Sunday, December 16, 2018


Desert rats really like to see a little sunshine at least once a day.  At least it's warmed up a little, no more 19 degree mornings thank goodness.

Linda sent some pictures from California to share of the tree lot and some of the goings on.  It looks like Santa fainted in slow motion, poor guy.  Linda didn't say what happened to him, but I thought it was funny.  

Santa's little helpers, I'm not really sure about Lynn's hat.  LOL

WOW.....they certainly are bright.....


Guess it wasn't green enough....

I would have never thought of this....wonder if it was a special order?

Lynn had a birthday this week and it looks like the cake has suffered "Lynn" damage before pictures. 

Linda figured out an answer to the problem...!!  Shows things aren't always as they seem.  LOL

Some of the guys and other Christmas decorations they have to sell besides trees

 Last night we had not one but two neighbors seeing which one could shoot the most ammunition in the least amount of time.  One of them is using a 15 round clip, not sure what the other one was using.  

They started right after we put the donkeys in for supper, just about sundown.  Leddy and Leo are in the last pen to the west, one neighbor is straight west and the other one is northwest.  Out of all the donkeys those two seem to hate gunfire the most.  We talked about moving them to another pen, BUT it's the noise not the close proximity, so it would still be just as loud no matter where we put them.  At least they didn't try to charge the panels, they just ran around in their pen and went into Boaz's pen when John opened the gate.  

John has been doing the doctoring and he's just about out of business......!!!  He's down to just three, still doctoring Bella's flanks where Dr. Jeremy took 2 growths of proud flesh off.  The areas are still getting smaller, but have a ways to go to be gone. 

 Link has still got a bald spot on the top of his tail.  When he got back from the Burro and Burrito run in Tucson, he had rubbed all the hair and some of the skin off the top of his tail, in the trailer on the way home.  John has been putting vaseline on it to keep it soft, so the hair follicles don't die from drying out.  He says he thinks he sees new hair coming in, I  hope so, I don't think they make toupees for donkey tails.........!!!  LOL 

The other day I caught little Pepsi straddling a dead limb on one of the mesquite trees beside the house.  I thought I checked him all over and didn't find anything.  So a few days later I caught him again, this time besides just checking his sheath, I checked farther back and sure enough, it felt rough and scabby and he really appreciated having it scratched.  John's been putting steroid creme on it and says it is feeling much smoother and I haven't seen Pepsi doing his thing, so I assume it isn't itching as much.  He feels like he was probably gelded by a vet, rather than poor Cisco, who was probably gelded by a cowboy with a pocketknife.  Cisco has extra folds, etc and every summer, has to be doctored, for some kind of yucky outbreak of bacteria or fungus.  Once he gets it, it's pretty much there until cooler weather.  I was surprised that Pepsi was having a problem this late in the year. 

John brought the motor for my new race car back from our son's in Tucson yesterday and today we are taking it to a friend that has a good machine shop to take it to.  It's got a blown head gasket, hopefully that's the worst thing wrong with it...!!!  At least something is being done, hopefully.  First race is March 9th..........!!! 


Friday, December 14, 2018


I knew it was about time, but I had to ask Linda for sure.  As of today he is a year old.  He still looks rather under done and probably will for the next year or so.  He's still got some growing to do.

He's got his head in the Dutch door of the feed room.  When we put that door in we actually thought we were doing it for air flow.  But we quickly found out, it is also a place for donkeys to stick their heads to see if there might be something to eat being offered. 

Lynn and Link out on the main road talking to our neighbor Vic

Lynn and Link, taking a break from training

Today when we were leaving for  physical therapy for my knee, when we went out to get in the car, Rambo was chasing Coquette with lust in his heart.  She was kicking him in the chest and the jaw and he seemed to think it added to the fun...........Jeesh.....!!  They were running thru the pens, which is why I always want all the gates open, so the girls have as many escape routes available as possible.  Years ago we had a jenny being chased by Paladin another silly boy and she tried to jump over one of the corral panels and got her foot caught.  I found her literally hanging with her foot caught up high.  Yelled for John he had to go up to the garage to get a saw to cut the upright pipe on the panel.  Thank goodness she was a donkey, a horse probably would have panicked and broke her leg.

John said earlier this morning Rambo was romancing Lynn one of the minis and she was trying to cooperate........  if and when we ever find a home for him, it will have to be JENNY FREE....!!  He no longer challenges the geldings, but he sure likes the ladies...........!!!

It was 19 degrees here this morning at sunrise.  One thing about the desert, as soon as the sun comes up it usually starts warming up.  It didn't get short sleeve weather today, but with the sun shining brightly, it really nice, even if you have to wear long sleeves.

The snowbirds, " ie" winter visitors have been coming in for the last month or so.  You can tell who they are, we've got on jackets and long sleeves.  A lot of them are in sandals and shorts......LOL

Nineteen degree weather means ice on the water buckets, actually pretty thick ice.  Donkeys will not break ice to get a drink.  Although all the pens have buckets in them, they aren't heated.  We have a heated automatic waterer and also a 100 gallon water tank with a heater floating in it.  Although John breaks the ice on the individual buckets, we've noticed they all wait until they are let out of their pens and drink at one of the 2 heated places instead of drinking cold water.  Not drinking enough water can be a problem in the winter for equine and can cause colic.  So it is pretty important to make sure they drink enough.

Saturday, December 08, 2018


Big Gus is a fan of humanity, not other donkeys so much, including Rambo, who had been his companion for about 6 years, until they came back to us a few weeks ago.  They basically ignore each other.  But whenever we go outside or Big Gus sees anyone, we get greeted with a very loud deep voiced "Hi" and he comes to us to be petted.  

He spends a lot of time out by the area around the driveway gate and if he is farther away and we drive in he always heads towards the gate to say hello.  It's never been a problem..............until a couple of days ago.  

John and I had been to Tucson and when we got home Big Gus wasn't actually very close to the driveway.  Since I've been in the brace, I just sit and John has to open the gate, drive in, and close the gate.  Big Gus saw us drive in and headed for the gate, as John is doing his thing.  John drove thru and all that time Big Gus was moving towards the gate.  When John drove thru I noticed that it looked like Big Gus was going to get there just about the time John got out of the car and back to the gate.  That's what happened and it wouldn't be a problem.  When the donkeys do that, we just trap them behind the gate.   Big Gus didn't even slow down as he maneuvered around the gate and towards the road.  The few times this has happened wasn't a problem, because the greedy donkeys always stop to check out what is available to eat.  Not this boy, he hit the road headed east, with John in hot pursuit.  

Didn't take John long to figure out this wasn't going as usual, so he came back to the car, drove up to the house, got the golf cart and a halter and lead and took off after our wayward "fur" child.   

We were late getting home, so I went out to start cutting up carrots and fixing feed.  Went out to start rounding up and here comes Big Gus out of the big wash.  How in the heck did he get back on the property?  And why?  The last I'd seen of him he was moving out on those long legs as a pretty good speed, headed down the road.  

John finally showed up with explanations.  For those that have been out here, by the time John caught up with him, he was to the mail boxes, which is about a 1/4 of a mile.  The mail boxes are on the paved main road, with traffic.  Even though it is open range country, people don't pay that much attention and cows are hit.  I'm sure they wouldn't pay anymore attention to a big floppy eared donkey than they do to the cows.  

So John bails out of the golf cart, with his halter and lead and surprise, surprise.......Big Gus isn't the least big interested in John and his halter and lead.  John can put a halter on a cooperative donkey, and uncooperative one......not so much.  I guess they wrestled and tussled and went around and around for some time, before John managed to get him haltered.  John said he ponied behind the golf cart just fine.  Rather than drag Big Gus all the way to the driveway gate, John let him in the gate beside the wash, which is why that's where I first saw him.  

So in the future, I guess coming in the driveway gate might get a little more exciting, with Big Gus around........!!! LOL

I must say his fanny looks much better than it did. 


Here is a cute picture of Lil' Turbo, sparkling white Casper and little brother Link.  Casper is actually staying home and hanging with the A team, which consists of these two, plus BlackJack, Loki Joe, Boaz, Tula and Frijolita.

You might say this is an after picture, after a 1/2 inch of rain yesterday.  I don't know how he can get that dirty.  What's really interesting is, once he dries out he is pretty and white again.  Jasper is behind him, and isn't much cleaner. 

Jasper is a love bunny, he loves to be around people.  He's lost quite a bit of weight and his feet seem to be comfortable now.  He use to walk like he was walking on eggs or hot coals.  He isn't a speed demon, but he goes wherever he wants.  He is almost always the 1st one in his pen at feeding time, has a certain corner to stand in so he can see the hay wagon coming around the corner.  I guess that makes the hay get there faster. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


That isn't necessarily a bad thing though.  Since John and I are holding down the fort with the help of our neighbor Jorja, while Lynn and Linda are in California, selling Christmas trees, boring is really a good idea.  

Jorja comes over every morning, helps John feed while I make up feed pans, and then she picks up poo.  She usually only picks up 4 days a week, but she has a responsibility streak down her back that seems to make her think John and I can't pick up poo the other 3 days.  It's been awhile, but I think we still remember how to do it.....LOL   She also has an eye for something not right, which I really appreciate.  If she sees something out of whack, like yesterday morning she noticed little Cheyenne was shivering.  It was in the 20's and the sun hadn't come up yet.  

John had put her in the pen, but most guys don't seem to have that roving eye for noticing things sometimes.  So Cheyenne got a blanket for a little while.  

Rambo is still being a jerk every once in awhile, he was after Coquette this morning.  John said she was kicking him so hard it sounded like she was kicking a board or something on his chest.  Doesn't seem to deter him at all.  I've heard stories of jacks chests being laid open from being kicked, haven't seen it and don't care to either.  I wish he'd find another hobby.

Everyone is settling down to the low key routine, and going in their pens really good.  Well, some of them won't go into their pen until they see the person coming with the treat.  Over the years we have unfortunately "trained" them I guess.  Most of them will stand outside their pen until someone shows up with a carrot.  

Linda just called from California, they are staying busy and I guess it will get even busier as the days get closer to Christmas.  It makes me tired to hear all the things going on, especially the crisis', well to me they would be a crisis they seem to just handle them and go on. 

Anytime we are outside, Big Gus is usually right with us.  We were out talking to a friend that brought by some fresh eggs and BG had to see what we were doing.  John and I were sitting in the golf cart and the next thing we know BG has his head in John's lap with his eyes closed.  That's when you get to know just how heavy a large donkey head is.  He wouldn't leave, so I got a rag to clean his eyes, that got rid of him.........LOL  

Penny and Coquette stayed with us for quite awhile, trying to beg cookies.  BG wasn't begging he was just enjoying being with us.  Most of them came by and since no cookies were offered, headed on somewhere else for a day of donkey business.


Team Justin made the Weekly Reader.  I didn't even realize they still had Weekly Reader in schools.  I always enjoyed them.  They've been around for a LONG time, if I had them in school........LOL

Linda and Justin doing their thing don't know which race from this summer
Saddik thinks he's a lap dog........!!

He likes hanging out with the guys at the tree lot

The guys like to take the dogs out for walks too.  No wonder the dogs like it there.

Lola doesn't care what is happening as long as she has her ball

It's a good thing Linda sends me pictures or I wouldn't have anything to share.  I need to get back into the habit of taking pictures again.  LOL

Thursday, November 29, 2018


I went to the surgeon yesterday and was hoping to get rid of the brace on my knee.  I guess she thinks I'm a groundhog.... 6 more weeks of brace with physical therapy thrown in for extra fun.  But there was a little bit of good news, the brace is now set at 30%.  That means I can bend the knee 30%, when I'm sitting, when I'm walking I have to lock it back into straight mode.  After 2 weeks we will set it to 60% and 2 weeks later 90%.  Then I will go back for revaluation, then maybe I'll get rid of the brace. 

Well forget all the nice things I said about Rambo and his behavior, he's went off the deep end again, I guess.  He was a little wild and rough a couple of days ago.  He and Penny ended up on the ground, then he went after Coquette, who proceeded to kick the devil out of him.  By this time John and I managed to get into the area and distracted him enough that the girls got away from him.  Then Penny tried to attack him with her mouth wide open and making a horrible growling noise about as loud as he gets.  Very weird she has been making goo-goo eyes at him ever since he got here.  Don't know if she was trying to protect Coquette her best friend or jealous.....LOL

Although he was tested for testosterone and has a low count like a gelding would, he sure seems hormonal.  He and Big Gus got here on the 30th of October, so it's been about a month.  We'll see if he settles down in a couple of days and if so wait and see how he acts in about a month.  If he becomes a wild man again, I guess we'll have to see if there is some sort of hormone treatment.  I doubt it, but you never know, they have a treatment for just about everything these days. In the meantime we are making sure all the gates are open, so no one can get trapped in a pen.   

Heard from Lynn and Linda in California, they are ready to come home already.  We were on the phone and you could hear sirens really loud.  I guess they are on the streets almost constantly.  They've got a lot of the same guys working that work for them every year, it's like family.  That part they enjoy, but not a lot of the stress that goes with it.  Can you believe people will change a cheaper tag on a more expensive tree, I mean we are talking about Christmas for heaven's sake...!!!

They did get to go to the doggie beach one day, the dogs really enjoy the beach.  

Don't know who's having the most fun

Lennon always carries something in his mouth, even when chasing something being thrown

Pure joy......!!!

Time for bed

All the donkeys are doing pretty good, doctoring is down to Boaz's chest, Bella's eye and proud flesh areas on her flanks, Big Gus' butt wound and everyone else just gets a daily look see.   Quilla came in yesterday with a nasty gash on one of his rear legs.  Greasewood, ie creosote bush leaves a nasty wound if they gouge their legs on it.  John put some Underwood Horse medicine on it yesterday and it really looks good today. 

I'm in the process of changing out some of the feed buckets.  By the time Linda gets back, I might have it all figured out.  But right now it's very confusing, I'm spending a lot of time changing buckets and name tapes, but when I get thru there will be no more flat pans, at least that's the plan. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

I'M BACK........!!!

Seems like the last few days have REALLY been hectic, more so than usual.  I've never understood people that say they are bored.  I'd like to try for some of that boredom, just to see what it's like......!!!!  LOL

BlackJack and the gang hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with lots to eat. 

Linda took this picture of BlackJack before she left

Lynn and Linda finally headed for California yesterday a day late.  They were hoping the RV for them to stay in on the tree lot would be there yesterday, but when they got there last RV.  The boss said he'd get them a motel........yep like that's going to happen with 4 large dogs.  They ended up staying in the booth where people pay Linda for their trees for the night, with 4 dogs to keep them warm.  They were suppose to go to the doggie beach today, but haven't heard if they are instead embroiled in setting up the lot to open up tomorrow morning.  Set up isn't their job, but you know how that goes sometimes.....!!!  And so far there seems to be a few "problems"........!!!  LOL

We ate Thanksgiving with our friends Terry and Larry.  Linda has been doing the feed pans since I've been gimping around with my little friend "Bracie", so when we got home from dinner, I got to relearn the feed pans.  A few changes and of course Bella and Levi have been added.  Not sure what else has changed.  It isn't too bad, but there are 27 pans to deal with and if we had been planning ahead we would have built a larger feed room.......LOL  The pans are in 5 groups to put in order, and it's going to take a few times to figure out where to put them empty and where to put them when they are ready to go, so the sequence makes sense.  Maybe I should have went out and watched Linda a couple of times before she left.  As small as the feed room is, I'd have been in the way.....!!

The doctoring is down to just 3 with a few of the others being observed, to make sure they don't erupt with something new.  Still doctoring Bella's eye although it is getting better, slowly.  Where the 2 areas of proud flesh were cut off are looking really good, hopefully they will heal without the proud flesh coming back.  

Link has rubbed his butt so that's getting doctored, hopefully the hair will grow back, so far he has a bald area.

Big Gus, has his place on his fanny, it's getting better, although John says there is an area that looks like the skin and hair has a pushed up area.  I have been staying away from Big Gus, although he doesn't seems to be squirrely, but he's big enough if he turned quick, I wouldn't be able to move fast enough to get out of the way.  But I guess I'm going to have to go look at his butt to see what is going on.  

I guess Rambo is finally fitting in, he hasn't had any new swollen places or chunks of hair missing for the last few days.  He certainly has been a surprise, I don't think he's even yelled and screamed at any of the donkeys lately.  Lynn's already talking about taking him to Colorado next summer to see if he wants to be a pack burro racer.  He's strong and pretty quick, so he might make a good one. 

We are signed up to the Tucson Rodeo Parade again February 21, 2019.  There will be some changes this year.  Since Lynn and Linda have been working with The Running Shop and some of their runners with the donkeys, I signed up for 12 donkeys and handlers for the parade, just in case others would like to participate.  Last year we only had 6 donkeys and handlers, and the donkeys were quite a hit.  Unfortunately we didn't get to finish the complete route, so that is our goal this year.

Last year we dressed in western period costumes.  I suggested this year blue jeans and t-shirts with our logo on them.  Much simpler but not as eye catching.  The rodeo is a theme, of western, cowboy, native American, etc. so you can't just wear anything.  Maybe we could mix the two ideas together, any ideas would be appreciated.......!!!

We've also got to come up with an idea for the Salute to the Troops parade in Tombstone this year.  We've been in it 2 years and finished 3rd both times.  We're determined to finish 1st, still working on ideas.  We've got flags for each branch of the services, but if anyone has ideas for costumes, let me know. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Have had nothing but rave reviews of the fun run with the donkeys yesterday.  The donkeys all loaded pretty good in the dark, got to the park, got set up and were ready to run by 8AM.  There were plenty of people wanting to run with them, some of the donkeys went out 2 or 3 times.

The Running Shop has a facebook page with pictures and comments from some of the participants.  This morning some of the people came out here to practice with the donkeys and to choose their running partner for the pack burro race in Tombstone, March 9th.  I guess it will be first come first serve, Linda has already lost her running buddy to one of the women that was here this morning I think.  LOL

The Running shop is talking about having a Doughnut Burro fun day in January.  Wonder where we could get some more donkeys......... we're going to have more runners than donkeys again probably.  LOL

Leo, Levi and maybe Coquette strutting their stuff

Justin, BlackJack and cute little Cheyenne in the front doing her thing.  She was a big hit, everyone always thinks she's so cute.  She's already been spoken for when the Tombstone race is ran.  She is so little maybe people think she's safer than the larger donkeys.  I don't think so, I've seen her back up any of the other donkeys large or small. She can make those hind feet really fly if she wants to. 

This is the herd waiting for the fun to start, still a little early in the morning.

While they were busy in Tucson yesterday with the Burro Burrito fun race, I was holding down the fort here.  Tyler and Dr. Jeremy both came out in the morning to work with the ones with bad feet.  Gus is always first and they decided to put casting material back on his feet, since he hasn't been as comfortable this time as he has been in the past.  The bones inside his hooves are probably loose, and the casting material gives his hooves some extra strength.  I know from looking at x-rays the bones aren't lined up properly.  

Tyler is talking about having a symposium for professional farriers and trimmers.  He said he sees so many donkeys that are not being trimmed properly.  By now everyone should know that donkeys are not little horses physically, but a lot of farriers, try to trim their feet like horse feet.  He said I have enough interesting feet to be used as a training area, so if he gets it organized, that's what we'll do.  Poor Gus will probably be the star of the show.

Tyler did Big Gus and Rambo's feet.  Remember I thought Big Gus had canker and they both had thrush.  They might have had thrush, but Linda has been spraying their feet with bleach and Tyler found no evidence of thrush and they decided what I thought was canker was actually overgrown sole that looked like popcorn.  Dr. Jeremy had us put fresh gravel in Big Gus' pen and he's also been going out roaming in the rocks and sand, to hopefully break down that overgrowth.  Guess it helped because other than having extremely thick hoof walls, trims completed  on both of them and their feet look so much better.  

BUT.........they both were brats, Rambo insisted he wasn't going into the stocks, but 3 men changed his mind, in he went and out the other end he went, squashing Tyler on the way......  That would have been a Kodak moment, if I had my camera.  

Big Gus wasn't much better, in fact he was pretty adamant about not cooperating, until Dr. Jeremy and drugs changed his mind.  

When we picked them up, Big Gus has a nasty looking cut, slice whatever you want to call it, on the inside of his butt, close to his tail.  Linda had been doctoring it, but it didn't seem to be healing in a timely manner.  

He's got the long hair of a French Poitou and it was caught up in the flap of skin with serum, scabs the area looked like a science project.  Dr. Jeremy clipped the hair and cut off the flap of skin about an inch by 3 inches.  It should heal quickly now that it doesn't have all that stuff on it.  We can't figure out how he got such a wound in such a place, very weird.
The general guess on Big Gus' age from Dr. Jeremy and Tyler was around 25.  My guess had been early 20's so I was in the ball park.  I was going by what little I know of his history and adding years for what I didn't know.........LOL   Also looking at his front teeth, as equine age the front teeth grow longer and instead of top and bottom lining up with each other, as they grow longer the teeth angle out in front.  That's where the old saying, "long in the tooth" came from. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Linda, Lynn and John just left with 2 stock trailers and 13 donkeys, headed for Tucson.  They started rounding up in the dark and left in the dark.  I watched from the courtyard and it actually went pretty good.

Of course that leaves 14 others still in their pens, and by now they are probably wondering when breakfast will be served.  Actually it was served last night at bedtime, when they are usually let out to roam around all night.  

Rather than figure out who is going to Tucson, who gets let out, and figuring out how to get everyone fed, the decision was made to leave everyone in all night and to feed them last night.  It takes at least an hour for the donkeys to eat, so the humans would have had to get an hour earlier than the unearthly hour they had to get up at anyway.......!!  

The ones that went to Tucson, will be distracted by the trip and once they get there they will have lots of attention to keep them distracted from the fact that they didn't really get breakfast.  That leaves the 14 here with no distractions. 

Tyler is coming in about an hour to work on feet, and after he gets done I'll let them out, and they will probably just wander off and self feed for the day.  But in the meantime, they are letting me know that the routine schedule isn't being followed...... loudly......!! LOL

This is Rambo's first outing practicing as a racing burro.  Linda said he did really well, and in the video he looks like he knows what he's doing.  The swelling where he was kicked is going down and almost gone.  So far no new wounds, so hopefully he's fitting in with the herd.  

A couple of ladies came out last week to visit the donkeys.  This week they came back just to drop off a big jar of animal crackers for the kids with a nice note.  This is the GOOD animal crackers.... LOL   We usually just get the ones at Walmart.

Some of Linda's recent pictures.....

Cisco and Big Gus look like "brothers from another mother" except Big Gus is a lot bigger than Cisco

John handing out treat to the boys.  You can tell the difference in size in this picture.

Mr Jasper has thinned down some, still has pones on his side, but they are getting smaller.  And his feet don't seem to bother him as much.  Too bad we didn't get a chance to help his mother.

Turbo and his "shadow" Link.......Link was in the trailer for the outing today.  This will be his first time out in public.  He's become quite the ham when people come out on tours, so I'm sure he'll have a good time.

Lynn, Linda and the 4 dogs will be headed for California this week to sell Christmas trees.  From the stories they've told, they are busy from the time they get there until the time they leave.  It's a lot of work, but they are really good at multi-tasking and seem to handle it well. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018


After all our worries about him being a bully and hurting someone, guess who is getting beat up.  He has hair missing in 2 or 3 spots and a big bulge on the front of his chest, where someone has really kicked him good.  As far as I know he hasn't been aggressive with any of the geldings, although he and Penny his next door neighbor in the pens seem to have a thing going..........!!!  Usually after a couple of days of a new gelding coming on the property, the girls give up trying to entice him  NOT PENNY.........she's determined.........LOL  And he's more than willing to play the game, although I don't think they are an item when they are out of the pens, just when they are penned side by side.  

There might be one less donkeys for the race Saturday, Pepsi is limping around today.  He reacted when John squeezed his leg above his knee, which is a weird place to react, usually it's the hoof or fetlock.  Hopefully it will be OK by Saturday morning and he'll get to go, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun, especially since Justin and the 2 mini girls are going.  I think the last I heard there are 33 people signed up to run with the donkeys, so most of them will probably run 2 or 3 times.  It was suppose to be 5K, which is a little longer than 3 miles, but Lynn and Linda checked out the trail and it's about 2 miles to a bridge.  Bridges can be a deal buster, if the donkeys haven't trained for them.   About half of them know bridges, the others would probably balk big in the interest of camaraderie and feeling good about the outing, it probably will be better to turn around at the bridge and have a shorter race.

This afternoon Lynn and Linda took some of the donkeys that haven't been out for short runs.  Lynn has been itching to play with Rambo, so out he went, and he seemed to think running is fun.  BUT he is NOT going Saturday, he's still too much of an unknown entity, and besides Tyler is coming Saturday morning to reset Gus' shoes and trim Big Gus and Rambo.  They've been getting bleach put on their feet every day, for days, but Tyler will use a knife and dig around and will probably find areas of thrush that have been hiding.

This is what Boaz looked like yesterday morning.  Linda got him all cleaned up and it was one little cactus spine, must have went into a vein, poor guy.

Yesterday Lynn and Linda helped our neighbor mend some fence way out in the boonies.  It's in pretty rough country and vehicles can't get there.  So Leo and Loki "volunteered" their services.   That was the 1st time either of them had done real packing and I guess they did really good. 

You can see from the pictures their loads were a little weird.

Loki was carrying T-posts

Inside that piece of carpet is a chain saw

Leo with Linda strutting his stuff

I'm sure all that metal stuff was noisy, but Loki didn't seem to mind

Loki helping Jorja eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Leo and Loki were turned loose and they stayed close

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Lynn, Linda and John  are going to try to take 13 donkeys to the 5K run Saturday in two trailers.  I have a feeling the donkeys are going to really be popular.  They have over 20 people wanting to run with the donkeys and over 60 people interested.  To add to the fun and adventure, some of the donkeys have only been out once or twice on a lead running, so this will all be a new experience for them.  

Some of them have not loaded in a trailer but a couple of times, one being Levi.  His momma loads with no drama.  When John picked them up to bring Levi out here, John said if the man hadn't got home from work, he'd probably still be there.  LOL

                                   Here was his first "training" session with Lynn and Linda a couple of days ago.  


NOPE..... NOT DOING IT.  If you notice his fanny is flat on the ground. He pulled that stunt when John tried to load him too. 

DO I HAVE TO.........??


This session was about 20 minutes I think Linda said.  Yesterday was about 10 minutes.  Today, she asked Lynn what time it was and Levi loaded himself almost before she got an answer.  

He is one of the ones going that hasn't had much training.  This is going to either be a lot of fun, or an adventure, can't wait to find out which......!!! LOL

I am so proud of Rambo, I don't know what to say.  He seems to have integrated into the herd.  Most of the trouble has been from the other boys, kicking and laying their ears back.  He's been backing up when they do that.  Yesterday the "herd" went by Linda and she said he was in the middle of it.  Last night he got to go out with the herd at bedtime and no one came in this morning with body parts bloodied or missing, so he's out with the herd today.  He did do a screaming fit at one of the other boys, when he was still in his pen and Linda was there to yell at him and smack him a couple of times.  But he seems to have settled down a lot and wanting to be part of the herd.  YIPPEE.......!!!

This is BlackJack, Lynn and Big Gus.  For some reason when they aren't close to each other BJ looks smaller than BG, here they look about the same size.  Both of them probably have some French Poitou blood in them.