Saturday, October 22, 2016



Yesterday I went out for a luncheon with some horsey friends.  They meet about once a month at one of the restaurants in Benson, and I try to make it if I'm not busy. I only know a few of the women, but they let me come even if I'm not "really" horsey..........LOL  

When I got there I didn't recognize anyone, so waited until Joyce got there.  Sure enough a couple of husbands came also, which threw me off.  One couple looked really familiar and it finally dawned on me they are Punch's new family.  They said he is doing just fine, has partnered up with their other Kelpie and is sleeping in the bedroom.............on the floor, not on the bed.  So it sounds like a good match.  

Saddik is getting out twice a day when we are feeding now.  It didn't seem fair to let him out and not Punch, but we couldn't trust Punch not to chase the donkeys, especially little Cheyenne, so neither dog was going out.  Saddik doesn't stay in sight, and I'm pretty sure he goes off the property, but he's good about coming back in about 15 minutes, so we'll just pretend that's the way we want it to be I guess...!!!  He doesn't seem lonely, he still goes in with Doug at night, so he gets quite a bit of quality time.  He use to really love to ride on the golf cart when the guys handed out the hay, but now so far he likes running around better.

Tyler was here this morning to trim Penny's feet and reset Gigi's shoe on her crippled foot.  Both of those girls, would not miss Tyler if he went into outer space, never to return...........LOL  They are rather adamant the subject and have been known to throw fast kicks in his direction.  Gigi went into a snit when she heard his truck coming down the road.  Courtney does everyone else, but she works by herself and Tyler always has a helper with him, and they seem to enjoy the fight.  

Actually Tyler looked like he had already been in a fight and lost.  He has a really nasty looking shiner, although he said it's looking a lot better, at least he can see out of that eye now.  LOL

I guess he and some of the family were helping load some steers for his Dad.  Tyler said there was a yearling heifer there that had been mean since she was born and he talked his Dad into sending her out with the steers before she hurt someone.  I'm sure you can see where this is going............!!!!   LOL

He said they had her blocked trying to get her into the trailer, she spun around, judged which one to take out, and decided Tyler was the one.  He said when he hit the ground his helper jerked him up to his feet, when all he wanted to do was lay there for a couple or minutes to figure out where he was and what he was doing.  He said he had a full day planned, so as soon as he could remember his name and what day it was, off they went.  He said it was a little difficult shoeing with just one eye, no depth perception.  His last stop was a retired nurse, and she gave him some arnica.   I've heard about using it for swelling and bruising, but was amazed at what 2 days of using it has done considering what he said it looked like when it happened.   

Sure will be glad when doctoring and fly mask season is over.  Shouldn't be too long now, the nights are in the 40's.  I'm pretty sure a few nights in the 30's will probably take care of the flies, except for the few that manage to winter over every year. 

We'll probably spend the winter trying to get some of the fat off Rosie, Coquette and Buddy Brat.  I have a feeling next year as soon as the first mesquite bean turns from green to brown, those 3 will have to stay in the pens until the beans are no longer a problem.  Buddy has gone thru this torture before and he isn't quiet about it, every time he sees someone come out of the house, he starts screaming.  I try not to go outside when he's imprisoned like that.  LOL

Tuesday, October 18, 2016



Yesterday we took Boaz to Dr. Debra for a dental appointment.  He's got some chipped teeth and I wanted to make sure they didn't need grounding down.  They were OK, but he did have a few hooks that needed cleaned up.

When we got home there was a message on the phone from a neighbor, wanting to bring some friends over to see Punch.  Doug said he hadn't seen them, but about 1/2 hour later, they got here.  Nice people, they already have a Kelpie, and an Anatolian, they have horses and ride with their dogs.  Punch really took up with the woman, we visited for quite awhile and they took him home with them.  He wasn't very interested in getting in their car, John had to lift him up, but once in he was fine.  

I think it will be a good home for him.  It sounded like they spend a lot of time with their dogs, although sleeping on the bed, isn't going to be an option from what they said.  

Just yesterday, because Punch was going thru the cattle panels and getting out, John and Doug had strung chicken wire inside the cattle panels.  John made a special trip to Benson to get the wire and they spent all afternoon putting it up.  Did a nice job too...........LOL  John said that's OK, we're ready for any size dog now.............HUH?  Does he know something I don't?

We let Saddik out during chores and he hopped up into the golf cart like he use to, helped John weigh hay for awhile and then disappeared, which was about what he use to do.  John yelled and whistled and he came in from our dirt road.  The people across the road have a little dog, he use to visit with, so that's probably where he was.  I wish he would stay within the confines of our fence, but obviously my wishes don't count.  He also could have been looking for Punch.  Doug said he got to sleep in the middle of his bed last night for the 1st time in awhile..........LOL  I guess between the 2 dogs, he didn't have much room left and it was on the edge.  

As of yesterday Penny is out of confinement after about 3 months.  We let her out when we got back from Boaz's dental.  She wasn't all that interested in leaving the confines of her pen, and when John and Doug did round-up for evening feeding, she was waiting in her pen.  I've never seen her eating when she was out on the property, although obviously she ate a lot of mesquite beans when they got ripe this summer.  The clinic said to keep her confined until November 1, but I'm not sure that isn't the usual protocol for an equine that is ridden or worked in some way.  She hasn't had any problems at all and even if she is out, she's just going to be responsible for herself, no saddle, no human on her back, or having to trot or lope or lunge in an arena.  Actually lately she's been trotting a lot, when she sees us outside, hopefully headed her way with cookies.  I'm so glad we chose surgery over euthanasia.  It would have been easier, cheaper, less work,'s really worthwhile to see her trotting over to the edge of the pen, insisting that she get cookies.  She's never been the friendliest donkey on the property, and she still isn't, BUT, she has really learned how to work us, during her recuperation, always on her terms though.  She will always expect the worst from people, unfortunately.

Sunday, October 16, 2016



I have no idea, where I've been or what I've been doing.  I only know I looked up and it's been a week since I added to the blog...........I think that's a record.  We've been busy, but not anymore than usual, so I guess I have no excuse...........LOL

It's getting cool enough at night in the 40's that John is taking fly masks off now.  When it's cool like that we get up before the flies, instead of the other way around for a change.  Probably by the middle of November, fly season will be over except for a few hardy souls that always winter over.  

Doctoring is going well and is easier every day.  I don't think John and I will miss doctoring, but the "patients" probably will.  There are 7 that get doctored everyday, and know that they get 2 animal crackers when it's over.  Unfortunately there are "hanger-oners" that also know there are cookies being handed out, they just don't know why.  But they make sure they are available for handouts.  I can't get past Gi-gi without "paying" on my way to Rosie for doctoring.  Gizmo and Boaz escort us to the next patient thru about half the pens and fully expect pay for their diligence.  

Casper, the little white mini mule, the neighbor's are fostering doesn't have his goat buddies anymore. They got the 2 goats about the same time Casper went to live with them.  They also had chickens and ducks and in fact Casper got credit for running off a coyote that was shopping for a chicken dinner one time.

Unfortunately lately Casper's batting average had slipped and they were losing chickens.  Vic said he thinks the coyotes were watching for Casper to be elsewhere on the 10 acres before they came in.  Recently they had seen a bobcat stalking one of the goats.  I don't know if a bobcat could take a goat, but they didn't want to take a chance and found them a home.  They lost so many chickens in just a few nights, there weren't very many left, but they also found homes.

Vic says he doesn't think Casper even misses the goats, although the goats were bonded with him.  That just adds more info to the idea that Casper might not have been with other equine or maybe even other animals before we got him.  He definitely is an independent little guy

The other night we heard shrieking and thumping on the back porch, where the dry cat food is.  Went to see what was happening and there were 2 skunks locked in a wrestling match.  We turned on porch lights, opened the door, yelled, clapped our hands and they paid absolutely no attention to us.

Have you ever seen those dog or cat toys, you wind up and they flop around on the floor.  They usually have a big fluffy tail.  That's what it looked like except this "toy" had 2 fluffy tails, and the longer the flopped and squealing went on, they were starting to smell funny.......LOL

Finally with us getting involved from 2 different doors, complete with porch lights flashing off and on, one broke away and the other one chased it around the yard.  And they were smelling stronger.  Even the next morning you could still smell them.  I must be getting immuned to the smell, it doesn't bother me near as much as it use to........!!! 

Sunday, October 09, 2016


Had a good time at the car show.  Quite a few friends stopped by to say hi, it was good to see everybody. 



We didn't, we thought maybe JR's our grandson's late model might win something.  The judges spent a lot of time looking at it, but no awards for us, guess they just thought it was neat.  My favorite car there did win.  It was a 1939 black shiny Chevy coupe, boy was it pretty.  

We had a logistics problem in the morning.  Larry was bringing his car in on his trailer, but we had 3 cars and 2 trailers to haul to the park.  After chores John put the bronco up on the trailer and hauled it in.  It took awhile for him to find someone in charge and then they really didn't tell him where our 4 entries should park.  That's why there is nothing around us in the picture I guess.  Actually they had plenty of room for all the cars, so we could all spread out.  JR's late model was already loaded, so when John got back, we loaded up my car and headed for the park.  

The last time the Hornet had ran, it sounded and ran just fine.  Started it up and the fan belt was squealing extremely loud, ear splitting squeal.  And it wouldn't hardly run, probably something in one of the injectors that shouldn't be there.  Got it up on the trailer, got to the park, started it up and it squealed a little and ran just fine.......GRRRRR........!!!  

Got ready to go, and JR said he'd drive the Bronco home,which would have meant only one trip home for John............except in the frantic hauling cars, loading cars and changing clothes in the morning, John had left the keys for the his blue jeans.  You will notice in the picture above, he doesn't have on blue jeans...!!  LOL  So they decided to haul the late model and the bronco and leave my Hornet there.  I told John if someone stole it, I wasn't going to be very happy.  LOL

Kyler wanted to come out and see the donkeys, so they came out with us, Kyler and Becky saw the donkeys while we were unloading and then we all headed back to town, to hopefully get my Hornet and then go eat Pizza........!!!  

It was a fun day, we don't get to see JR's family very often, except at the track.  Then we are all too busy to "visit".  This wasn't their week to have Hunter, he's with him mom in Phoenix.

I don't know if the fly masks are going to make it until the fly season is over or not.  Some of them are really getting ratty, when you can see an eyeball, it's probably not keeping the flies away from their eyes very good.  I'll order a bunch of new ones from Colorful Equine in the spring. 

For the most part, Gizmo the little brown mini mule has finally been accepted as a member of the herd,  Boaz wouldn't let Gizmo get close to him for a long time.  But lately we've been calling them the odd couple, they are usually together when we find them.  One reason is he has settled down a lot.  When he first got here he was very reactive, if he thought you might have a cookie, he would quickly move towards you, leaving a trail of irritated donkeys in his path.  He's slowed down and they don't react to him as much as they did.  I'm really surprised someone hasn't adopted him, he'd make a great horse companion and he's got a wonderful personality.  

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


This is the weather people come to Arizona for.  You couldn't ask for a more perfect day, not too hot and LOTS of sunshine.  I know many people want 4 seasons, I'm not one of those......LOL  I might be OK with 2 seasons, if one of them is spring and the other one fall.  

The weather in Saudi Arabia when we were up in the mountains was just about the same year round.  I asked a pilot friend one time where in the U.S. had about the same weather as Khamis and he said Mexico City.......!!!   YIKES, not interested in moving there at all...!!!   My perfect place, would be able to grow citrus, avocados, and mangoes in my yard, wouldn't that be fun?  Not sure such a place exists in the U.S. unfortunately.  Not that I'm going anywhere anyway, too much baggage.  John keeps saying we should load up the donkeys and take them to the White Mountains in NE Arizona for the summer.  Probably would cut down on my doctoring of skin problems, BUT the logistics would make my head spin.  

Almost no mesquite beans in the poo...........YAY...! Now maybe I can start them on a diet, although I don't know how we could feed them any less than we are now.  Rosie, Buddy and Coquette are the biggest problems, biggest is the optimum word here.  Buddy isn't as "fluffy" as the 2 girls, but he would be if he could get hold of more food.  I think you could probably put the 2 girls in a dry lot and feed them each 2 pounds of hay a day and they still would be fat.  Coquette was checked for insulin resistance and Cushings and she doesn't appear to be either.  A good friend runs a donkey sanctuary in Colorado and she says she has one like that.  She says the jenny is healthy, just fat and she's tried all sorts of things to get the weight off, and nothing works.  So she doesn't worry about it, maybe that's what we should do.  Hopefully they will slim down this winter, but next summer we'll have the same problem...........SIGH!

I have some pictures and information I need to print up for the Car Show Saturday, and am tracking my new printer, that is suppose to be on it's way from Canada.  This morning it is in Illinois, I'd like to think it's on it's way to Phoenix, but it hasn't moved since last night.  I have a feeling it isn't going to get here in time for me to use it before Saturday. 

Sunday, October 02, 2016



As far as the donkeys daily routine, except for Miss Penny, who is still in the pen area 24/7.  The others are coming in to eat and going out when they finish, or whenever we get around to letting them out.  Penny has access to 3 or 4 pens except at feeding time, so she isn't being very mistreated, although I would imagine she would disagree.  

It's amazing, when the donkeys were only being allowed over in Burroland for a couple of hours a day, we had to go over and literally go in the brush after them, one or two at a time usually.  Now that they are back to being able to go where they want, when they want, John rings the bell and they come in and go in their pens.  Probably some kind of a power struggle, and us humans don't know the rules........LOL

Last night got down to 48 degrees, which makes for really nice sleeping weather.  John didn't turn on the fan, wonder why........????  Today really looks like fall, rather dreary and lots of clouds.  It would have been a good day to make chili or vegetable soup, both of which I don't "do" in the summer.  But it's just about time to start thinking seriously about changing over to cool weather "eats".

We are getting ready for the car show in Benson next week-end.  Originally we were taking the 1966 Bronco, my Dodge Neon race car and our grandson is bringing his Late Model race car out from Tucson.  Now our good friend Larry is bringing out his Camaro Pro Stock race car.  So there will be 4 of us in the car show.  They usually have quite a few cars at these shows.  John won a trophy with the Bronco years ago, don't even remember what class he was in.
Our grandson's Late Model

Larry's car is the 09 Camaro

I even got some discount tickets from the track to hand out if people are interested in coming to the races.  Should be fun of course we all enjoy showing off our cars.  They have food vendors and and I head straight for the Indian Fry Bread......YUM!!!  Someone else can watch my car........LOL

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

HUMANS WIN...........YEA.......!!

Well at least for now.  No more minis finding a way into Burroland.  Actually they are getting more time over there, so maybe it's not as important to them, as when they were absolutely sure they were being mistreated.

They are up to the gate being opened at 3pm, which gives them 2 hours.........well not counting the time it takes us to find them, round them up and actually manage to get them thru the gate.  Depending on their frame of mind, that can take quite awhile, especially when you are following 3, they go thru a brushy area and only 2 come out.  What do you do, continue following the 2, to the gate and go back for the other one?  Or take a chance on losing the 2 while you try to find the other one?  This isn't a hypothetical story......LOL  Justin was the culprit and later on managed to get over to the pen area without any of us catching him.  

I guess the flies this time of year are desperate to complete their life cycle, there sure a lot of them, in spite of the fly traps and predators.   The nights are cooling off quite a bit, but not enough to kill them off I guess.  

So we're still doctoring, especially legs because of the stable flies.  This morning I gave up and wrapped one of Quilla's front legs.  His legs below the knees are bare of hair, because of 9 years of neglect before he came here.  So every summer he is a daily doctoring effort.  I was hoping we could get into fall without having to wrap, but, as bad as the flies are there is nothing topically to put on that will keep them off all day.  

John and I have been doing POO #101 looking for beans and they aren't eating very many.  The trees have dropped almost all the pods, and the pods below the trees have been rained on and have turned an ugly brown headed for black.  I assume that they aren't very tasty at this stage.  So the donkeys are eating lots of weeds.  Over the next few days we'll let them out a little earlier each day until we get up to noon.  That will give them 5 hours over there and if that goes OK, will probably start letting them over there at night too.  

Miss Penny has been in the pen area for over a week now and is doing just fine.  Although I must say she isn't nearly as friendly as she was when she was in the hay barn.  We have a game going, if she wants a treat from me, she has to let me touch her forehead.  No "touchie", no treat.  So far the score is about 1 to many.  You would think all that time in the barn, when we waited on her hand and foot, would have helped her decide that we are nice people that like donkeys, but guess not....!! 

John's doing fine after his seed implant.  He saw one of his doctors this week and was told that in the near future the seed implants will probably not be covered by insurance and will only be available to those that can pay for it.  I guess the insurance companies are deciding it is too expensive considering how many men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Welcome to the future, of socialized medicine.  It's not that the seeds are better than external radiation.  But the overall dosage of radiation is lower over a longer period of time, which makes less side effects the guy has to put up with some of which are really unpleasant and can be permanent.  

Haven't went back to the dirt track to try to help get it ready for practice in Oct. and racing starting in Jan.   Was going this last week-end, but the guy in charge called and said they weren't going to work.  I'm not having a real good feeling about whether they will be able to get things going in a timely manner, at this rate.  

The way the last 2 races at the asphalt track went I would have probably finished in 5th and possibly even 4th.  The top 3 cars were strong and finished well.  But the other 3 cars in 3rd to 6th either ran poorly or in one case the guy fell off a ladder and was running around in the pits in a cervical collar for a broken neck.  Of course I could have crash and burned too............LOL

Friday, September 23, 2016


How much help does John need?

At least the little monsters haven't figured out how to get back over to Burroland so far.  So I guess John WON......!!!  But it wasn't easy.......LOL

The gate to Burroland is just to the left up the bank.  BlackJack and Frijolita are patiently waiting for it to open.  Buddy is up on the bank pacing back and forth.

Last night when John and I went over to do round up and Doug was on stand-by on this side, they were really uncooperative.  I found them in the NE corner, got them going in the right direction and lost sight of them, when a couple peeled off to circle back.  Use to if you got them headed for the gate, they would keep going and go thru the gate on their own.  Times have changed I guess, Doug never saw them, I guess they stayed farther north.  They ended up in the SW corner where John was working.  

As I was headed that direction, I thought I heard a person moaning and groaning.  It was hard to tell, there was a herd of about 15 cows and calves standing at the closed gate to the road, mooing and complaining because the gate was closed, I guess.  Either that or they were rooting for John or the donkeys, not sure which.  When I got down there to compare stories and figure out who we were missing, John said he had fallen over a stick and thinks he broke a rib.  

Hasn't changed his mind this morning.  Unless ribs are really broke, there isn't much they can do about them, so he's going to play with it over the week-end and see how it is Monday.  I offered to wrap him with an Ace bandage, but he refused.  Probably smart thing to do, I've never wrapped a human rib cage before.........LOL

Thursday, September 22, 2016

5 - 0 and so it continues

I'm really finding this entertaining.  John, not so much.  After this morning's escape, he gathered up his fence, pipe, wire, t-posts etc and prepared to do battle.  I had to go to town, so I left John and Doug busy doing fence.  

This is a picture I took before Doug came to help and I left for town.  John has plenty of help including Gizmo, the mule.
When I got back John was on his tractor moving gravel and said he wish he'd had a camera after they got the fence fixed temporarily on this end and were on the other end fixing it.  

John said he looked up and Lynn was halfway thru the fence and held it up long enough for Cheyenne to squeeze thru.  He said they looked like they didn't think it was a big deal......well until John went over and ran them back.  Doug was the gate keeper and I guess he had more help that he wanted from the rest of them trying to get thru the gate from this side.  

After they got it fixed, the guys sat in the golf cart to see what would happen.  I would imagine they were wondering if it was going to keep the munchkins on this side.  John said Lynn walked up and started pushing and shoving and sticking her head thru.  She did that for quite awhile and then he said she walked the complete wash, very slowly, looking for weak spots.  Guess she didn't find any, they finally wandered off.  Heh, heh..........John thinks he's got them beat, but I'm not betting the farm on his thoughts..LOL

The guys played in the 12 ton gravel pile and got Penny's pen ready for her to move.  John said she was an absolute pill, she didn't want a halter on and wasn't going to have it.  She reared up and stomped John's toes with both front feet.  Wasn't my toes, so I thought it was pretty funny.  She wouldn't go into the "squeeze" and in general not cooperative at all.  She's not the most grateful animal on the planet, that's for sure. 

He got her moved and then they used the gravel to fill in low spots in some of the other pens.  The raining season is over for awhile, but when we were getting rain, low spots showed up really well as mud holes.  John hasn't even made a dent in the pile yet. 

12 ton doesn't look like much, but I bet John will be glad when it's gone......!!!


Just chased Lynn back over, the others hadn't escaped yet.  I have to go to town, so "it's not my circus"....... I'm curious to see what is next............!!!!   LOL