Saturday, January 05, 2019

I HATE SNOW..............!! LOL

It's been here for 3 days, even though the weather has started warming up and the afternoons are sunny and nice.  But if I look out the windows I see SNOW in the shadows.  It's already sunny today, so by this afternoon most of it will probably be gone.  YEA.....!!  

All of us have the ickies, probably some kind of head cold.  John started it, shared it with Lynn, then I got it.  By this time Linda was headed for town to get fighting power.  She also got a flu shot while she was in town.  She talked to the pharmacist and I think got everything the pharmacist recommended.........!!  Well, all that diligence didn't work for her, now she's got it.  John and I have been loading up on all the vitamin C, cough drops, orange juice.  I hope it's helping because we're all miserable and I'd hate to think it could be worse.........LOL

John and I were suppose to go up to ET Raceway at Apache Junction for the Wild West Shootout (on dirt) this week-end........but we chickened out.  When the weather is cold, there is nothing worse than sitting up in bleachers and we're miserable enough.  They will be racing next week-end, so hopefully we'll make it then.  We'll go up Friday, come back Saturday for the banquet, I've got to get my 5th place end of the year trophy.  Then we'll drive back up for the final race Sunday. I think last year the winner on Sunday got $14,000, I would imagine it will be more this year.  Of course when they interviewed him, he said it was already spent, he blew his motor on the last lap, poor guy. A lot of the drivers are coming in from cold country, South Dakota, Michigan, Canada, they will probably think the weather is just fine.......!!  UGH!

So for the most part we have just been doing what we have to do to take care of the donkeys.  

Does this look like "sunny" Arizona?  I think not....!!

Turbo and Link heading out in the snow

Big Gus doesn't let inclement weather interfere with his begging

The 19th of January is going to be another Donkey run in conjunction with the Running Shop in Tucson.  They have really gotten behind the idea of people running with the donkeys. 

Unfortunately within a few hours of putting the ad on Facebook they had to put up this ad:

I didn't get to go to the last run, but should be able to make this one.  I'm not going to be very useful, but I'll get to participate in all the excitement.  Hope it doesn't get too exciting, from what I was told the donkeys all did really well last time and seemed to enjoy the adventure.  There is some talk of taking Rambo, which ought to liven up the fun.  LOL    It seems like about once a month he acts like a jerk chasing the girls with a vengeance.  Which makes me think it's hormonal even if his testosterone levels are low, which proves he is a gelding.  When I talk to Dr. Jeremy next time, I'll ask him if they have a shot he could take to hopefully mellow out his hormones.  Or maybe after all he's just a jerk......!!  If he went Lynn would probably have to be in charge of him, we couldn't put him with people that aren't familiar with equine.  And he can get pretty pushy if he gets excited.

Don't know yet when they will be coming out here to meet all the donkeys. Some of ours can't travel or run, so the people will get to meet them too.  I know a couple of other donkeys that are probably going to come out then also. 

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