Sunday, January 03, 2021


I've been trying to update and share all the fun we had at the New "Ears" Race New Year's Day, but it hasn't happened.  The last couple of days have really been hectic and I just didn't get 'round to it.  


The day before, the donation golf cart was delivered.  Isn't it pretty compared to the 2 we usually use?  It's not going to be used for work or pretty soon it's would look like them...!! LOL  I'm sure people that need to ride to see the donkeys, will appreciate having a nice cart to ride in.  Hopefully Jeff and his wife will come out again and get to enjoy their donation.

 For those that didn't make it out to the Triangle T for the race, it was really fun.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.


I guess John is ready for the New Year

Actually we aren't partying, we're waiting for dinner, left to right Linda, John, our dear friend Georgette, me and Suzanne.  Don't know where Lynn was.

The area is beautiful, but the trails have to be marked.  Thanks to all the volunteers that came out and helped with all the pre-prep for the race.


 Some of the runners the night before waiting for the fun to start.

The forbidding tunnel

Ready to run, as soon as the air horn goes off

And they're off..!!!
Linda and Misty doing their thing, Heather is right behind them....!!

People without donkeys ran too

Three of our donkeys taking the tunnel in stride, Buddy, Loki, and Benji
Not the finish the "hooman" was expecting.  That line of flour looks pretty dangerous.  This is when the begging and pleading starts.......!!  LOL

Trophies of the southwest made of Cholla

Me, Oliver, John McBride, and John.  This was Oliver's 1st race, and John McBride's 1st race and they came in 1st......!!  


Linda and our friend Georgette showing off their medals after the race
All the feedback we've gotten has been very positive, I think a good time was had by all and people are already talking about next time.  Sounds like fun, we'll try to make sure it happens. 
Thanks to Craig Mills, Michael Munoz, and Roadrunner Race Timing for the photos.  If I missed anyone, let me know.


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