Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 John and I went over to Cocopah Raceway over by Yuma for the 1st two nights of the IMCA Winter Nationals.  Had a great time, lots of good racing even if it was really too cold to be sitting around watching guys have fun in the dirt.

Went from there over to Apache Junction for the 1st two races of the Wild West Shootout.  The 1st night they had 171 cars, 2nd night 173 and this was in the middle of the week.  They really had a great show, managed to get all those cars on the track for their heat races, then the B mains for those that didn't finish well enough to automatically move up to the main events in a 5 hour show.  

 Heading out tomorrow to go back to Yuma for 2 days of races that includes Sport Compacts.  Those are like my car only they can do more to the motor and with tires, than the Hornets can.   John said we could load up my car and show up.  I'm not that interested in embarrassing myself, those cars would eat my little Neon, I'd be lucky to not get lapped.....!! LOL

Then back to Apache Junction for 3 more nights of Wild West Shootout, with Modifieds and Super Late Models.  They really put on a good show.

While we're cris-crossing Arizona, the idea occurred to me that it would be nice if the tracks were closer together, but can't complain about the races, they both are really putting on great shows.  

This is one of the 2 steers they bring to the races every year.  Last year one of the winners got on one of them, this year I think all the winners ended up on one.  The steers just looked bored....!!


This "golf" course is right across the road from our motel in Apache Junction.  It looks like a deserted field, but is marked for golf.  Probably would be an "interesting" course to play, if you like a challenge..........!!!  LOL

We did a day trip one day before the races that night.  Drove to Globe for lunch, thru the mountains.  Unfortunately it was Sunday and not much open in Globe, so we turned around and headed back to the motel to put all the clothes on we had, it was that cold.  Sitting in open bleachers for hours really takes dedication to the sport.


Saw the sign for Coolidge Dam, never saw the dam.  We were headed for the San Carlos Reservation and were stopped by a guard.  The reservation is completely closed to anyone not living there, because of Covid.  I guess they have had way too many cases and quite a few deaths and are trying to keep it from getting worse.  The dam is behind this sign, but in order to see it we would have had to go on the reservation.  

Hadn't seen a donkey since we left Benson.  Saw this on a motel in Globe and took a picture.



But on the way home thru Florence we stopped by the State Prison, when the inmates train BLM donkeys, so they have a better chance at getting a good home.  They had quite a few burros, but not as many as the last time we were there.  Saw a jenny in the jenny pen that could just barely move she was so pregnant.  Almost all the jennies they get are pregnant if they come off the range.  When people get in touch with me to adopt and we don't have any available, I usually tell them to go to the BLM pens and get a jenny just off the range and chances are they will end up with 2 donkeys.  

Got home yesterday and I don't think our donkeys even missed us.  It's really nice to have Suzanne, Lynn and Linda here, we don't have to worry about the donkeys and if they are being taken care of while we are gone.  

 Suzanne said this is what she usually sees when she comes out in the morning, the minis standing at her door step waiting for her to come out and play.

While we were goofing off, training continued here at home.  There are some races coming up this spring and they are going out almost everyday with new runners learning how to run with donkeys

I haven't figured out how Linda manages to run with a donkey and take video at the same time, but she's getting really good at giving you an idea of what it's like to run with a burro......!! 


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