Monday, August 10, 2020

STILL HOT............

 Probably going to be for the foreseeable future.  Heard from hopefully a reliable source that this is the 3rd hottest summer and the 2nd driest summer for this area since 1894.  I don't doubt it, it's really been a long summer.  

Heard from Colorado, they raced yesterday from Fairplay to Leadville about 24 miles.  Haven't heard how everyone did, except Sugar got a stone bruise and didn't get to finish the race.  Everyone else finished, just don't know where.  

I'm still doctoring Macho and Ana's, legs.  Macho's leg is swollen, so Dr Jeremy said to hose it and see if that helps.  He will try to come out tomorrow if it isn't any better.  

Ana is "much" happier with nothing on her front leg except Underwood Horse Medicine.  Throughout her last couple of days of destruction of anything I put on her front legs, she has had fly leggings on both hind legs, which I find funny.  She doesn't seem to mind them at all, I'm sure she could reach them if she wanted to, she seems to be a determined young lady.

This morning John noticed a momma roadrunner sitting on last year's nest in a small mesquite by BlackJack's pen.  Sure is a hot time of year to be sitting on eggs I would think, poor girl.  I guess we have a built in supply of food when they hatch judging from what John caught yesterday.  

Yesterday afternoon when Suzanne went out to get ready for feeding, when she moved DJ the pony's hay bunk, this little guy was under it.  She said she thought it was a squashed piece of poo at first..........LOL    She came in, got John and his snake catching supplies and the little guy got moved over on Burroland.  We have a no kill policy around here for everything, except roaches and flies.  Scorpions, snakes and all spiders get a pass, when we find them. 

There is a pile of limbs close to DJ's pen, we wonder if momma had her babies there.  As you can see he's not very big, they put an animal cracker with him to show how small he is.  Rattlesnakes give birth to about a dozen of the little guys and the mom pretty much sends them out in the world on their own after about a week.  Now we're all on alert for momma and the rest of the kids, so far we haven't seen any of them.  

One of the favorite snacks for a roadrunner is snakes, so I would imagine they will lower the population of baby rattlers pretty quick, when the baby roadrunners hatch out.   

Stacey in Colorado has been taking more pictures of Miss Nell, the former Jenny she adopted this summer.  


Here is Stacey, Miss Nell and a friend out enjoying the gorgeous scenery and weather they are having up there.  They make quite a team, couldn't ask for a better home for one of our donkeys. 

  Thanks for sharing such a wonderful picture, Stacey...!!  She looks very happy with her new life.

Saturday, August 08, 2020


Got some videos from Colorado to share

The first one is Turbo showing off his new skills.  Last year he didn't come back to Arizona, he stayed in Colorado for training with Eric Lynn, who owns  Mountain Ridge Gear.  They make top of the line outfitting equipment including pack saddles.  Here he is showing off what he learned. 

This is Cochise showing off at climbing steps.  He had a pretty rough start as a roping donkey.  But unlike a lot of the donkeys that have been roped, he doesn't hold a grudge and doesn't have a lot of mental baggage.  In fact he is curious, loves attention, and from the reports we've gotten, loves to run.  Seems to take climbing steps in stride too..!!  


Suzanne has been working with Leroy and Jackson the new minis.  They hadn't been worked with a lot in their former life.  In fact Leroy didn't seem to be very familiar with a lead rope.  

A couple that wants to try racing wants to come out once a week and work with the donkeys.  Let's see, 2 donkeys that need training and 2 people that want to race donkeys.  Hmmmm, sounds like plan........!!!  Suzanne has also been working with trailer loading. Today they both did really good, Jackson is an in and out type of guy, he thinks it's fun now.  Leroy is still a little hesitant, but he'll figure it out.  




Suzanne said Casper who's pen is next to Leroy and Jackson, went to his gate this morning whining when she was working with those two.  So she's going to go walk him for awhile.  I'll add a video if she has one later.  


Here is Cochise toddling down the steps.  This was the first time he went up or down.








Wednesday, August 05, 2020


I haven't updated for awhile, nothing much to share I guess.  Not much news from Colorado, although they've had some practice and actually ran a couple of races.

This is a practice with our Coquette who was adopted last year and renamed Avery, she is the darker burro.  I'm not sure if the grey one is her new friend Brigs or Miss Nell, who went to Colorado as Jenny and got a wonderful forever home this summer.

This is a link to one of their practice outings.  I think the 1st donkey is Miss Nell aka use to be Jenny, Buddy Brat that doesn't like his feet wet, and little Arrow who just likes to have fun.

Things around here are pretty low key.  It's too hot to be outside most of the day.  The donkeys just stand around waiting for something to happen. This morning Shannon and Cindy came out to groom again.  They are our most devoted groomers, when they come out they spend the morning and the donkeys really enjoy being brushed.  They use to come once a week, but since it's been so hot, they've cut back, which is understandable. 

John is still planning on raking up beans in the Burro Barracks, so the donkeys can get out a little and stretch their legs.  We keep thinking this heat wave will break, but so far that hasn't happened.  Everyone is putting on weight it looks like, especially the ones that are not "svelte" to begin with, which is most of them. 

This is what it looks like under almost every tree on the property, and there are a lot of trees.  The good news is most of the trees have dropped almost all their beans, so it's just a matter of figuring out the best way to take care of the problem.

DJ the palomino pony is really looking good.  A few more pounds on him and he'll be going to his forever home.  He's really a cute little guy, not easy to catch but once you have your hands on him you can do just about anything with him.  He sure likes his mush.  When we go out to feed, he anxiously watches everything going on and starts yelling at us if it takes too long. 

This is Koshare's new fly mask because he tore up the old one.  I don't think he's had it on a week.  When we got them, the people said they were destructive.  I think they are just bored, they haven't had a chance to get out on the property and entertain themselves, because of the beans. 

Some of the donkeys are continuing to eat the shelters, one of the 4x4 uprights looks like a sharpened pencil.  I guess we won't worry about it until the lockdown is over, hopefully there will be some shelters left.  I told John we could replace with metal siding, like we had to do with Rosie, the "ringleader" and wood eating trainer in her shelter.  But he doesn't like the sight of the metal.  He might change his mind by the  time they get thru redesigning their living quarters.  LOL

I raced last week-end, finished 3rd in the main event.  The guys finishing ahead of me have really nice cars and both have more horsepower, so unless I get lucky, which means they have bad luck, that's about where I'll finish. 

The Cobalt in front I've beaten, it's those other two that are a problem. LOL  Actually I've beaten the black 22 for 2nd place, it's that #11 behind all of us in this picture that none of us can beat.........!!!    He's won all 3 main events we've ran so far.  We're suppose to race again the 29th of Aug, who knows, maybe I'll get lucky....!!!  LOL

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


When I say big I mean BIG

Quite a difference between a 1350 pound quarter horse and a 33 inch mini donkey.....!  Poor little Jackson looks like a toy...!!  George the big bay has a thing about the donkeys.  If he happens to get away from Jorga he heads down the road to come visit with them.  

Big Gus doesn't look quite so big now does he?   Actually he is almost as tall as Banana, but of course he's built a lot different and doesn't weigh as much.  Donkeys have flat muscles, horses have bulging muscles.  The flat muscles are stronger and is the reason donkeys are twice as strong as a comparable horse for their size.  Gus in his hay day probably could have pulled or carried twice as much as Banana, not sure about George. 

 This turned into a social gathering, DJ the palomino pony met his palomino big brother Banana.  I can't say he was that impressed, he was curious, but wasn't very excited.  Gus was still trying to get closer. 

I'm suppose to race this week-end.  They put out the "rules" this morning over 2 pages of them of the hoops we have to jump thru and warned us there will be officials there to see if the "rules" are followed.  If not, no more racing this year.  At this point I'd just as soon they close, being on the track is just part of what racing is about and they are sucking all the fun out of the experience. 

I'm in 2nd place for end of the year points, for whatever that's worth, and I've always went by MY "rule" that if a track gives you a place to race you owe them.  You and your car should there every race date to make the show.  The only excuses are if you are in the hospital or dead.  A couple of years ago I was in a leg cast and missed the last race of the year.  The guys tried to figure out a way to get me in the car and that actually would have been doable.  But, I needed that left leg and foot to use the clutch, and brake and there was no way to make that happen.  

My rant is over, it's just very disappointing.  Age wise  I shouldn't still be doing this anyway, so any races I miss are races I probably won't get to make up in the future. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020


It's been cooler the last few days, which is nice.  Unfortunately it comes with humidity which isn't so nice.  BUT, also a little rain, we've gotten about 2/3s of an inch John said.  

We have an ocotillo planted by the kitchen window.  It's never bloomed, but this year it has leafed out 3 times.  They usually drop their leaves when it starts getting drier, this year everything time we get a little bit of rain, it leafs out again.  Poor thing will be exhausted by fall at this rate.....!! LOL

We've had enough wind to "help" the trees drop the mesquite beans and although the ground under the trees is covered with beans, the trees are starting to look rather bare.  

Yesterday morning when we were doing chores Jasper was acting crazy, running around in his pen, which isn't that large, ears pointed NW of the house and in general letting me know he wasn't happy.  We had heard some of the range cattle in that area and every once in awhile one of the bulls would grunt, guess Jasper didn't like that.  I asked John to bring a halter and rope for us to move him to another pen.  I put the halter on him, Suzanne said she'd take him.........well, as soon as the gate opened he took off like a race horse, so fast she didn't have a chance to let go of the lead rope.  She let go pretty quick only one little rope burn on her palm......LOL  He actually headed for his old pen, which is where we were going to put him anyway.  

All is quiet today, John went down to check the outside gate on Burroland.  We've had it open for a couple of weeks, but hadn't seen or heard any cattle over there except once awhile back.  John said there was tracks all over inside the gate where they have been roaming around..........YIPPEE!  any beans they eat, we don't have to wait for them to rot.  We even had some apples to throw around in there, in case they got bored with beans.  

I am still changing Macho Man's pressure bandage on his leg.  It's looking pretty good, I took a picture this morning and thought it looked like it was getting smaller.

It looks like there is more of a demarcation line between the good skin on the outside and the bad skin in the middle, but other than that it looks about the same.

Hopefully it is getting better

Thursday, July 23, 2020


This morning looked so promising, got a call from a friend that lives south of here and he was getting drenched.  

Went out to do chores and it was raining pretty good, so good in fact we didn't pick up poo or doctor. Suzanne checked the radar and there was a line of heavy rain headed our way.  

By the time we got done with chores it quit raining.  Checked the radar and there was nothing showing, where did it go?  The day has been overcast and cooler, but no more rain and the wash didn't run, which is a big disappointment.  I think last year it trickled a few inches wide a couple of times and that was it.  So we are overdue for a good rain SE of here, which is what will make the wash run.  

Leroy and Jackson begging.  It was almost impossible to get a picture of them, I'd go to the other side of the pen and by the time I got there, they were waiting for me.......!! LOL
What do little boys do?  Play in the mud of course and Casper is an expert.  Anytime it rains at all, he rolls around in the mud.  What gets me is, once he dries he'll be as white as snow. 
I noticed Leroy wasn't going to let Casper have all the fun....!!
DJ is looking good, he has some more weight to gain before he goes to his new home.  Also found out all 4 of his frogs are missing.  Tyler is coming next week, we'll see what he says.  Makaela cleaned and put Thrush Buster on his feet, before she went home and I am continuing the treatment,  He's a good boy to work on. 

Here is Jackson, Leroy and Casper.....all ready for treats if any were offered. They weren't.......!!

John got his ground sweeper and has been using it today.  After the rain it wasn't dusty, like it was yesterday when he got it put together and tried it out.  He has been running around in the Burro Barracks, which will be the donkeys play day area once the beans are raked up.  

I went out to take a picture of him working with the sweeper and he was raking with a hand rake.  When the beans fall they fall directly below the tree, which means he can't get real close to the tree.  So a lot of the beans will have to be raked away from the tree, before the sweeper can do it's job.  A little more labor intensive than we'd like, but hopefully it can be done.  

I did get to wash fly masks this afternoon and the weather is cool enough I don't think I'll have to put them back on until at least in the morning.  I'm sure the donkeys and DJ will appreciate not having them on for awhile. 

 This is a picture of Richelle and Isaiah reading the story of Tink, the Bravest Donkey to our Jasper before they went home.  Their names were entered in a contest to win the book and a plush donkey and they WON.........!!!  Congratulations, I'm sure Jasper appreciated the story.  All of the proceeds from sales of the book, go to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, the largest donkey rescue in the United States, so if you would like to add a donkey book to your collection or get it for a child or grandchild, the money would go to a good cause. 

Monday, July 20, 2020


Although they still don't have any confirmed races in Colorado, some of the runners are going out and at least getting some exercise.  There are 3 in the pipeline, I think everyone has their fingers crossed that they will happen.  

This is a recent outing with some of the Arizona donkeys, although I guess Miss Donnie aka Jenny is now a Colorado donkey since she's been adopted.
Here is a video Linda sent, showing what they have been up to in Colorado

This is a picture of Pepsi and his mom Carol out enjoying a little fun run exercise

Suzanne's grandkids will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning headed home with their parents.  We're really going to miss them, they are a lot of help with the donkeys and they seem to have a good time when they are here.  

Today they all went on a jeep tour in Tucson.  John doesn't do jeep tours much anymore, for one thing the tourist trade is almost non-existant because of the virus shut down.  They will still call him if they have a big tour and they need him to drive, other than that he's pretty much retired.  But they still let him take visiting family on a tour, so off they went.  It's cooled off a little bit, so hopefully it won't be too hot, riding around in an open jeep.  They even took the 4 year old, he's interested in cactus, been learning the names of prickly pear and cholla.  I'm pretty sure he will see some saguaro today.  

The donkeys are all doing pretty good on their lock up.  At first they were pretty noisy about it, now they just stare at us when we are out, hopeful but resigned I guess.  The last four we got haven't had a chance to roam on the property, they came in, and have been in their pens every since.  

I've been in touch with the surgical clinic in Gilbert about Macho Man's sheath surgery and we all decided to wait until it is cooler, it's just too hot to be hauling 3 hours one way, having surgery hauling back and healing with the unwanted attention of flies.  We've been thru surgery on a sheath with Cisco, in fact 3 times.  Don't remember what time of year it was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the middle of summer.  

John is anxiously waiting for his leaf sweeper to get here to start picking up beans.  I sure hope it does what it says it will do, there are a lot of beans to deal with before the donkeys can go out.  We'll probably concentrate on the Burro Barracks first, to get it cleaned up so they can go over there during the day to snoop around.  Then the 10 acres, I don't think we'll be sweeping Burroland, they'll just have to wait until it is safe without human intervention.  

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Boy that was a quick visit, Their family came and got them this morning, so they are back home now.  I'm sure they will be glad to be only donkeys again..........!! 

Suzanne, John and me telling Nellie good bye.........

Don't know for sure, but looks like they are begging to go see what has changed at home since they left.

Oh! boy! let's go explore......!!!

I think Nellie is happy to be home, guess she missed her "salad" this week.............LOL

Don't think the little palo verde is going to survive at the rate she's going.....!!
Thanks, India for the pictures and video.

I am still doctoring Macho Man's scar tissue leg every morning.  Still not putting any Endoderm on it, I'm beginning to wonder if he might be allergic to something in it.  Yesterday I just put vaseline on it to keep it from sticking to the bandage. It looks like the scar tissue is breaking down and underneath it is hopefully normal tissue.  It looks like it has capillaries and small veins in it, which scar tissue doesn't have.  He also acts like it has feeling in it, which could be why he tries to get away from me.  I might try to get a picture tomorrow morning, although the little veins and capillaries probably won't show up in a picture.  Tomorrow I might try to put a new boot on him Dr. Jeremy recommended.  If it fits nice and tight on his leg as it is suppose to, I won't have to tightly wrap with cotton, gauze and vet wrap to help control the growth of scar tissue. 

John is getting a leaf sweeper, he thinks it will really help with picking up mesquite beans, I hope he's right.  We definitely have bumper crop this year........!!! LOL

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Macho Man's leg had been doing so good, until a couple of days ago.  When I started to bandage his leg, he took off like his tail was on fire.  I had to get Mikaela to hold him to finish the job. The next morning when I took the bandage off, he had chewed at it and made quite a mess of it on the bottom.  

Same thing, when I tried to bandage him, he really didn't want it.  Suzanne held him, and when I got it done, he started gnawing on it with a purpose, so I knew something wasn't right.  Got in touch with Dr. Jeremy and he said to not doctor for a few days.  He had said not to get the Endoderm on the new skin and I thought I was doing that, but obviously not good enough.  The old scar tissue doesn't have any feeling but the new skin does and I guess it's irritating, poor old boy. When I start doctoring again, I will have to be more careful.  

I left it uncovered yesterday and this morning just put a cover on it to keep the dirt from sticking to it for a few days. 

This is how it looked this morning with dirt on it.  

This is the 2 new girls, Kachina and Anazazi, they had fun last night, breaking the faucet in their pen.  This morning there was quite a water source thru Big Gus, DJ the pony, and Rosie's pens.  Good thing they didn't do it earlier in the night or it would have gone farther.  As you can see they weren't the least bit contrite, they just wanted a cookie...........!!!  LOL

I don't have a picture of Koshare's handiwork the last few days, but he's been pretty busy also.  Two days in a row he turned his great big black rubber feeder over, and stood on it until it collapsed in two places.  Suzanne had to stand on it to flatten it again, although he had cracked it.  Yesterday he did it again, but this time there wasn't any saving it.  So now he has a half barrel John says he can't destroy........we'll see.  

We had put a jolly ball in with him to keep him occupied.  He chewed about 1/3 of it into little pieces, I have no idea if he ate any of it or not, we're doing Poo 101, looking for pieces of blue.  I'm not sure what we could put in with him for entertainment, a bowling ball perhaps.........???  Jolly balls are suppose to be indestructible...........not with this boy.........!! 

Everyone else seems to be doing good and staying out of trouble.  Nellie and Carlos will probably go home this week-end when their family get home from their mini-vacation.  They've been very good don't hardly know they are there.

Haven't heard from Colorado for awhile, there are some rumblings about 3 of the races taking place in August.  The course will be different, not starting in the towns like they normally do, but at least the pack burro runners will get a little action this year.  If those races go well, maybe things will lighten up a little and people can get back to normal.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

LOOKIN' GOOD..........I THINK.............!!

This is how Macho Man's leg looked 4 days ago.  

This is how it looked this morning.  I think it looks a whole lot better.  

I scrubbed off the scabby stuff at the bottom as per vet instructions this morning and really am impressed with how good it looks.  The idea is, the light pink around the edges is healthy scar tissue, if there is such a thing and will close in to cover the area completely.  

Nellie and Carlos have settled in nicely and don't seem to mind being in smaller pens than they are use to.  Last night we were on the edge of a rain storm that was north of us.  We mostly got the wind and a few sprinkles,  the people north of us got about 1 1/2 inches of welcome rain.  

With all the wind we thought sure the trees would be bare of mesquite beans........!!!  I guess they aren't ready to fall, because the trees still have plenty unfortunately.  

This afternoon Mikaela and Richelle came in to tell us there were cows on the 10 acres.  The only way they could get in here would be to go thru the fence.  Over the years this has happened a few times, we always wonder why they would climb thru a fence when it's the same stuff on this side of the fence as on the other side.  These are range cattle which means they haven't seen a lot of humans and really aren't that thrilled when they do see them.  We all went out to herd cattle, opened the gate, so they could walk out, but NO, NO, NO.  They came in thru the fence and by golly that's the way they left.  Makes me think maybe our barbed wire fence needs to be restrung after almost 30 years.  

I guess they came in after the beans, although there are beans all over outside the fence.  We're thinking about leaving the gate open, so they could come in like invited guests.  They are wild enough they probably wouldn't come around close to the house or the RVs, unless they thought there was something really tasty close to the buildings.  Still thinking about it, we have the 20 acres of Burroland open, but so far I don't think they've been over there.