Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 Yesterday John came in with a very heavy box.  When we opened it, it looked a lot like a box we got a few weeks ago, from Debra in Ohio.  Lots of canned pumpkin for Cisco's elimination problem and goodies for people and dogs alike.  What a nice surprise.  Her daughter and son-in-law live in Arizona and have been out here to visit the donkeys.  I can't remember if Debra has been out here or not.  She even individually wrapped the cans of pumpkin. 

    Rescue isn't always fun, some situations will make you wonder if there is any hope for the human race.  But then someone like Debra comes along that makes you realize the good people outnumber the bad.  We just have to keep doing our thing and making a difference when we can. 

Cisco is the brown donkey, with his friend Shiloh a few years ago.  As you can see they eat other things besides pumpkin.  Cisco dearly loves his pumpkin.  It makes a big difference with his chronic constipation and he gets a can of pumpkin daily.  If we are a little slow dishing out the pumpkin on top of his mush, he lets us know that there is suppose to be pumpkin there, so where is it?  


Did everyone get to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn last night?  We started going out just after 6pm when they were just close together.  John said it looked like a car quite a distance away, with one bright headlight and one not as bright and rather fuzzy looking.  Over the next hour we went out about every 10 minutes to check on them.  They never really got closer, the last time John checked they had dropped below the Rincon mountains between us and Tucson, so we couldn't see them anymore.  I guess they finally got up lined up like they said they would, but because of the mountains we don't know.  

This picture was on the internet, someone took it with I assume a really good camera.  It wasn't near this clear and bright with the naked eye.  


 Not much going on around here, Suzanne is still gone to visit family until after Christmas.  The preparations for the New Ear's 5K burro race are going well.  It's amazing how much behind the scenes work it takes to make an event like this happen.  Lynn, Linda and volunteers have gone out twice so far to mark the trail and I think Linda said they are going out again, before the race.  

Marking the trail is paramount to everyone having a good finish especially if there are choices, like a fork in the trail or even a right or left hand turn.  If it isn't marked well , which way do you go?  One of their last people races wasn't marked very well, and Lynn got to run a few miles more than he needed to.  Of course he got to see things the other runners didn't get to see.  But he was in 2nd place when he took a wrong path and he lost a lot of positions before the finish.

 Anyone that is in the SE Arizona area that isn't doing any thing New Year's Day, should come down to the Triangle T Ranch in the Dragoon mountains right off I-10 and enjoy meeting the donkeys and watch the race.  It should be a lot of fun.  



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