Sunday, December 27, 2020


 Just a few more days and we will say goodbye to a year that has been a trial to say the least.  Looks like nothing is going to change in the near future, and no light at the end of the tunnel.  

We've been having quite a few tours and yesterday we had a large group come out to run with the donkeys in preparation for the 5k race on New Year's Day at the Triangle T Ranch down in the Dragoon mountains.  I think Linda said there are 47 people signed up.  Some are bringing their donkeys, some of running our donkeys, some are running without donkeys and some are sharing their virtual race times and hopefully videos to participate in the fun.  

John is going to set off an air horn to start the race.  That should be interesting, it probably won't startle our donkeys.  We use the air horn when we're doing roundup and all the donkeys have gone to their pens and we still have someone out looking for them.  So the donkeys are use to hearing it.  BUT, not sure about some of the others, so the start might be entertaining....!!  LOL

We have some excitement happening this week.  About a month ago a couple came out for a tour, I think Burroland was open, so the donkeys were everywhere.  We took them around in 2 of our 3 golf carts.  One of them has no brakes and the other one has been chewed on by donkeys and the seat just barely has a place for you to sit.  We're use to it, but obviously it made an impression on them.  They called last week and are bringing us a golf cart...!!!!  Lynn and John have already made a spot for it in the hay barn and it will only be used for tours...!! At least that is the plan.  

I haven't taken very many pictures this month, so I'll share some of Linda's videos of the donkeys out for training.  I'll just share links, some of them are larger than Blogspot allows.  

Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry

Working out in Arizona 

Getting ready for New Year's 5k


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