Wednesday, January 30, 2019

GOOD NEWS.........!!

The jack has not gone back to the ranch, but has joined a neighbor's small herd of cows.  The man knows the donkey and knows the owner that is still in rehab.  He said he has an arena that has a loading chute attached and is willing to take care of him until plans can be made for his future.  Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Texas has been made aware of the situation and has agreed to come and get him, once he is contained, which it sounds like he is.  

Peaceful Valley has about 3000 donkeys in their system and lease farms and ranches in Texas to allow the unadoptable to run free, such as the old BLM jacks.  By letting them run free, they have a much healthier, more interesting life than if they were kept in pens.  They go to the leases every few months, run the donkeys thru a chute to check teeth, feet overall health, worming and vaccinations if needed.  I would imagine the jack will end up on one of these leases, we've seen a video taken a few months ago of him coming up to the video taker with a fence between them.  He was open, and curious and very interested in her and what she was doing.  

We've heard people have come in with horses and tried to catch him and the rancher where he is says he has become scared of all people.  I know when we drove on the property with our 2 trucks and trailers, he immediately started trying to scare us by snorting and we never got close enough to see a couple of sarcoids on his nose.  The video from a few months ago shows them very good.  We never got close enough to see any details, except he is black, has 4 legs and long ears......!!!  I hope this works out for him. 

Sunday we had 17 people come out to run with the donkeys.  It really went well, I think everyone had a good time including the donkeys.  They all seemed to enjoy getting out with the people and running.

This is a bunch of them headed out on the road that goes by our fence line out to the main road.  

Hill climbing 101.......seriously, does this look like fun?  Must be, they were all laughing and smiling.....!!

Linda said running in the washes gives your legs a work-out.  I'll take her word for it........!!!  LOL 

It's getting about time to get ready for the Tucson Rodeo Parade.  Today Dave and Georgette came out to try to figure out the logistics of not only that parade, but the parade in Tombstone a few weeks later.  Linda said we have a list of walkers for both parades for 12 donkeys.  Quite a few of them are from The Running Shop that put on both of the fun runs in Tucson.  John and I will be rooting from the sidelines.  Last year his hip gave out and this year I'm still limping from my shattered knee. Just got the brace off last week after 4 months and am now enjoying PT.  Actually enjoying is not the word I would use to describe PT.  When I had the brace on, it seemed like they were gentle and nice to me.  Now they've become very bossy and expect results............LOL  The moral to the story careful what you ask for, my main goal in life for the last few months was to get rid of that brace..........!!!!  I didn't know it was keeping them from torturing me........!!  LOL

John went to Tucson today and picked up the new car for this year.  Our son put the roll cage in it and did a good job as usual.  He was a federally certified welder for many years and knows what he's doing.  Sometimes he's so meticulous it drives me crazy, BUT, he's never had a roll cage fail, I never have to wonder about his welding.  

It's going to take a lot of work to get it race ready.  The motor is somewhere, a friend took it to a shop he recommended and I don't know where it is in the lineup of work to be done at the shop.  And of course there are a million and one little things to be done by John and our friend Larry.  Larry worked on my last race car and said he'd never work on another hornet.  There isn't much room in them and he's almost as old as we are.  He and John have both said they get in positions and a lot of times they don't know if they can get out of them without help.  

I'm rather anxious to find out if I can get in the window opening.  The door will be welded shut, so the only way in is the window opening.  If I get in the next obstacle will be can I use the clutch to shift gears.  Not a big deal if you start the race and don't have any yellow flags.  But if there are restarts or you spin out, there will be shifting to do.  Wish me luck.

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