  So our friend Larry came up with a fix that I used last race night and it worked.  

This metal triangle sets like this before the race starts

When the race starts and I want it to stay in 3rd hear, I flip it down against the gear shift and there is no way it can jump out of gear.......!! 

Saturday, June 23, 2018


It's actually cooling off a little was only 102* this afternoon on the back porch.  I honestly don't see a lot of difference between 102 and 106.....!!  LOL

Tyler is coming tomorrow morning to trim feet and reset shoes on the ones that have casting material on their feet.  Actually Gus and Rosie are the only 2 with the casting material.  Gigi has an elongated shoe on her crippled foot and he trims Penny, just because she is a royal pain and I don't want Courtney to get hurt.  

Gigi has been 3 legged lame on her bad foot and today is actually the 1st time she's been out of her pen for almost a week.  So she is doing better, but tomorrow will probably set her back.  SIGH....!!   Have no idea what the problem is, maybe Tyler will have an idea.  

Heard from the Colorado "satellite" this morning.  They had an interesting day yesterday.  First was suppose to be a parade.  Let's just say the morning did not go without a few problems, up to an including losing the keys to the truck, that was suppose to haul the trailer full of donkeys to the parade.  Sounds like they had quite a scavenger hunt and finally found them.  Took off for the parade, I think all 7 donkeys went and they were really hoping for a late start.  No such luck, but at least they finally found the donkey walkers that were meeting them there, didn't have time to dress the donkeys, and took off trying to catch up.  Linda said they were about 2 blocks behind and never did get caught up.  

We looked at the pictures she sent before we read her story, and couldn't figure out why the donkeys weren't dressed, especially Quilla, who's legs are bare from years of fly damage.   

Looking for a parade.......????

Justin and Pepsi doing what they do best.........standing

Leddy striking his, "aren't I pretty" pose.....!!!

Linda and Jennifer with Quilla

Leddy has a thing about flowers, he almost dismantled the flowers from a wagon in front of us, when we were in the Rodeo parade in February in Tucson this year.  The parade hadn't even started and he was determined to eat those flowers. 

From there I think they went past home dropped off some of the donkeys and headed for their 2nd gig, a book presentation for a really good book, On the Backs of Burros.  This is Leo promoting himself for the cover of a sequel I guess.........LOL

The donkeys had a great spot for people to come and visit with them after the book presentation.  Linda said there were a lot of people there and they really enjoyed the donkeys.  Of course the donkeys enjoyed all the attention.  One woman even brought treats which they REALLY enjoyed. 

What a gorgeous stain glass

You think donkeys aren't good baby sitters?  Can't imagine a horse doing this

Nothing like kids and baby donkeys, wonder if they got to grow up together?

They sure have some busy days.  I think they are going on a 5K run with the dogs tomorrow, hopefully Saddik will take care of his "elimination" stop before the race and help Lynn win one.

This is a picture of one of our 3 Night Blooming Cerus with 4 blooms in the back yard.  The other 2 should bloom either tonight or tomorrow night.  They only bloom one night and have to be pollinated by one type of night moth.  If that moth doesn't find the bloom that night, it's all been for naught, no seed pod sets and no chance of a little plant starting.  Seems like a rather hit and miss way to survive.  When we find them in the desert we bring them into the back yard, so the donkeys or cattle won't step on them.  Those spindly sticks are all that is ever above ground.  Below ground is a large tuber that can weigh pounds.  The Indians use to eat the tuber, which considering how tedious their life can be for survival, I guess it's amazing they've managed to survive at all. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hot, hot, hot, but life goes on.........!!

John went to his heart doctor yesterday and they don't want to see him until October, so I guess he's doing good.  He was hoping to get rid of some of the pills he's taking, but that didn't happen.  He finally got his monitor to work.  Living out in the boonies has it's good points and bad points.  Our cell phone does not work in the house unless you get in the kitchen window and stretch out as far as you can stretch towards the window to get a signal.  

So the monitor that was suppose to be by the bed was not happy when he first hooked it up.  He called them and they said not to worry about it.  A couple of days later he got the brilliant idea of going out of the house to see it it would work.  All of a sudden it started putting different little emogis on the face of the monitor.  Brought it back in the house and it's worked ever since.  Guess it just needed to be woke up.  So every night at 1AM it downloads to the doctor's office.  If they don't like what they see they can call and have him come in for a tune up I guess..............!!!  LOL  Modern medicine is absolutely amazing.

Not much going on around here, it's too hot to be doing much.  The donkeys just stand around in the shade waiting to be fed or for it to cool off.  Actually for the last few days we've had 2 donkeys 3 legged lame.  One is Frijolita, who is never sick or anything.  She has a neurological problem call string halt, probably cause by getting into some poisonous plants before she was captured by the BLM as a 6 month old.   We got an inch of rain the other day, which was really appreciated, but I wonder if it had something to do with her not wanting to put weight on one of her hind legs.  

The other one is Gigi, who has probably been crippled since birth.  She has to wear a shoe on one front foot to keep that foot from turning backwards, which is how it  was when we got her.  

 Of course that was the foot that was bothering her, and she refused to put any weight on it for the first day or so.  She just laid down all the time.

If you don't know if it is an abscess or not, you are not suppose to give bute.  The bute interferes with the abscess opening up, which gives them instant relief.

Gigi is not easy to work with, she does not trust people or want people in her space.  So getting up close and personal with her bad foot wasn't going to happen without a lot of drama.

She's actually a little better this morning, she's up and moving around a little bit, so hopefully she's heading in the right direction.  I still think the rain probably had something to do with both of them.

We've heard from Colorado a couple of times and they are staying busy as usual, makes me tired just to hear about all they do.........!!!

One Saturday they were going to run a people race with dogs early in the morning and then do a parade with donkeys later. 

This is the dogs I assume before the race started.  Linda runs with Lola and Lennon and Lynn runs with Saddik.  Lynn and Saddik were running in 1st place, when Saddik had to do a #2 pit stop and Lynn had to pick it up.  So they finished 3rd.  That's the 2nd time Saddik has interfered with the finish of a race because of his elimination problem.........LOL Linda was 2nd female and placed 9th overall with Lennon and; Lola so they all had a good day. 

So after that they went over to the parade area and it was raining, as Linda said it was literally raining on their parade.  They didn't see any horse trailers or floats, so they went home. 

I think this was taken earlier not after the race, just the dogs taken advantage of the nice weather.

This is Linda's friend Stephanie, trying to groom on Pepsi.  Unfortunately Loki Joe seems to think she needs his help.............or..........he wants her to groom him, not sure which......!!

Lynn out playing with the "fur" kids

The parade of donkeys