Friday, December 14, 2018


I knew it was about time, but I had to ask Linda for sure.  As of today he is a year old.  He still looks rather under done and probably will for the next year or so.  He's still got some growing to do.

He's got his head in the Dutch door of the feed room.  When we put that door in we actually thought we were doing it for air flow.  But we quickly found out, it is also a place for donkeys to stick their heads to see if there might be something to eat being offered. 

Lynn and Link out on the main road talking to our neighbor Vic

Lynn and Link, taking a break from training

Today when we were leaving for  physical therapy for my knee, when we went out to get in the car, Rambo was chasing Coquette with lust in his heart.  She was kicking him in the chest and the jaw and he seemed to think it added to the fun...........Jeesh.....!!  They were running thru the pens, which is why I always want all the gates open, so the girls have as many escape routes available as possible.  Years ago we had a jenny being chased by Paladin another silly boy and she tried to jump over one of the corral panels and got her foot caught.  I found her literally hanging with her foot caught up high.  Yelled for John he had to go up to the garage to get a saw to cut the upright pipe on the panel.  Thank goodness she was a donkey, a horse probably would have panicked and broke her leg.

John said earlier this morning Rambo was romancing Lynn one of the minis and she was trying to cooperate........  if and when we ever find a home for him, it will have to be JENNY FREE....!!  He no longer challenges the geldings, but he sure likes the ladies...........!!!

It was 19 degrees here this morning at sunrise.  One thing about the desert, as soon as the sun comes up it usually starts warming up.  It didn't get short sleeve weather today, but with the sun shining brightly, it really nice, even if you have to wear long sleeves.

The snowbirds, " ie" winter visitors have been coming in for the last month or so.  You can tell who they are, we've got on jackets and long sleeves.  A lot of them are in sandals and shorts......LOL

Nineteen degree weather means ice on the water buckets, actually pretty thick ice.  Donkeys will not break ice to get a drink.  Although all the pens have buckets in them, they aren't heated.  We have a heated automatic waterer and also a 100 gallon water tank with a heater floating in it.  Although John breaks the ice on the individual buckets, we've noticed they all wait until they are let out of their pens and drink at one of the 2 heated places instead of drinking cold water.  Not drinking enough water can be a problem in the winter for equine and can cause colic.  So it is pretty important to make sure they drink enough.

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