Thursday, January 19, 2017


With Lynn and Linda here, we can take off for a few days and they will take care of the donkeys.  There is a big stock car race at Lake Havasau on the west side of Arizona, almost in California.  Some of the guys that race at Tucson Speedway are going over to see if they can keep up with the locals at that track.  We're suppose to meet them in the morning and we'll all travel together.  I think we're the only ones going without a race car and trailer, they don't race Hornets there.   We're just going to be nosy and I'll be the rooting section for Tucson, I guess...........!!!!

Thanks Susan

Got this picture today, of Ruger and Wister in their new forever home.  I'm sure they are really enjoying all that green grass. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Lynn and Linda have been busy since they got back.  Between dogs and donkeys and all the other stuff going on around here, we all stay pretty busy.

Lynn and Linda still want to do Burro Pack Racing next summer when they go back to Colorado. They brought Leddy their donkey down with them, so they could continue "training".  Since they've been here they've been eye balling Justin one of the minis.  

A few days after they got here Linda said she'd like to see what Justin could do.  First thing was to get a halter on him.  We usually don't halter them unless there is a reason, and there hasn't been a reason to halter him in a long time.......!!!  LOL  

Got that crisis over and he did pretty good around the driveway, so she decided to take him out on the road.  Hmmm..........


If you will notice Leddy is lined up to go out the gate without a halter on.  Justin is lined up to NOT go out the gate and does have a halter on.  Obviously there is a problem.......!!  She finally got him out and he really seemed to enjoy getting out and about once the initial "indecision" was over.  

They've been out 3 or 4 times and he's really progressing.


 Lynn and Justin trekking down the wash.  


He's a willing little guy, Lynn goes he follows........!!!  Thanks for the videos Linda

The standard or Mammoth donkeys have to wear a saddle and carry 33 pounds.  But the minis race au natural, no saddle and no weight.  We'll see how it goes, Justin might have a job this summer........LOL  

Of course John is working like a fiend trying to get my race car ready for the 28th of January.  There are so many little bits and pieces to be put on the car, other than just the engine and transmission.  Of course once he gets to the engine, tranny level, all the other little picky stuff should be done and if the engine runs and the tranny shifts, then it will be on to paint and the fun stuff.  Right now he isn't having much fun.  If he doesn't get it done the world will not come to an end and I can race the asphalt car on the dirt.  BUT I'd really rather not and he'd rather I didn't either.  Too much of a chance to get it banged up on the dirt.   

Lynn still has quite a bit of painting to do on his car too.  It doesn't even have numbers on it, which will be pretty important, if our cars look alike.  That would drive the lap counters crazy.......!!  It will be bad enough that he will be running #12 to my #21........!!  I don't think he will be running the X though. 

This afternoon Lynn and John are out in the big wash cutting on a huge tree that fell into the wash last winter.  It's on our property, but not a fenced area and we've been afraid someone would find it and cut it up for wood.  Since we heat with wood and it's on our property, the guys are going to salvage as much of it as they can. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Yesterday we went to practice at the dirt track.  Unfortunately John has a lot of work in order to get the new dirt track car ready to race the 28th of January, in other words he has about 2 weeks to get it ready.  

I said I wouldn't run the asphalt Dodge Neon on the dirt, but John insisted, so we loaded it up and hauled it to the track.  What a come down from road racer to asphalt circle track, to wet slick slimy mud............. poor car.  

I have to say it handles as well on the dirt as it does on the asphalt, it is a very nice handling car.  I brought it home in the same condition it was when we left the house, well except for mud all underneath that will have to be cleaned out before I put it on the asphalt.  They would absolutely have a hissy fit, if I went out there and dropped dirt all over their track..........LOL

My car is on the left and Lynn's car is on the right.  They ran out of time to get it painted and numbered.  He had never been on a track, and really did good.  We got to go out on the track 4 times I think, and after the 1st time, he tried following me on the track.  I'm not sure that's a real good idea, but he said it helped him, where to be on the track and he stayed pretty close to me.  Next thing he'll be passing me.........LOL

Lynn and John attempting to untangle a tie down strap.  They finally threw it in the back of the pick-up and decided the car had enough tie downs on it.  It must really be tangled, because I heard "throw away" mentioned a couple of times and those things are costly. .  

We got a little rain overnight and most of the morning.  This is one of our 2 annual rainy seasons, so it's appreciated.  

The donkeys "hate" getting wet.  Last week a woman and her daughter came out to groom and wanted to come out again this morning and bring family.  They did come out, but not to groom as the donkeys would have really been grumpy.  But they did enjoy having company.  Last week 13 year old Olivia the daughter made a connection with Penny, who usually doesn't want to be touched by anyone.  The relationship continued this week.  Really amazing to watch Penny actually enjoy being with people.  

Unfortunately Olivia's cousin was messing with Boaz and he clamped down on one of her fingers.  It didn't break the skin, but it did compress the tissue and I'm sure was really painful.  We put ice on it and it started feeling better.  She's a horse person too, so I'm not sure what happened.  We never feed treats when people are here to visit and the donkeys are out of their pens, but if her finger was sticking up, while she was playing with his muzzle, he might have thought it was a carrot.  

Thanks for the picture, Linda

This is Gizmo and Lola enjoying a drink together.  Lola is hyper, I think that's why they got along together........!!   Linda says she has attention deficient disorder..........LOL

Kris says Gizmo's actually roaming around with the girls and he helped her clean the pens.  I'm sure his help was really appreciated, but he does like to be where the action is and doesn't seem to care if you appreciate his efforts or not................!!

This is the latest pic Kris sent of Gizmo with the girl's

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HOW CUTE IS THIS........!!!

Gizmo and his new little friend, a relative of Kris'. They were closing the gate and Kris said he really seemed to like the little one. 

She also said her dogs are very confused.  They are in the yard behind a wall.  All the dogs can see are 2 little ears sticking above the wall, when Gizmo goes back and forth, which I would imagine he does quite often.   

Sounds like he's enjoying his new home and they are enjoying him.  

Waiting to hear from the people interested in Ruger and Wister.  I think the man is out of town this week.  We will be busy Saturday, we are suppose to take the 2 dirt cars to the dirt track for practice.  

That's all well and good, except my car has a bad engine hanging out of the front of it, that needs to be replaced with a good engine.  In other words, it's not going to make a Saturday call.  Lynn's car is ready and we'll take my asphalt car for the practice.  John isn't happy about all the mud he'll probably have to clean out from under it, BUT, they have completely redone the Hornet track, so I need to go see what they've done before actually racing.  

Last night Lynn and I took the cars out for a run on the dirt road between our house and the main road.  That's the 1st time Lynn has driven it, actually it's about the 1st time anyone has driven it.  He came back, said it was fun.  We all decided I should drive it to make sure it was handling well.

YIKES, it didn't take but a second for me to figure out the front end needs some attention, badly.  I came back and gave John my report, he seemed to think I was exaggerating, so I told him to give it a try.    When he came back he said the front end needs some attention........LOL  So hopefully he can figure it out before Saturday.  It's driveable, but it would be very distracting to race, although he can practice.  It will teach him to deal with diversity......LOL 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


We loaded Gizmo and headed to Kris and Jim's place yesterday afternoon.  Gizmo wasn't real thrilled about a trailer ride, but I do think he was a little better about getting in the trailer, than when we picked him up last spring up in Show Low.  He almost took John for a "ski" ride, John was in the trailer and Gizmo didn't want to go in the trailer.  John hung onto the rope, managed to fly out of the trailer, land on his feet and get Gizmo to slow down, before the rope went thru his hand.  And didn't get any rope burns in the process, a good reason to use cotton leads.  You would think by this time, we would have learned to wear gloves when working with ropes, but..........guess not..........!!!  

Kris put him in his stall between PoohBear on the left and Reba on the right.  You can tell how upset he was, Kris only treats in the feed buckets and he was enjoying black sunflower seeds and could have cared less about the girls on either side.  We warned them, that he is mouthy.  Everyone here except me, carries animal crackers in their pockets and Gizmo was well aware of that.  So he would use his mouth to get the point across, not the teeth, he just nibbled with his lips.  And of course was usually rewarded with a cookie.........GRRRRRR........!!!   That is all going to be discontinued, there will be RULES at Kris' barn........LOL

This is Reba, she's about 34 years old, kinda showing her age, but all in all looks pretty good.

This is Pooh, she is a Haflinger mule, really pretty and is the equine in charge, I can't tell you how unimpressed Gizmo was.........LOL

After a meet and great, Kris let them out of their pens.  He was so busy being nosy, he wasn't paying any attention, except when Pooh got closer than he wanted her, then he'd just move a little faster.  She'd gripe and kick up her heels, but seemed to be real careful to not actually make contact.  She was just showing him who's boss.  

Kris sent this picture this morning.  I don't think he's use to having an observer while he's eating, but it doesn't seem to bother him.  Probably not as much as the cat was bothered when it came in from a day of doing cat stuff, and finding "this" in the barn.  

Seemed to go well, they were talking about maybe getting a cart, which would be really good for him.  He needs a job to keep him busy. 

Sunday, January 08, 2017


Reba enjoying her wonderful foster home - Thanks Kris

Gizmo is going into a mule foster home.  Kris likes mules and fostered Rusty and Reba for over a year before Rusty had to be euthanized.  She still had Ruthie her original mule that lost her horse companion, which was the reason for Rusty and Reba going to live there.  She also added another old molly mule, so Rusty had quite a harem his last few months. 

Kris called me last week to tell me Ruthie had to be put down.  She had a hard life and her knees were really bad.  She started having problems and when they x-rayed her knees one of them had what I assume is bone cancer.  Her last years with Kris and Jim didn't make up for the earlier abuse, but she couldn't have had a better retirement home.  

For some reason Kris wants to complicate her life and add Gizmo to the mix, as a foster........LOL  I didn't hide anything, I told her he is in your face and a busy nosy little guy.  She ran it past Jim and he said they'd try it.  Keep your fingers crossed, it would be a wonderful home for him............if he can behave himself, long enough to ingratiate himself into the inner circle at their place.........  And Kris is a perfect candidate as a "foster failure"............!!!!  LOL

Friday, January 06, 2017


John and I went into Benson yesterday afternoon and when we got home, Lynn and Linda had already parked their RV in their spot.  They had quite an audience, most of the donkeys were standing and gawking at the whole process and their donkey Leddy was standing at the front of the herd.  

Doug had to put a fence around his RV to have any privacy at all.  They use to all but climb the steps to see why he wasn't coming out to play.  L and L might have to do something like that, if they want to have any privacy at all... LOL  When they set up in November, the donkeys kept pretty close tabs on what they were doing in that "thing".  

Their 3 dogs ran up to the car when we came in  and Lennon jumped right in like he was ready to go for a ride.  They seem to think we are part of their family, Lola started picking up sticks for me to throw.  She is a typical cattle dog and thinks fetching sticks is her job and can get really insistent about you throwing sticks.  Lynn finally started picking her sticks up and throwing them on the hood of their truck.  She didn't care, she just found another stick.   

Poor Saddik was beside himself, he was in the pen and they weren't.  We usually let Saddik out while we're doing chores and he comes back when he hears John running the leaf shredder to cut up hay for the donkeys that have trouble chewing.   Night before last he didn't come in, until it was dark, John was through and had come in the house.  That gets him "pen" arrest for a few days to think about it.  I don't think he spends much thought process on the problem unfortunately.  But he does usually behave for quite awhile afterwards.  He's such a smart dog, I wish he'd figure out that if he doesn't come in, he doesn't go out.  If you get stern with him, he just wiggles his tail and shows no remorse at all.  We started keeping him in the pen last year, when they were here, because he and Lucy their 3rd dog took off and were gone almost all day.  That was after they had taken off before and not come back for a couple of hours.

Some of you long term readers might remember Ruger and Wister the brothers.  Wister was born here on Christmas Day in 2012.  Ruger came in with his Mom and Dad and Ruthie was PG with Wister at the time.  

Boaz is still here, Ruthie is in a foster home and the boys have been in a foster home for almost 2 years.  It looks like they might be getting a permanent forever home.  What is really weird is the family that is fostering them now, are friends with the family that might adopt them.  But neither knew of the others involvement with us or the boys.  I found out there was a good home out there looking for a nice pair of donkeys and I threw these 2 boys into the pot.  There's actually another pair, a jenny and gelding from another rescue that are being discussed too.  It sounds like a wonderful home, so hopefully friendship will give us the inside line, if it's as good a home as it sounds.  

I love this time of year, no doctoring and no fly masks.  Well no doctoring, except for Miss Penny and her smelly mouth.  Her mouth hasn't smelled since about the 2nd day of antibiotics.  BUT, she is not a fan of antibiotics, believe me that is an understatement.  With antibiotics once you start them, the bare minimum time to give them is 5 days, 7-10 is much better.  Saturday the 7th will be the 10th day and we can't wait until it gets here.  

We've just been throwing the SMZs in her mush and keeping track of how many of them disappear.  Some feedings she does pretty good, maybe 1 or 2 left.  John was doing pretty good getting her to take the leftovers with animal crackers, but she finally figured out what was going on and refused to even take a "naked" animal cracker from him.  One morning she left 6 out of 8 tablets..... SIGH......!!!  So I threw 14 in her evening mush and they were all gone.  John even checks the ground to make sure she hasn't figured out how to hide them.  

It wouldn't be so bad, but she looks like you like the picture of her in the last blog page, and you can just about read her mind, "you people think you are putting something over on me, and you might get some of those pills down me, BUT, I'm watching you and you better be at the top of your game, or I'll outsmart you, and not even blink".  SMZs have very little taste, early on I tried grounding them into a powder and mixing them with molasses.  She wouldn't even go close to the feed pan.  Maybe she doesn't like molasses, who knows.  I have other flavors I could try with her, BUT, have a feeling it would be a waste of SMZs..........LOL

Saturday, December 31, 2016

GOODBYE 2016 - HELLO 2017

This was so cute I couldn't resist, thanks Christine @ Equine Well Being

Well today was a lot of fun.  Dr. Jeremy came out to see why Penny's mouth was smelly again.  She had a smelly mouth when she went up to the clinic in Gilbert, and when they did the colic surgery, Dr. Voss prowled around in her mouth and pulled an infected tooth.

John told me a few days ago her mouth was stinking again, so I called for an appointment.  In the meantime Dr. Jeremy had me start her on antibiotics twice a day.  Let me say working with Penny is NOT easy.  She will hurt you if she can, however she can, front feet, back feet, using her head as a battering ram.  So in order to get 8 ground up pills down her throat, we put her in the squeeze and then try to line up a syringe and plunge the molasses and pills in before she explodes.  The 1st time isn't too bad, by the 2nd time she's figured out some evasive actions to try, and by the 3rd time she's really thought up some new ideas...........LOL  I'm not sure, but think she cracked my wrist yesterday morning.  I've got it wrapped, which is probably what the doctor would do, so I'll save the time and effort.  We decided to try and see if we could get them down her one at a time, with animal cracker pieces.  I tried last night and after 6 she said no.  But this morning she took all 8 for John.  Her mouth is already smelling much better, but I still wanted her looked at.

 This is her cooperative stance...........Thanks, Doug

We warned Dr. Jeremy, got her into the squeeze and he decided to just drug her, rather than try to work with her.  Good idea, except she is still difficult.  They were doing pretty good, with her drugged and him running his hands around inside her mouth.  Until she crunched down on a finger, a bloody finger by the time he got it away from her.  Good news, it isn't broken.............LOL  I think that's our 1st wounded vet over the years, which is pretty good, although I'm sure he didn't appreciate being the 1st one.  

Good news, he didn't find any really loose teeth, or any cracked ones.  Her jaw has been broken, so her teeth aren't really lined like they should be and are crooked.  She packs food around them, so hopefully if it's anything other than just rotting feed, hopefully the antibiotics will take care of it.  He said if it happens again, he'll put her completely out and x-ray her jaws, so we have a better idea what we are messing with.  Hopefully that won't be necessary, but if it is, at least he has an idea of what direction to go.

As usual, as the days pass and the the year's come to an end, there are changes, some good and some not so good.  But that is part of life and every day should be seen as a gift.  Many people complain about getting old, but think of the many people in your life, that didn't have the privilege of a long life.  

Seems like this year we've lost many friends and relatives, and the vast majority weren't "old".  I know it's part of the kaleidoscope of life, people are lost and people are added.  Just lost a good friend from the race track a couple of days ago.  Don and his brother Allen drove one of the push trucks at the dirt track and moved over to the asphalt when the dirt track closed.  I'd either wander over to their truck or they would drive where I was, and we'd talk for a few minutes.  Nothing earth shattering, they just liked to be involved in racing and always liked to talk and seemed to enjoy watching me race.  

Don had been sick for quite sometime and hadn't been able to come out to the track.  I'd ask Allen about him, and he'd just shake his head.  Sixty years old isn't very old, although as they say, "the good die young" and he was a very good man.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that 2017 is a great year for health and happiness. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Well at least by donkey standards. 

Of course they weren't very appreciative because it was past their time to get out after breakfast and they get rather vocal when that happens.  Usually it's because of a tour coming, I didn't hear them complaining while the truck and squeeze were here, so maybe they did enjoy seeing all that hay in one place, before it went behind a fence, in the hay barn.

I don't think Leddy has an abscess.  For the last couple of days, he's been walking almost without a limp.  On Christmas Day, he managed to behave like a real ASS, when I tried to look at his foot.  John had said he was walking much better and I walked up to him like I do most of our guys and picked up his foot..........Hmmmmm..........guess he's not a casual type of guy.  He wiggled, and squirmed, and backed up, in general acted like a brat.  OK, I asked John to bring a hoof pick because I saw something in the valley along side the frog that looked like foreign material, maybe a stick?  While John was gone  to get the hoof pick, I picked up his foot again and he dropped his shoulder like he was going to fall.  This is an old trick they use when they don't want to pick up the foot.  The answer is to hang onto the foot and unless they are really determined, they will usually quit before they actually go down.  I held on long enough to get my point across, so he kicked back with a hind foot.  I let him know I didn't really appreciate that behavior, just about then John got back with the hoof pick, and I sent him back for a halter, and lead.

Put those on, John held him, I picked up the foot and he kicked back again.  He wasn't kicking at me, he was using an evasive behavior he has learned sometime earlier in his life, that made people leave him alone.

So we moved on to the "redneck" squeeze, that is permanently set up in Gigi's pen.  She isn't always a lady in her behavior either.  LOL  We got him in, and he preceded to have a donkey meltdown.  Our son Rod and Lisa here here and Doug was out with us, so he had quite an audience.  He huffed and puffed, and lunged and dug at the ground with his bad foot.  Must not have been bothering him very badly after all...........LOL   We all just stood around and watched him like we'd paid for the show.

He finally ran out of steam, and besides sweating like he'd been working hard and flaring nostrils while he tried to get his breath, seemed to have given up the fight.  Lisa and her 1st husband use to rope, not my idea of fun, but that's what they did.  Since she was more equine trained than any of the others, and also could probably move faster than John if necessary. she took one side and I the other and we rubbed all over his body.  His behavior was much improved......!!!

I'm thinking he might have stepped on one of our many rocks on the property and got a stone bruise.  He's improving everyday and is just barely limping now.  Who knows, maybe all that digging in the dirt to show his displeasure was a good thing..........LOL  

Lynn and Linda are on the road, they've got places to stop between here and California, so it will be a few days before they get here.  I told them about their "fur" child's melt down this morning.  When they get here, we'll have to do some training.  He's not a bad boy, he's just been allowed to get away with behavior that isn't allowed.  He needs to see them as leaders, not as "buddies", so we'll see if we can fix that little problem.  He's really a mellow fellow, so it shouldn't take much to smooth off the rough edges, so to speak.  Guess we'll find out........!!!!

One of their stops will be in Oatman, Arizona, on old Route 66, where the wild burros roam all over the city, much to the delight of the tourists.  I'm sure they will really enjoy seeing all the donkeys mugging for the people. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016



After tomorrow hopefully the stores will return to normalcy,. and stop trying to get people to spend more than they should.  Well actually I guess they do that year round, but this time of year, they really push for lots of spending.  There was a spot on TV the other day about the best way to return unwanted gifts.  Really?  Christmas isn't even here and people are thinking about gift rejection.  

We spent 10 years in Saudi Arabia, where we couldn't even have a bible or Christmas tree, and that gave us time to reflect on what Christmas is about.  Oklahoma in 1907 was the last state to recognize Christmas as a holiday.  Alabama was the 1st in 1836.  For 100's of years people had celebrated Christmas, in their own way, for their own reasons.  Somehow I don't think the primary objective was to buy presents for people, for them to return to the store.  

Well I guess that's my little rant against the commercialization of Christmas, now on to donkey stuff.  Well maybe a slight diversion.  Linda e-mailed yesterday from California and said they are about done.  She also sent a picture that shows just how close to done they are.  

Can't sell trees, if you don't have trees to sell...............LOL  That's a good thing.

Not sure when they will get back here, they plan on going thru Las Vegas to visit Linda's grandmother and might find some other places to see and do on the way.  

Unfortunately this morning I had to e-mail them that Leddy their donkey is 3 legged lame.  I noticed yesterday he was favoring a front foot, this morning he's just barely putting it on the ground.  I hate abscesses, until they pop they are elusive and impossible to find and treat.  You can soak the foot, the idea being to soften the hoof and sole, so the infection can get out easier.  But the jury is out on if that actually helps to quicken the process.  He is moving around, staying with the "herd" and I think most people that have dealt with abscesses agree, movement helps to hurry the process.  Once the abscess gets to the surface, or gets close enough that you can get reaction by pushing on the hoof or coronet, or sole, it can be opened up, which gives them instant relief.  So far I haven't gotten any reaction.  A vet or farrier usually have testers, which is a torture tool, to clamp on different areas of the foot, and hopefully get a reaction at the spot where the abscess is trying to get out.  Then they can use a knife to open it up.  

As usual animals get sick on week-ends or holidays, Christmas coming on Sunday, makes it a double header, I guess.  But I'm not sure at this stage testers would even find it, so we'll give it a couple of days and see how it goes.  

Everybody else seems to be doing good. Unfortunately we had a wind storm a week or so ago, and Rosie's shelter paid the price.  

Making shelters out of pallets and cattle panels, covered with tarps, might work good where the sun doesn't rot the tarps in a couple of months.  This is the 2nd tarp that's been on this shelter. We had talked about using fiberglass panels to cover it, just hadn't gotten around to it, BUT, I think we've decided to go ahead and take down the cattle panels, and make it into a shelter like the others.  

Rosie is a wood eater, she doesn't crib, she actually eats wood.  So I hope John will agree to use pipe instead of 4x4's for the uprights.  Otherwise our little beaver girl will probably have them chewed up in no time.  

We moved her to an open pen, which is always traumatic.  They know their pens and will fight to get back in it, when you are trying to introduce them to the new pen.  She does enjoy having a shelter, and has one in the new pen.  But that doesn't mean anything when the, stupid people are trying to put her in a pen, that isn't hers.  It's always fun to watch their minds work, keeps us on our toes.  BlackJack is about the only one that won't fight for his pen.  He's been moved around so much, by the second move, he's fine with it.  

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and that you get to celebrate it in your own way.  Hopefully you won't feel obligated to return any gifts you receive.   LOL