Monday, December 24, 2018

THEY MADE IT..........!!!

This morning I woke up about 2am and decided to get up and come in the great room, where I would be able to see headlights coming in the driveway when they got here.  They hadn't showed up by 4am, so I went back to bed.  

Imagine my surprise when John went out this morning and Lynn and Linda were playing with the donkeys....!!! They got in a little after 1am, said they came in the house and roamed around for awhile.  I don't know why they didn't just stay in the house, at least it was warmer than anywhere else.  LOL

They entertained us with stories of running a Christmas tree lot this morning and are napping this afternoon to catch up on missed sleep.  Linda has been keeping a list of stories to share because she was too busy to e-mail them.  Between the helpers and the customers  I don't think she will run out of stories anytime soon.......!!!  

The four dogs seemed really excited to be back.  They don't have a lot of room at the tree lot to run around, so I guess they spend a lot of time sleeping.  So far today they have been wide awake and running all over the place.  Well Lucy was harassing Big Gus, or he was harassing her, I couldn't tell which.  The dog pen shares a side with his pen.  She was barking, snarling and lunging at him.  He was standing close to the fence with his butt turned to her, just standing there.  I think they both were getting something out of the experience, I'm just not sure what.........LOL  

Now that Linda is back I'll have more pictures to share, once she gets back in the groove.


ellie k said...

Some very good news to hear they are back safe and will be waiting to hear the stories. Have a Merry Christmas and great new year.

Tish said...

Merry Christmas to you Ellie, I hope 2019 is a year filled with health and happiness for you.