Friday, February 08, 2019


John and I will take off in the morning, heading for Mohave Raceway to watch our friend Larry race on dirt for the 1st time since 2014, when our local dirt track closed.  Never been to that track, so it will be an adventure.  Hope Larry does good and brings his friend's car home in one piece.  

Larry and his friend are driving home after the races.  John and I will overnight up there to rest up.  We are also picking up a horse  from a rescue in Wikiup, for a friend.  Terry was actually suppose to go up with us on Monday to pick Willie up.  But John figured out how close Wikiup was to Mohave, he asked if we could take the stock trailer with us and pick Willie up a day early.  Otherwise after coming home Sunday, we would have turned around Monday and went back up to the same area.  Everyone agreed to the plan change, so that's what we are doing.  

Willie is a Haflinger.  Halflingers are very stout small draft horses, Teresa use to have a real nice horse and carriage but her horse died.  She hasn't said if she is going to start driving again or what she has planned for Willie.  She has offered to help Lynn and Linda with their plans to train Casper the little white mini mule to the little cart they got, just for him.  I don't think he knows what is in store for him as soon as they get what they need for his training.  Long driving lines and a surcingle a strap somewhat like a cinch, but it goes all around his body and the driving lines go thru rings on the side. At least I think that's how it works.

Today John and I took parts for the new race car down to Larry's.  Larry has been working on the car and was getting to a place where he needed the parts.  John managed to cut a finger with a cutting disc.  He has been on blood thinners since last summer, so of course he bled pretty bad.  They have a clinic in the little town where Larry lives, but they close at noon on Fri, so I took him to the emergency room in the Benson hospital.  It took about 3 hours to get 4 stitches, which took care of the problem.

 Not sure when I'll get time to update the blog.  Lynn and Linda actually took Trudee and Chancer for a walk over on Burroland today and said they both did really good.  Tyler is going to come out Sunday to trim their feet.  We were told Trudee is pretty good with her feet, but Chancer doesn't like to share his rear feet with anyone. 



Quilla sharing the love...........!!!


Witcheylady said...

I love the pic of Quilla giving you a kiss. He is such a sweetie. I miss the winter visits from him & Gus.

Tish said...

Quilla is one of the most expressive and lovable donkeys. He uses his ears and eyes all the time to tell you what he thinks.