Saturday, November 18, 2017


When Lynn and Linda are here the pace picks up, and we try to keep up..........LOL  The guys are    working on Leddy's shelter.  It was Leo's shelter, but for some reason Leo decided he didn't want to go into that pen.  Have no idea what happened, it would take 2 or more people to get him in there and that was after circling the pen area a couple of times.  Leddy doesn't care , so they just traded pens and it's working. 

We had planned on putting a shelter in that pen, got the boards the day we went to the Pecan Festival, but things had been busy.  They started yesterday and should have it pretty well done today.  Had to go to town to get things John forget to put on the list.  That always seems to happen, no matter how nice a list he makes, there's  something that get forgotten.

 Of course there is always extra help, I think this is Leddy trying to figure out what in the world they are doing to his pen. 

Looks like Pepsi thinks they need his help also.  I'm pretty sure they don't.

We have a problem, actually we have 2 problems that we've not had before.  One of them is really not much of a surprise.  Boaz has always been the head gelding, and there hasn't been anyone that challenged him.  While Boaz was gone to Colorado this summer Joe one of the 3 that are boarding, while their family gets a house built, took over the job.  They have squabbled ever since Boaz came back, up to and including bloody ears, hair patches missing, and one bitten tallywacker.  Poor Boaz, Joe really knows how to hurt a guy..........!!!    The yelling and wrestling is dying down, so I guess they are figuring it out.  Not sure who won, maybe they will share the duties, although Boaz is usually pretty sure of his position.  If he is let out of his pen first he runs to Joe's gate and they scream at each other, I guess telling the other one what they will do when that gate is opened. 

The other problem is with Don Juan one of the other boarders.  Just in the last couple of days he has been terrorizing and actually biting and slamming Gigi around.  He's not acting like a jack trying to breed, he's just acting like an overbearing jerk.  He's had her trapped in her pen, which to her is her safe place.  He's also had her in a shelter up against the wall.  If he's out and she's in her pen, he'll go to her gate, like he's waiting until she comes out, so he can get her.  Very weird........!!!  The 1st time he did it, I had to break it up and he tried to ignore me, he was so focused on her.  I had a 5 foot long flexible rod, and even using his butt as a target 4 or 5 times didn't faze him.  All this time he had hold of  her neck and wouldn't let go.  I finally whacked his butt harder than I wanted to and he let go and I could run him off.  

As long as this is going on they won't be out at the same time, last night he stayed in the pens, today Gigi is staying in the pens.  She's already crippled, she doesn't need all that banging around and biting.  

Linda took this video of Penny following Lynn to her pen.  She knew there were cookies when she got there, and was more than willing to up the pace......!!!  

It's about time for Lynn and Linda to head for California to sell Christmas trees.  They are taking Saddik the dog and also Doug is going with them to work as security at the tree lot.   So it will be just John and me for about a month.  They almost took our poo picker, I guess they have quite a few young men working for them and it would have been good money for him.  But he has family obligations for the holidays and decided not to go.  Whew!  If he had gone, not only would it just be John and I for chores, but we'd have poo to do too.........!!!  LOL  We could do it but it's been quite awhile since we done both and probably would take us a lot longer.  

They plan on leaving Monday, then I guess John and I will have a "pity party"..........!!  LOL  When they come back after Christmas we are going to try to participate in the Tucson Rodeo Parade the 22nd of February.  We plan on taking 4 donkeys, although I signed up for 5, just in case someone else wants to participate.  If they do, Quilla is in waiting.  BlackJack will carry the banner with Forever Home on it.  The other 3 will be Lynn and Linda's donkeys with their pack saddles.  If there is another person that wants to participate, we have a pack saddle for Quilla.  You have to dress old fashioned, John has his miner costumes, but I don't have anything and Lynn and Linda when they do burro pack racing, wear minimal clothes, shorts and tank tops.  So I guess we'll have to go find some miner clothes. 


Sunday, November 12, 2017


We're all staying busy, Lynn's been cutting firewood for a neighbor, today he and John are at her place, splitting said wood.  Don't know how long they will be gone, once Lynn gets started on a project he stays with it.  He cut that huge tree down in a day, John had been looking at it for years and saying he needed to start cutting on it.  He would have cut off a big limb and been satisfied till we needed more wood.  Lynn saw the tree, and once John said it needed to be cut down, the poor tree didn't have a chance......LOL

The donkeys are enjoying having them back, Linda usually brushes on them every morning before they go out of their pens.  And of course there is always the required animal crackers.  I think everyone is being a little stingy with the crackers.  Dr. Jeremy was rather judgmental of our animal cracker regime, which consists of you see a donkey mouth and it gets a cookie, so everyone is trying to cut back.  I think Penny is still getting what she thinks is her fair share, especially at night when they go out of their pens at bedtime.  She is persistent and will run up behind John, stick her head under his arm and start pushing his arm up and keeps at it, until he gives her a cookie.  Once the cookie is eaten, she will do it again.  

Bryan sent a picture of Casper having breakfast.  Bryan still hasn't worked with him, but I'm sure Casper is enjoying having friends on both sides of him, unfortunately the pen looks "Casper" proof for escape..!!    LOL

Linda took this picture a couple of days ago.  This is the most important building on the property...........THE FEED ROOM.!!  They all know this is where good things come from.  Doug was standing by the door and they were trying to get him to give them treats.  

This is Miss Pennypacker and her friend Coquette.  Someone must be in the feed room and Penny is trying to get the point across that she would like a cookie.  For a donkey that probably never had many treats in her life, she's has certainly learned the art of begging and is making up for lost time.  

Yesterday we went on an adventure.  Lynn and Linda went with us to the Pecan Festival in Sahuarita.  They have it every year and advertise as the largest pecan coop in the world.  

This was the band area, they had food trucks and tractor pulls, wagon rides thru the orchards, and of course lots and lots of assorted pecan items to sell.  I think they had 4 gigantic jumping castles for the kids.  The news this morning said there was over 20,000 people there and I believe it.  It really was nicely organized, but they needed more people to take money, it seemed there were lines everywhere.  John stood in line to buy some pecans for me, he's such a nice guy..............sometimes.....!!  LOL  He said they only had 5 registers going and the line looked like a snake, curling back and forth 2 or 3 times.  They charged $5 to park your car, in an area probably 40 acres, and it was pretty full.  

They had a little petting zoo, with 2 cute little mini donkeys. 

It was in the high 80's yesterday, I hope this squirrel survived without having a heat stroke. Lynn, Linda and  John had just got a hug and the squirrel was headed for me..........!!

Years ago John and I went, and it wasn't nearly that big.  We parked in the parking lot, no charge, went in and could look at all the pecan items, but over the years I guess it's become a happening.  I can't imagine how many people it took to get it set up.  That's just one tent in the picture above, there were probably 3 or 4 more, huge tents too. 

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and a lot of the businesses give discounts, so we took the stock trailer (made parking fun, but at least they didn't charge us extra for taking up 2 spaces at the pecan festival.........LOL) and after the Pecan Festival we went to Home Depot to get Leo's shelter material.  The stock trailer is great for hauling boards and plywood, you don't have to tie it down and unless you need to use the trailer, it's a great place to store it.  Lynn and Linda are leaving for California to sell Christmas trees around the 20th of November.  They will be taking all 4 dogs and Doug is going with them and will be working on the tree lot as security.  I don't know if the shelter will be up before they leave.  This time of year the weather is usually pretty good, doesn't usually rain until after Christmas, so shelter isn't really necessary........hopefully.  

So I guess John and I will be on our own until after Christmas, for the 1st time in about 4 years.  We also might be losing our poo picker, heard this morning he might be going back to Ohio.  If that happens we will be busy busy until the gang gets back.   

Tuesday, November 07, 2017


 Thanks for the pictures Linda...!!

They rolled in Sunday afternoon, well actually Linda, 2 of the dogs and the 5 donkeys rolled in without Lynn, the RV and the other 2 dogs.  We asked where Lynn was and Linda had left him at a rest stop talking to people about donkeys.  He pulled in just as we got the boys out of the trailer and into their pens.  

They were all ready to get out of that trailer, especially Turbo and Leddy.  Linda said the other 3 were good travelers, but for some reason those 2 weren't the least bit impressed with the adventure of traveling.  

We managed to get them into their pens, before the "welcoming" committee showed up from Burroland.  They heard the trucks and noise and being the nosy critters they are came over to see what was happening. 

Don't know if Saddik was happy to see Doug or just happy to get out of the truck.!!

Saddik and Lucy sitting on the golf cart

Not sure who Linda is snuggling with, probably Justin

Leo is technically the only "new" kid on the block, introducing himself to maybe Pepsi?

Leo "helping" Doug and John look at Doug's jeep.  Looks like they have more than enough help.....!!! LOL

No problems fitting in, in fact when John let the donkeys out Sunday at bedtime, the 5 went out to roam with all the others.  We thought Leo might have a problem, but the next morning he was front and center with all the others, ready to go into his pen for breakfast.  

We were all at the feed room Monday before evening round-up and we were discussing how much Frijolita was upset about moving into the pen next to Joe.  She was standing in the area and it was almost like she heard what we said.  She walked right over to her new pen walked in, looked around and walked out.  Very rarely am I surprised by anything they do, but every once in awhile they do surprise me.......!!

The donkeys remember that Lynn and Linda use to give them cookies at their RV.  So far Boaz has tried to open the window and Justin tried to climb the steps into the door.  It wouldn't surprise me to have them accomplish their break-in before too long.  LOL

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Lynn, Linda and the gang spent the night in Los Lunas, New Mexico, headed for Arizona.  It's about 400 miles, so they should get here this afternoon.

I'm sure the donkeys will be glad to get here.  They had to spend the night in the stock trailer.  I'm sure that wasn't what they had planned for the night.  The plan was to stop in an area, where they could take the donkeys out and put them in a pen, BUT, they didn't get as far as they had planned, so on to plan B......!!!  Haven't heard this morning how it went, I'm sure they are on the road, with their "traveling circus"...........LOL 

Ah...the life of adventure......!!!! 

This morning the guys set the pens up for 5 more donkeys.  John and I had to change the set up for our pans and hay buckets.  I don't know how John's hay adventure went, but I spent quite a bit of time, standing in the feed room, trying to make sense of the whole system change.  It's pretty easy to add one donkey, but adding 5 in different areas on the feed schedule, really taxed my brain......!!  I'm sure the guys will be more than happy to tell me if it isn't right.  

To put it mildly Frijolita is PISSED, there is no other more delicate word to describe her opinion of having to move.  What really makes it bad is, she is no longer next to Tula, the head jenny.  She is next to Smoky Joe, who is really far down on her list of favorites.  Joe is a busy little guy, that thinks the world revolves around him, and he also thinks he is God's gift to the ladies.  The girls all think he's a pest, and let him know it.  I think he enjoys the attention, because it certainly doesn't slow him down much.  

It will be interesting to see how the new guys react.  Boaz will go into his old pen, Leddy and Turbo could go into their old pens, but John wants to put Turbo into the large pen, so we'll see how that goes.  Frijolita is actually in her old pen, but poor Quilla's pen has been taken over by Shaggy Bill, who has to eat by himself.  He is an air fern when it comes to gaining weight, we were feeding the 3 boys, Joe, Don Juan and Bill together, but Bill just kept getting bigger and bigger, so he's by himself now. 

Quilla will go into the "temporary" pen that Casper was in.  Frijolita's pen is also a temp pen, both of them have been in place for years.  John actually took Frijolita's pen down a couple of times and just as soon as he did, we'd need it again.  Before the rainy season starts in December the guys will need to build shelters in Leo and Quilla's pen.  

Heard from Bryan, that Casper is still settling in and seems to enjoy having equine neighbor's on both sides of him.  He said Casper isn't running away when he puts in the feed now, so that's a step in the right direction.  I think he'll be OK, when he figures out Bryan is one of the good guys.  Casper has been passed around so much, probably his whole life, that he's not going to waste his time trusting just anyone, so it will take awhile.  

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Especially at night, I've been threatening to put flannel sheets on the bed....!!  I really hate to jump into a cold bed, even if it heats up pretty quick.  Never liked jumping in a swimming pool either.  LOL 

The days are absolutely gorgeous, the type of weather people come to Arizona to enjoy.  The hummingbirds and nectar bats have left.  John is still putting out sugar water for the bees.  There aren't many flowers out there for bees this time of year and they literally cover the feeder all day long.  

People coming out to see the donkeys has picked up the last week or so.  During the summer we don't have many people come out, which works out well.  The donkeys usually eat their breakfast and find a shade tree to stand under until it's time for evening feeding.  Once the winter visitors aka Snowbirds or as John calls them with their huge RVs "the Mammoth migration", we usually have a steady stream of people wanting to see the donkeys.  A lot of them come back year after year and remember their favorite donkeys.  

Had an interesting group come out yesterday to see the donkeys.  There was a conference in Tucson last week-end of people from all over the world, sharing information on equine Cushings.  I think just about everyone I know locally went.............except me........!!  My dear friend Patti set up a day of entertainment for anyone that wanted to go, to come out and visit the donkeys and go to Tombstone to look around.  There were a couple of farriers, both Germany and Australia were represented and I think they enjoyed meeting the donkeys.  They were very interested in how Gus's banana shoes are working and of course since most of our donkeys have health issues there was a lot to talk about the different issues they have.  John let the donkeys out of their pens as we went on to the next one, so we ended up with quite an entourage showing them around.  Well, except for the die hards, that immediately headed for the gate into Burroland and again Gus was at the front of the line.......... He is really walking good.

John explaining his hay feeding routine

They really liked the stock and the idea that it is adjustable for different size animals

Coquette making sure no one has treats, she was quite determined that someone must have something.  Of course she loves to be petted too, so it wasn't a total loss for her to stay with the "tour" 

Sunday we took Casper to his new home.  

This is his new friend on the right, a really nice tri-colored intact jack.  They really seemed to like each other, which leads me to really believe that Casper is a hinny rather than a mule, with a donkey mother.

This little wild man is across the alley between the pens.  He ran and bucked and kicked, really a high energy little guy

These 2 are directly to the left of Casper, the black one stuck his nose thru the fence and Casper bit him.  Casper did seem a little more accepting of horses than he was when we got him.  At least he wasn't challenging with his mouth wide open and screaming at the top of his lungs..........!!!   LOL  But he still seemed to prefer the donkey.

Bryan is primarily interested in training Casper to pull a little cart.  He knows that if it doesn't work out we will take him back, no problem.  So I'll keep in touch to see how he is doing.  Bryan has probably 10-12 horses, minis and full size, so not sure how much one on one time Casper will get. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017


I must say this last week has been interesting.  Rather than take him back over to the neighbor's for this week before we take him to his new home, we decided to just keep him here in the "Casper proof" pen and we have.  

But in the process I've made an observation.  When the week started getting his fly mask off or on was impossible, evasive doesn't even begin to explain the problem.  John ended up leaving it on at night because he wasn't up to the "dance" in the dark.  

I decided I'd try taking it off at chore time when it's still light.  The 1st night was a "goat rope" of dancing and ducking, but after about 10 minutes he let me get hold of the fly mask and take it off.  Next morning maybe 9 minutes, that night 8 etc.  And in the process he let John also put it on and take it off.  

To make a long story short he seems to have made a decision within that little crafty mind, that we are going to be honest with him and not try to pull a fast one.  I told John if he'd stay inside the perimeter fence I'd be a "foster failure" and keep him............LOL  I absolutely love to watch his reaction to things.  Unfortunately though he really needs a job and Bryan plans on training him to pull a little cart, so this will be best for him.  

This morning was a fun, fun time.  First of all Janet a good friend that use to live in the neighborhood stopped by on her way from Mexico  to Yuma.  Hadn't seen her in years, in fact I think the last time was when I went down and spent a week or so with her in Mexico and really enjoyed it.  She lives in a town that has expats, BUT not enough to destroy the reason they all like living there, the Mexican way of life.  

Just as Janet was getting ready to leave, Claire and her son and girlfriend drove in to visit with Gus.  Claire hadn't seen him in awhile and I must say he entertained them with his antics.  So did the others, we let them out of the pens and they headed immediately for the gate to Burroland, actually Gus was 1st in line to go thru.  Unfortunately the gate wasn't opening because we are going to races tonight and will be feeding early.  I think they enjoyed the donkeys and the donkeys always enjoy having people visit, Claire even brought special treats for everyone.

Linda sent some Halloween pictures from Colorado

Boaz sure knows how to work the system...!!!  LOL

Monday, October 23, 2017


 This is Bryan introducing himself to Casper.  It went pretty well, Casper was evasive as usual, but he did meet Bryan half way and was willing to hang around if Bryan wanted to scratch him.  

Bryan has worked with mules, mini horses, has a cart and harness and is willing to work with the little devil.  We'll deliver him next Sunday and hopefully this will work out as a long term home.  He needs to be with someone that knows equine, especially mules and has patience.  I've known Bryan's ex-wife for years and in fact had met him years ago when they were still married.  I think this might be a good fit for both of them. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017


I asked a couple of my friends that run in horsey circles of showing and driving, if they knew of anyone that might be interested in a "mini" project.  Stacy jumps, shows and also drives minis...and has friends in all those areas, so I thought she might have some ideas, either of someone to do some training, or someone wanting to have a permanent little friend with a lot of moxy, A LOT OF MOXY.......!!! LOL

Got a call yesterday from Stacy's ex-husband who is also involved in horsey stuff and he is coming out tomorrow to look Casper over.  Don't know yet for what, but I'm willing to show him off and see what happens.  

John called our neighbor Vic, that has been Casper sitting because he has field fence and said we would be over this morning after chores to bring Casper over here for tomorrow's viewing.  Right after chores Vic came to the house and said he decided to bring Casper over for us, but couldn't catch him.  Casper's life at Vic's has been one of running loose on 10 acres doing whatever he wanted to.  Not good for a smart quick little guy with attitude, in other words he's gone wild.  Vic decided that Casper would probably just follow him, so off they went into Burroland...........well until Casper decided enough of following the human, there's a whole world out there and off he went.  

By the time Vic got to the house to tell us Casper was out there somewhere, and we went out to find him, he was over by the pens looking around and eating some weeds our guys had missed.  We had planned on walking behind him to move him towards his old pen and hopefully get him in it.  

All of a sudden he noticed something new, that hadn't been here before, the new pen John and Doug put in for Leo, when Lynn and Linda come back in November.  Being the nosy little critter he is, he had to go investigate it...........from the inside.....Vic took off running and got the gate closed before Casper figured out he was in a pen.  YEA.......!!!!  It wasn't where we wanted him to be, but it was certainly better than chasing him all over Cochise county...........LOL

John's still got to do some work on Boaz's gate, it's missing some clamps.  And Leo will need a shelter before the rainy season.

John and I went in to put a halter on him, which wasn't what he had planned for today.  He's not mean but he can be very evasive.  We kept working with him and it just took a few minutes for him to stand still and let me put a halter on him.  Maybe he remembers I don't give up...............LOL

John led him to his old pen and we decided to go ahead and take his halter off, even though it's a battle to get it back on, hopefully each time will be a little easier.  

 Casper looks like he's been feeding himself really good

                  He's probably thinking, down there is where I went in that pen I'd never seen before............bad move.

Everyone seems to be doing good right now.  John is taking fly masks off, when he lets them out at bedtime, it's chilly enough in the morning the flies aren't too bad.  No more doctoring and no more leggings on anyone.  

They are up to being out during the day from after breakfast to roundup for evening feeding.  We tried opening up the dog pen, so they could go in and clean up the weeds.  Unfortunately the only ones that found the open gate were the fatties and they weren't interested in the weeds, they were interested in the mesquite beans that had been behind a fence.  It was like finding the mother lode, for Pepsi and Bill, neither of which need any extra calories, so the gate is closed again.  Not sure what we will do about that little problem, the dogs will use the pen when they get here, but hopefully they won't eat the beans. We've been finding raccoon scat and it is about 99% mesquite beans, in the desert almost all the animals eat the beans when they are available.  Valuable calories for those that need the extras, unfortunately the donkeys don't need any extra calories at all, but they sure think they do. 

Monday, October 16, 2017


 Still have not heard from Dave about the little baby burro........

Saturday night went well, I finished both main events with my straightened race car and it did just fine.  Well, except for jumping out of gear a few times.  When we got it back from getting straightened, with John's messed up hand, he and Larry just made sure it was back together.  Unfortunately one of the motor mounts probably got torn up when I hit the wall and was allowing the transmission to move around and jump out of gear.  

In both races I had managed to move up on the 3rd place car and was in the process of passing, when it jumped out of gear, which besides being a surprise, takes valuable time to push in on the clutch and shift back into 3rd.  The 1st time I pushed on the brake first, which doesn't help at all......!!!   LOL  So I finished 4th in both races.  This morning they posted the end of the year points and I finished in 3rd as we expected.  The banquet is in January and probably in late Feb or early March we can start the new season.   The two guys that finished 1st and 2nd are moving up to another class, so maybe I'll have a chance for a championship next year.  Either that or I'll be so old and creaky I won't be able to climb in the window opening..........LOL  John says if that happens, he'll cut the opening down to give me more room, he's always so helpful..........!!!  

I think we've decided to race this car rather than build a new car and John wants to have the motor freshened, so he'll be busy even though we aren't racing.  He's also planning on having a roll cage put in the Neon we got last week over the winter, just in case I need a backup.  I'm going to have enough race cars to have my own race, if I can find enough drivers, at this rate..........LOL

His hand is still pretty swollen and we think it might have a crack, the x-ray missed.  He was going to go in this morning and have it looked at, but decided he'd wait for awhile.  I could take the stitches out today, but since it's still swollen I'll wait too........!!!  

Got to use our new "donkey" stock this week.  We had it made last spring and they took measurements, but it was still not really convenient for the donkeys, since they come in different sizes.  I got in touch with the company that made it, and for some reason they weren't as eager to fix it as they had been to build it.  I called a few times and basically gave up.  Our neighbor Vic talked to Tyler the farrier and they agreed on a plan.  

Just got it back the day before Tyler came and he was really pleased with the changes.  Vic was here to show off  the "tricks" it has and we're all of the opinion it's a better fix than we would have gotten with the company anyway.

We will use it for the cripples and the cranky ones.  Gigi and Penny both are a real handful when it comes to giving up possession of their feet.  I was worried about whether the ones with feet issues could "jump" up in it or if they even would.  In fact John buried it in the ground when we first got it.  But we had 3 of them in it while Tyler was here and none of them had a problem getting on it.  And they were much easier to work on, it's almost like once they are in the stocks they give up the fight........which is a good thing....!! 

Penny knows the sound of Tyler's truck and also Dr. Jeremy's truck.  She is not a fan of either of them and we usually try to get a halter on her before she gets a chance to hear the truck coming down the road.  Tyler was early and we hadn't got her haltered.  When it came time she decided, "no halter today, thank you".  She can be a formidable  opponent.  Tyler has a helper that is very tall, very young and very strong.  He grabs a halter and off he goes into battle.  For a few minutes it looked like he might have met his match.  She was rearing up over his head and he was hanging on.  He's strong enough that he could direct her flying feet away from him and she finally gave up.  She was so mad she wouldn't even take a cookie from anyone for awhile............  She followed John to the stock and hopped up like it was her idea and later on after getting her feet trimmed, decided to take cookies if offered.  LOL

We decided to wait a while longer before letting the donkeys over on Burroland all day.  We might not see many beans, but when we do poo 101 there is a lot of beans in some of the poo and of course it is the ones that are already fat.  So they are only getting 5 hours a day, and they are still on short rations.  Haven't seen any ribs yet, so I guess they are doing OK............!!!  

Last night John got a big surprise when he went to let the donkeys out at bedtime.  He always checks to make sure everyone ate their supper.  When he went to check Penny's there was a rattlesnake right by her feeder, she had already left the area.  John said at first he thought it had a piece of hay in it's mouth, but that turned out to be what was left of a mouse that was headed down his throat, the end of the tail.  YUCK....!!!  They are so vulnerable when they are in the process of eating and can eject a possibly hard earned meal if they feel threatened enough to feel the need to bite.  John quickly backed off and closed the gate, so none of the donkeys could get in the pen.  We get a little casual about checking for snakes sometimes, this time of year they are moving around and getting ready to hibernate and we really should be on guard, but sometimes we forget. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I am hoping  Dave got in touch with A.E.R.O in Phoenix and is getting help with the little guy.  I wish I had his phone number, but I neglected to get it and don't have caller ID.  He seemed to be highly motivated to help the baby, so I am hoping he has found help locally.

We've had a slight bump in the road of life this week.  John and I found another Neon coupe that had been wrecked, but has a lot of good stuff on it.  We brought it home and John was messing with it, and the hood fell on his left hand.  A trip to the ER, a few stitches and he seems to be accepting his fate graciously.  Still working on cars and has even messed with that one again.  Over the years I have learned to not be around when John does things like this, he focuses on what he is trying to accomplish and doesn't bother to look the situation over and see what might happen if it doesn't go well.  I should have been forewarned, when he buried a treble fishing lure in my ear on our honeymoon.........!!!  LOL

We got the race car back and he was going to work on it the day he hurt his hand.  So he called our friend Larry to come help him.  They got it all together, I drove it around the driveway a couple of times and it felt OK.  Started to go out the gate to the road, and it made that horrible racket again.  John knew by now what it was, so they had to replace part of the differential.  Tried it again and it seems to be good, and the car tracks straight, so I will be racing it Saturday night.  We have 2 twenty lap main events, hope it lasts thru both of them.  That's the last race for this season, until probably February.  John hasn't decided if I'm going to race this year's car again next year........or if he's going to build one of the others.  If I do race this one, he wants to freshen the motor, although it seems to be running just fine, just wish it had a little more power, so I could beat the guys........LOL

Heard from Linda and she sent pictures......!!  They have snow on the ground in Colorado and it's kind of staying there.   My thermometer on the back porch says 93* right now....!!!  They plan on leaving around the 1st of November to head for Arizona and from what she says they have a lot planned between now and then.

Here is Leddy, Turbo, and Boaz, not sure where Leo and Quilla are.  I would imagine they are putting on heavy winter coats, which they will probably not need once they get down here. 


Linda and Quilla in the snow

Lynn is worried that the donkeys aren't getting enough to eat with this pasture.  They are feeding hay too, and can't understand why the donkeys prefer this old dried up weeds to hay.  Because this is their natural browse.  I have never seen Boaz's leg bracelets this prominent.

Linda says this is normal........!!!   LOL  Doesn't look very comfortable for her, although Saddik and Lennon look happy....!!!  LOL

The donkeys are up to 4-5 hours a day going into Burroland.  There isn't much left over there for them to eat, at least that we can see.  But they REALLY like going over there, so they must be finding something.  We are still having to go round them up, although it's getting easier every day.  John has to go find them, but once they start moving they come to the gate and go thru without deviating.  I've been standing by the gate to make sure and Doug puts them in the pens.  Well except for Smoky Joe.  He comes thru the gate just fine, but when it's time to go into his pen, it's a battle of wills, we usually make at least 2 trips around the pen area, before he gives up.....!!!

John said we probably can go ahead and let them into Burroland after breakfast starting next week.  Three of them have put on so much weight it will take all winter to get it off probably.  John has cut their hay to almost nothing and it certainly hasn't help them lose any weight and what's really bad is they don't seem to care that they are on short rations........!!!  LOL