Tuesday, January 01, 2019

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH............

OK, we've had our winter between Christmas and New Year's........time for spring....!!!  LOL  This is what greeted us this morning, after rain starting at bedtime last night. 

Wasn't much, but there was enough Linda could make a snowball to throw at Lynn

Don't think you can see it, but there is snow falling in this video, unless you enlarge it.

Guess this would be classified as a "dusting", it was almost too warm and I'm really surprised that it made it to late morning

The cactus and agave will appreciate the extra little drink

The dogs of course think it's great, especially Lennon and Lola.  Lucy is "mature" and she prefers her creature comforts like heat and a soft bed.  Saddik is kind of a wimp when it comes to cold weather.  I can sympathize with his position.  He's got really short hair, no undercoat at all and if he does go out when it's nasty, doesn't stay long. 

I have to brag on every donkey and even Casper the mini mule............!!!  Courtney came yesterday to trim everyone that needed it.  Linda got out the halters and leads and they went to the west end to start with Rambo.  He had to be drugged when Tyler did him right after we brought him home.  They were trying to put him in the stocks and he didn't seem to think he wanted to go, was pretty adamant about it and Dr. Jeremy gave him a happy shot.  

So the preparations for battle were ready.  Courtney said she would do Boaz first and let Rambo see that it didn't hurt and Boaz got lots of cookies.  Finished with Boaz, went into Rambo's pen and they decided to "try" Rambo without a halter or lead............ he did it like a pro, didn't fuss about anything she did.  Of course Lynn was shoving cookies in his mouth, so he didn't have time to think about what was happening to his feet.  

So up the line Courtney went doing her thing, got to Loki and I said he'll have a halter.  I got out voted for trying without.........he did just fine.  Next was Big Gus, who came in with really bad thrush.  Courtney said his legs are really stiff and swollen and he might have DSLD.  I have never dealt with DSLD, reading up on it, donkeys aren't mentioned, but I did notice when we picked him up his fetlocks were dropped.  Dr. Jeremy said that moving around out here over rocks  gullies and washes might strengthened them and I do think they look less dropped.  He was a little touchy about picking up his feet, but he didn't fight and Courtney said it's probably hard for him to stand on 3 feet.  But no halter.......!!

 Leddy has a reputation for trying to kill a guy that thinks he's a donkey trainer.  When Lynn and Linda got Leddy he wasn't the least big interested in having his back legs messed with.  There was a clinic and Leddy was to be used to show how to pick up reluctant back feet.  Didn't happen.  I guess he and the guy came to an agreement in front of an audience that the guy would leave Leddy's feet, front and back alone and Leddy would let him live.......!!!  LOL  Leddy is the most laid back, mellow donkey you would ever want to meet, so Lynn and Linda were quite surprised, guess the trainer was too........LOL  When they brought Leddy down here and Courtney was going to do him they told her about his blow up.  He was haltered that time, but no blow up, same thing, Courtney let him watch the others before she did him.  Courtney uses power tools, which is an added possible problem, but hasn't been.  This time........no halter........!!! 

Courtney thinks Leo doesn't like her.  She doesn't understand Leo doesn't like most of us.........LOL  He looks at us like we're bugs under a microscope, most of the time.  He stood like a champ, no problem at all.  

Levi was to be the next problem child, he can be squirmy if he doesn't want to do something.  He was being squirmy and the halter was getting close to his eye, so Lynn took the halter off, held him around the neck and gave him lots of cookies.  That was the 3rd time Courtney has done him and he did better without the halter and Lynn holding him than with the halter.  

Last but not least was Jasper and Casper.  Jasper has had some ouchy feet the last few days, probably from the cold and rain and now snow.  Linda is putting boots on him today to see if it makes him more comfortable.  They put one on him last night and let's say it wasn't a big hit, in fact he was trying to chew it off.  I assume he's never had anything on his foot before.  

Casper the mini mule has actually been doing really good lately.  As far as we know he hasn't gone outside the perimeter fence in a long time.  He usually hangs with Turbo and Link, Linda says he doesn't know he is little and thinks they are his kind of guys.  Yesterday we had 3 tours here all about the same time.  Some of the kids started trying to catch Casper.  I didn't see it, but was told, Casper was running just enough to stay out of reach and I guess he was really exercising the kids.  John said he'd look over his shoulder to see how close they were.  I guess he was playing a game because he could have taken off at any time and hid, but he didn't.   He was also done without a halter.  

So all in all, everyone behaved themselves, got their feet done and got lots of cookies............!!! LOL  

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