Tuesday, January 08, 2019


John took the neighbor her mail this afternoon and discovered tiny little footprints outside our fence headed for her place............hmmm.........wonder who they belong to?  The general consensus points to :  

Casper, the cute little white mini mule hanging out with his bigger buddies in this picture.  Which is where we thought he was spending all his time.  Obviously he is still sneaking out or at least occasionally trying it out.  SIGH!  What a brat he is, which is why we all think he is so cute.  Watching his mind work is a lot of fun, but I don't want to have to start worrying about where he's going.  

A few days ago, Lynn and Linda decided to halter Levi and Bella and introduce them to Burroland.  They have never shown any interest in going anywhere out of the pen area, except closer to the hay barn.  

The plan was to take them over to the far side of Burroland, take off the halters and let them find their way back and on the way maybe they would find something interesting enough to want to go over there again.  

Got them over there, took off the halters, Lynn and Linda headed back and I guess the "fur" kids almost beat them back to "civilization".........LOL  

Where are we going?

So far, so good

Hmmm.......never been here before...........!!!

Now what?

Oh no, you're not leaving us here all alone......!!!  We'll just go home with you......!!!

This is more like it......!!!

Always stay within sight of important areas.....such as the porch of the feed room......!!

I would imagine they have always been in a pen of some kind, and have never been able to just go where they want in a larger area.  I'm sure we've had other donkeys that had probably always been in pens too, but were curious enough to go off exploring when given the chance.  Not these two, not the least big interested in the "big" world........!!!  LOL

Levi was one of the 13 donkeys that participated in the Burros and Burrito fun run they had a few weeks ago and he did just fine.  He was just one of the donkeys without any drama or anything like he was uncomfortable being out of his element.  Maybe being with people makes a difference, they both are very easy to work with, so I would imagine being with people makes them more comfortable if out of their normal life style.  

Maybe someday they will get curious about the big world out there, but don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.........!!!

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