Friday, February 08, 2019


Heard from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, they picked up the jack and he is now at their Texas headquarters in Texas.  They didn't say whether he will be gelded and trained for adoption or put out on a lease.  I would imagine he will go thru an evaluation process before any decision is made.  He's a pretty boy and I'm sure with a little effort, there is a perfect home for him out there.  Whichever way his life goes, he will be better off than where he was, with his owner probably not being able to come home because of his health, and the jack being so distrustful of people, there was no  easy options for him.  

Rambo has settled down again, of course I upped his supplement that is suppose to help him be mellow.  This morning he and Big Gus were play fighting.  That's the 1st time we've seen them even pay any attention to each other after being together for 6 years in their adopted home.  We figured they had enough of each other and were glad to not have to share their lives.  There are quite a few geldings here that like to play fight, so maybe it just took awhile for them to get back together as Rambo tried out everybody else.  Big Gus is usually by himself, he doesn't really hang with any of the donkeys.  He's more of a people type of guy.  

About 2pm this afternoon, Richard from way up north pulled in with Trudee and Chancer.  As we were talking Richard said the trip went well, except for the last 40 miles or so, he didn't realize it would be dirt road.

This is Big Gus, our official greeter.

Both John and I looked at each other in astonishment........he had used GPS or one of those directional guidance programs and I guess they told him the shortest way to get here, thru San Manual, rather than thru Tucson on Interstate 10........!!!  YIKES there are 3 counties involved in that dirt road and none of them take the responsibility for maintaining it, so it never gets done. He said Trudee was a little unsteady, no kidding.  We took a car trailer up there one time, lost a tail light and busted a couple of welds.  Not a road you take if you don't absolutely have to.  This is why we use an Atlas.........LOL

They were ready to "de-trailer", can't blame them after that road

They led nicely to their pen.  Lynn and Linda had put hay and water in the pen and Chancer had a drink and they both started looking around.  Probably wondering what the heck happened to their normal daily routine.

It didn't take long for the "NOSY NEIGHBORS" to show up

Trudee is a little more reserve than Chancer, he's seems really curious and more in your face.  He immediately was coming up to us for treats.

He might be more curious, but when the herd showed up, he stood behind momma to watch them for awhile before coming out to check out some of the ones that stuck their heads in the pen

Leo welcomed him, there were a couple of almost kicks, but for the most part no problems

Of course there is always one, that just has to see what's inside, this was Boaz.  He just checked it out and moved on.  If it had been Justin he probably would have been in it. 

They didn't seem upset or anything, just looking around their new surroundings

Richard and his wife Linda had fostered them for a couple of years.  She asked Rickard to give them a kiss before he left and Linda took a picture to send her

This is the most donkeys we've ever had on the property at one time, 29.  Of course 5 of them are Lynn and Linda's and these two are "loaners".  But that still puts us over our self imposed limit of 20 which is not unusual.  I think we've always been over more than under.  When Lynn and Linda are here it's too easy to say yes..........LOL

Tonight they stayed in, we usually keep them in a day or two, so they can get their bearings and so all the others can come by and say Hi or give them the stink eye depending on their point of view.  Lynn is anxious to see if they are interested in running, but that can wait a little longer until they get settled. 

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