Sunday, February 03, 2019

BETTER NEWS............!!!

The jack is being picked up Tuesday by Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  They actually have a training satellite in Scenic Arizona and I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't where he is going, at least temporarily.  He has no health certificate or Coggins test to cross state lines yet and this is a wild burro training area........sounds like where he might belong for awhile.  

I think our  family is going to be growing a little bit this week.  We should be getting 2 donkeys in Tuesday, Trudie and Chancer.  Lynn and Linda are going to be working with them to learn pack burro racing.  They actually going to be on loan from Equine WellBeing up in Snowflake AZ.  Christine thinks they will be more adoptable if they have training and besides she says Chancer needs a job.  That's rescue talk for he's bored and probably gets into mischief.........!!  They will be delivered Tuesday, and I would imagine training will start Wednesday.  It's always exciting to get new "fur" kids in and watch them integrate into the herd.  If they like to run and are good students, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in Colorado. 

The brothers, Link and Turbo and their little shadow Casper, I think Linda is right, he thinks he's as big as they are.

I'm not exactly sure who these two are.......Jasper and Buddy maybe?  I'm pretty sure Linda will know who they are. 

Loki and his new friend Mely

This is a very flattering picture of Levi, you can't see his fat pockets that make his back flat enough you could set a dinner for 6 on it....!!  Poor little guy is on a diet, which he doesn't think much of.  He runs thru all the pens looking for scraps when we let him out of his pens after breakfast.  He doesn't let that extra weight interfere with running, he seems to be a natural at racing. 

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