Friday, January 18, 2019


Lots of people interested in running with the donkeys, so it should be a lot of fun.  The donkeys seem to really enjoy the attention and getting out to see something different and a lot of the people have never been around donkeys before, so it's a win win for everyone...!!

Come out, even if you don't run, it will be a lot of fun to watch.  Everyone had a great time at the Burros and Burritos run in November.

If Leddy only knew.....!!

Well, there is some new entertainment being planned for the future.  It involves this wagon and another little cart that is just about Casper the mini mule's size....  Leddy was helping Lynn unload the wagon, if he only knew what is in store for the future.

Nosy bunch aren't they?

 Still have to find harness and figure out how to paint the wagon.  Our neighbor called it a hillbilly wagon, so don't know if it can be made into a "silk" purse.  It looks like a farm wagon to me, which would go good with a donkey pulling it. 

We went over to our good friends Dave and Georgette to pick up the wagons and to visit with Jacque and Sugar.  Sugar is one of our alumni, they adopted her about 11-12 years ago.  She was less than a year old and we got her from a roper that had bought her at auction and decided he didn't want her after all.  She still had the auction tag glued on her butt.  

Sugar and Linda getting to know each other

Dave and Georgette had a wonderful home for their animals, but they've never had a job.  Lynn and Linda were curious if Sugar and Jacque would run, so they haltered them, took off and found out they are naturals, they loved it.   Maybe in the future Georgette will bring them out for some of the races.

Sugar was ready to go again.....!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019


I think we're all ready for spring.  We've gotten enough rain and snow that the ground is saturated and it isn't getting very warm during the day to dry the ground.  I know we will appreciate the moisture later, we've been in drought conditions for years, so it is welcomed, BUT a little sunshine wouldn't hurt...!!!  

John and I managed to make it  to the big dirt races Friday night in the Phoenix area.  We dressed for cold and were very glad we did.  The Wild West Shootout is one of the few races this early in the season for late models and modified and draws drivers from all over the country including Canada.  They had 147 cars sign in Friday night and really put on a great show, lots of action and a well organized program that moved fast. We were going to try to go back up today for the finale tonight, but we both decided that we'd rather rest up.  LOL

Went to our end of the year banquet last night for Tucson Speedway. 

Unfortunately I still have on my brace for at least another couple of weeks.  A lot of people asked if I was going to race again.  Still plan on making the first race the 9th of March, hopefully the car will be ready by then.  If not, John has plans to get the old car glued together enough to get on the track and at least stay in the points race.  We'll see how it goes it seems like time is really flying by and March will be here before we know it.

Lynn and Linda went to a "people" race this morning in Tucson.  They said there were lots of runners, maybe 100s, they haven't found out yet where they placed.   Some of the runners that want to run with the donkeys were running and I guess are all ready for next Saturday's Donkeys and Donuts run in Tucson.

It looks like there will be 12 donkeys for the run, although Lynn and BlackJack might also go, in case someone would like to walk a donkey.  Yesterday I think we saw BJ actually running for the 1st time in history.  Rambo was being a jerk and chasing BJ.  BJ was running and kicking Rambo, which didn't deter him at all.  BJ is a "mosey" type of guy, he usually doesn't waste energy unless he has to.  Rambo finally found something else to do, today he is being obnoxious again.  We really don't know why he is so aggressive, everyone is making sure to let him know that type of behavior isn't allowed.  He seems to realize we don't want him chasing the other donkeys and it usually deters him for the moment, but within a day or two, he's at it again.

Linda took this picture of BlackJack showing Jasper and Leddy how to dig up cactus to eat,  At different times of the year they eat cactus, other times they eat greasewood "ie"  creosote bush.  

Here's a good picture of Link and Linda during the snowstorm a few days ago.  

Leo and Leddy in the mirror trying to beg goodies from Lynn and Linda

Thanks for the pictures, Linda.........!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019


John took the neighbor her mail this afternoon and discovered tiny little footprints outside our fence headed for her place............hmmm.........wonder who they belong to?  The general consensus points to :  

Casper, the cute little white mini mule hanging out with his bigger buddies in this picture.  Which is where we thought he was spending all his time.  Obviously he is still sneaking out or at least occasionally trying it out.  SIGH!  What a brat he is, which is why we all think he is so cute.  Watching his mind work is a lot of fun, but I don't want to have to start worrying about where he's going.  

A few days ago, Lynn and Linda decided to halter Levi and Bella and introduce them to Burroland.  They have never shown any interest in going anywhere out of the pen area, except closer to the hay barn.  

The plan was to take them over to the far side of Burroland, take off the halters and let them find their way back and on the way maybe they would find something interesting enough to want to go over there again.  

Got them over there, took off the halters, Lynn and Linda headed back and I guess the "fur" kids almost beat them back to "civilization".........LOL  

Where are we going?

So far, so good

Hmmm.......never been here before...........!!!

Now what?

Oh no, you're not leaving us here all alone......!!!  We'll just go home with you......!!!

This is more like it......!!!

Always stay within sight of important areas.....such as the porch of the feed room......!!

I would imagine they have always been in a pen of some kind, and have never been able to just go where they want in a larger area.  I'm sure we've had other donkeys that had probably always been in pens too, but were curious enough to go off exploring when given the chance.  Not these two, not the least big interested in the "big" world........!!!  LOL

Levi was one of the 13 donkeys that participated in the Burros and Burrito fun run they had a few weeks ago and he did just fine.  He was just one of the donkeys without any drama or anything like he was uncomfortable being out of his element.  Maybe being with people makes a difference, they both are very easy to work with, so I would imagine being with people makes them more comfortable if out of their normal life style.  

Maybe someday they will get curious about the big world out there, but don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.........!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2019

I HATE SNOW..............!! LOL

It's been here for 3 days, even though the weather has started warming up and the afternoons are sunny and nice.  But if I look out the windows I see SNOW in the shadows.  It's already sunny today, so by this afternoon most of it will probably be gone.  YEA.....!!  

All of us have the ickies, probably some kind of head cold.  John started it, shared it with Lynn, then I got it.  By this time Linda was headed for town to get fighting power.  She also got a flu shot while she was in town.  She talked to the pharmacist and I think got everything the pharmacist recommended.........!!  Well, all that diligence didn't work for her, now she's got it.  John and I have been loading up on all the vitamin C, cough drops, orange juice.  I hope it's helping because we're all miserable and I'd hate to think it could be worse.........LOL

John and I were suppose to go up to ET Raceway at Apache Junction for the Wild West Shootout (on dirt) this week-end........but we chickened out.  When the weather is cold, there is nothing worse than sitting up in bleachers and we're miserable enough.  They will be racing next week-end, so hopefully we'll make it then.  We'll go up Friday, come back Saturday for the banquet, I've got to get my 5th place end of the year trophy.  Then we'll drive back up for the final race Sunday. I think last year the winner on Sunday got $14,000, I would imagine it will be more this year.  Of course when they interviewed him, he said it was already spent, he blew his motor on the last lap, poor guy. A lot of the drivers are coming in from cold country, South Dakota, Michigan, Canada, they will probably think the weather is just fine.......!!  UGH!

So for the most part we have just been doing what we have to do to take care of the donkeys.  

Does this look like "sunny" Arizona?  I think not....!!

Turbo and Link heading out in the snow

Big Gus doesn't let inclement weather interfere with his begging

The 19th of January is going to be another Donkey run in conjunction with the Running Shop in Tucson.  They have really gotten behind the idea of people running with the donkeys. 

Unfortunately within a few hours of putting the ad on Facebook they had to put up this ad:

I didn't get to go to the last run, but should be able to make this one.  I'm not going to be very useful, but I'll get to participate in all the excitement.  Hope it doesn't get too exciting, from what I was told the donkeys all did really well last time and seemed to enjoy the adventure.  There is some talk of taking Rambo, which ought to liven up the fun.  LOL    It seems like about once a month he acts like a jerk chasing the girls with a vengeance.  Which makes me think it's hormonal even if his testosterone levels are low, which proves he is a gelding.  When I talk to Dr. Jeremy next time, I'll ask him if they have a shot he could take to hopefully mellow out his hormones.  Or maybe after all he's just a jerk......!!  If he went Lynn would probably have to be in charge of him, we couldn't put him with people that aren't familiar with equine.  And he can get pretty pushy if he gets excited.

Don't know yet when they will be coming out here to meet all the donkeys. Some of ours can't travel or run, so the people will get to meet them too.  I know a couple of other donkeys that are probably going to come out then also. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH............

OK, we've had our winter between Christmas and New Year's........time for spring....!!!  LOL  This is what greeted us this morning, after rain starting at bedtime last night. 

Wasn't much, but there was enough Linda could make a snowball to throw at Lynn

Don't think you can see it, but there is snow falling in this video, unless you enlarge it.

Guess this would be classified as a "dusting", it was almost too warm and I'm really surprised that it made it to late morning

The cactus and agave will appreciate the extra little drink

The dogs of course think it's great, especially Lennon and Lola.  Lucy is "mature" and she prefers her creature comforts like heat and a soft bed.  Saddik is kind of a wimp when it comes to cold weather.  I can sympathize with his position.  He's got really short hair, no undercoat at all and if he does go out when it's nasty, doesn't stay long. 

I have to brag on every donkey and even Casper the mini mule............!!!  Courtney came yesterday to trim everyone that needed it.  Linda got out the halters and leads and they went to the west end to start with Rambo.  He had to be drugged when Tyler did him right after we brought him home.  They were trying to put him in the stocks and he didn't seem to think he wanted to go, was pretty adamant about it and Dr. Jeremy gave him a happy shot.  

So the preparations for battle were ready.  Courtney said she would do Boaz first and let Rambo see that it didn't hurt and Boaz got lots of cookies.  Finished with Boaz, went into Rambo's pen and they decided to "try" Rambo without a halter or lead............ he did it like a pro, didn't fuss about anything she did.  Of course Lynn was shoving cookies in his mouth, so he didn't have time to think about what was happening to his feet.  

So up the line Courtney went doing her thing, got to Loki and I said he'll have a halter.  I got out voted for trying without.........he did just fine.  Next was Big Gus, who came in with really bad thrush.  Courtney said his legs are really stiff and swollen and he might have DSLD.  I have never dealt with DSLD, reading up on it, donkeys aren't mentioned, but I did notice when we picked him up his fetlocks were dropped.  Dr. Jeremy said that moving around out here over rocks  gullies and washes might strengthened them and I do think they look less dropped.  He was a little touchy about picking up his feet, but he didn't fight and Courtney said it's probably hard for him to stand on 3 feet.  But no halter.......!!

 Leddy has a reputation for trying to kill a guy that thinks he's a donkey trainer.  When Lynn and Linda got Leddy he wasn't the least big interested in having his back legs messed with.  There was a clinic and Leddy was to be used to show how to pick up reluctant back feet.  Didn't happen.  I guess he and the guy came to an agreement in front of an audience that the guy would leave Leddy's feet, front and back alone and Leddy would let him live.......!!!  LOL  Leddy is the most laid back, mellow donkey you would ever want to meet, so Lynn and Linda were quite surprised, guess the trainer was too........LOL  When they brought Leddy down here and Courtney was going to do him they told her about his blow up.  He was haltered that time, but no blow up, same thing, Courtney let him watch the others before she did him.  Courtney uses power tools, which is an added possible problem, but hasn't been.  This halter........!!! 

Courtney thinks Leo doesn't like her.  She doesn't understand Leo doesn't like most of us.........LOL  He looks at us like we're bugs under a microscope, most of the time.  He stood like a champ, no problem at all.  

Levi was to be the next problem child, he can be squirmy if he doesn't want to do something.  He was being squirmy and the halter was getting close to his eye, so Lynn took the halter off, held him around the neck and gave him lots of cookies.  That was the 3rd time Courtney has done him and he did better without the halter and Lynn holding him than with the halter.  

Last but not least was Jasper and Casper.  Jasper has had some ouchy feet the last few days, probably from the cold and rain and now snow.  Linda is putting boots on him today to see if it makes him more comfortable.  They put one on him last night and let's say it wasn't a big hit, in fact he was trying to chew it off.  I assume he's never had anything on his foot before.  

Casper the mini mule has actually been doing really good lately.  As far as we know he hasn't gone outside the perimeter fence in a long time.  He usually hangs with Turbo and Link, Linda says he doesn't know he is little and thinks they are his kind of guys.  Yesterday we had 3 tours here all about the same time.  Some of the kids started trying to catch Casper.  I didn't see it, but was told, Casper was running just enough to stay out of reach and I guess he was really exercising the kids.  John said he'd look over his shoulder to see how close they were.  I guess he was playing a game because he could have taken off at any time and hid, but he didn't.   He was also done without a halter.  

So all in all, everyone behaved themselves, got their feet done and got lots of cookies............!!! LOL  

Saturday, December 29, 2018 this is what winter is like..........!!!

Not really impressed......we had a couple of days of rainy, cold, windy without sun.......miserable weather.  Of course Lynn is running around in shirt sleeves for the most part and telling us how comfortable it is.  LOL  I'm pretty sure if you live in the desert a few years your body adjusts to sun and warmth and doesn't appreciate less than 60 degrees, no sun and especially wind to go with it.  Oh! well enough whining.......!!  

The poor donkeys are out in it.  The only one we really worry about is little Cheyenne, she shivers and seems cold almost every morning.  We don't have an equine blanket small enough to fit her, but drape a people micro blanket over her in the morning.  Usually by the time she is through eating, the sun is up and it's getting warmer, so we take it off before she goes out.  Otherwise the bushes would drag it off her quickly.  Which is one of the reasons I haven't ordered a blanket for her, the only time she could wear it would be when she is in her pen, which is only at feeding time.  

This is what BlackJack looked like this morning with frost on his back.  Actually frost or snow on their back is a sign of good insulation and helps to keep them warm.  

When John went out this morning there was steam rising out of the 55 gallon drum that sits over the top of the well head for the water well.  Something was making a horrible noise and there was water running in 2 or 3 directions.  

Our first thought was it had probably drained the 2000 gallon holding tank beside the well house, which would really be bad.  John went in the well house to shut off the pump and discovered, when the well was put in a couple of years ago, they did not put a shut off in the well house for the pump.  So he had to go all the way up to the garage to shut it down.  Can't imagine why they didn't put a shut off closer to the well.  

Leddy is not going to walk across that wet ground if he can figure out another way to get around it. 

Of course like anything we do around here, we have helpers, whether we want them or not.  They weren't going to step in that water though......!!  LOL  

Lynn is digging up where the water was blasting out of the ground around the well head, while John, Lola and Lennon watch.

One good thing the guy's did when they put in the well is they put a pop-off valve on the well head and that is what happened................Yippee........!!  No burnt up pump, no broken pipe and no drained holding tank, just have to replace the pop-off valve.............and............ probably should insulate inside the barrel if it's going to be getting this cold.  

When Doug left he sold his RV to Lynn and Linda, so they have been busy moving out of their motor home and into the RV.  

Doug had put a fence around the RV, but Lynn and Linda like having the donkeys around, especially in the morning, they never know who is going to be outside the door, begging for cookies.  So the fence has to go. 

  The donkeys knew as soon as the fence was going down and here they came. 

  The greasewood didn't last long........!!

 Lynn and Big Gus discussing strategy for cleaning up the area that had been fenced

 Casper the mini mule checking out the area

 Some of the inspectors checking Lynn's efforts

In position to accept cookies

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Jasper wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas

Bella says Santa came early this year..........YUM......!!

Linda catching up on her donkey time with Levi and he is more than willing to cooperate.  He's laying on the ground and she said he almost fell asleep.  

Sometime in the next few days, we are suppose to haul an intact jack named Elgin to his new home at Lucky A Ranch in Alpine, AZ.  His owner has some serious health problems and has been hospitalized and in rehab for quite sometime.  Elgin is suppose to be friendly, but unhandled, whatever that means..........LOL  I've found out over the years that one person's "friendly" doesn't always mean the same thing.  Which is why we waited until Lynn and Linda got back to do this.  I'll probably try to call the woman that has been taking care of him tomorrow and set up a time to go get him.  I talked to Michelle at Lucky A yesterday and she asked if we could pick up a mini mule in northern Tucson and bring him too.  As with the case of "friendly", not everyone's description of "northern Tucson" is the same.  When we picked up Big Gus and Rambo, "west" of Tucson it took almost an extra hour to get there from Tucson..........LOL  John and I plan on overnighting somewhere up there anyway, so no big deal.  Lynn and Linda will come with us to round Elgin up and once he's in the trailer, they will head back home to take care of the donkeys while we're gone. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

THEY MADE IT..........!!!

This morning I woke up about 2am and decided to get up and come in the great room, where I would be able to see headlights coming in the driveway when they got here.  They hadn't showed up by 4am, so I went back to bed.  

Imagine my surprise when John went out this morning and Lynn and Linda were playing with the donkeys....!!! They got in a little after 1am, said they came in the house and roamed around for awhile.  I don't know why they didn't just stay in the house, at least it was warmer than anywhere else.  LOL

They entertained us with stories of running a Christmas tree lot this morning and are napping this afternoon to catch up on missed sleep.  Linda has been keeping a list of stories to share because she was too busy to e-mail them.  Between the helpers and the customers  I don't think she will run out of stories anytime soon.......!!!  

The four dogs seemed really excited to be back.  They don't have a lot of room at the tree lot to run around, so I guess they spend a lot of time sleeping.  So far today they have been wide awake and running all over the place.  Well Lucy was harassing Big Gus, or he was harassing her, I couldn't tell which.  The dog pen shares a side with his pen.  She was barking, snarling and lunging at him.  He was standing close to the fence with his butt turned to her, just standing there.  I think they both were getting something out of the experience, I'm just not sure what.........LOL  

Now that Linda is back I'll have more pictures to share, once she gets back in the groove.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

THEY ARE ON THE ROAD...........!!!!

Linda just called and they are about 500 miles out, so they will be getting in really early in the morning.   I doubt that we will wait up for them.............LOL  Our driveway announcer is on the blink, so I guess we'll have to listen really good and hope to hear them. 


I don't think they will be home before Christmas.......LOL  Linda sent some pictures and unfortunately their wish for selling out early didn't happen.  

The boss found more Christmas trees to bring in to sell

I'm not sure what is going on here, the camper shell is missing off Lynn's truck and they are hauling trees.  I'm guessing they are hauling part of the trees from the semi above to another lot, but I could be wrong.

Linda has plenty of "hard" workers helping her in the booth

Cute picture of Lennon and "friend"

I don't think Saddik looks happy about being a lot helper, complete with hat that says so.  Maybe wearing the hat is the problem......!!! LOL

Janice is here today to do some grooming on the donkeys.  She's been coming out for 3 or 4 years when she gets a chance.  You would think they ALL would love to be groomed, but some of them don't.  So she just goes on to the next one.  Casper the mini mule was one of the 1st this morning and he was acting like he didn't want to be groomed, so she finally gave up and went on to Jasper.  So who comes over and stands close..........just in case she wanted to try again?  I think he was playing a game with her.  He ended up not getting groomed, so I doubt that was the results he wanted.......!!!  

Kevin came out with Janice and is helping John catch up with some things that need to be done, like move the bunk for Leddy and Leo over to the pen they eat in now.  Things like that are much easier with 2 people and even when I'm not hobbling around in a brace, I'm not that much help......!!  LOL  

The last couple of days, Rambo still has to be led to his pen, unless we want to invest in a lot of time, insisting that he at least walk towards the pen without turning around or heading another direction.   But he seems to be getting the idea that we don't want him running out of the pen, when the golf cart is there and the gates are open.  He does try to attack Boaz, who is in the pen next to him, when he's led to his pen and the halter is taken off, which is a little weird.  Boaz just stands there and looks at him, as he is yelling and screaming with his mouth wide open, lunging at the pipe fence between them.  If they have developed a pecking order, I don't think we've seen it.  Loki Joe and Boaz had a rocky relationship last year when Boaz came back from Colorado.  Loki Joe had taken over the job of male in charge, while Boaz was gone and wasn't interested in giving up the position.  It took about 2 weeks for Loki to finally give up top position.  I have a feeling Rambo will be more than happy to take over.  So far Boaz pretty much ignores him.