Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today is the last day for Tucker's antibiotics.  The vet said it would be good to get another complete blood work-up to see how he is doing.  He doesn't realize how difficult it is to get things done in Cochise County.  As active as Tucker is, he certainly seems to be just fine, so I might just watch him for a few days.  I have my handy dandy thermometer, ready at a moment's notice, if he started acting "off", so we'll see how it goes.  

Yesterday morning Sha'ba was acting "off".  Didn't want to eat his breakfast, which for him is very unusual.  My best guess was gas colic.  When I took him temp, I got a big "blessing" & it wasn't long before he started eating & then wanted out.  I guess raising that tail, helped with the problem.  

Jenny still has an open abscess on the bulb of her hoof.  The thing has just continued to move around, so the whole side of her hoof & coronet has been involved.  We didn't soak this morning since it was already open.  A clean up with Betadine & then covering the whole area with ichthammol .  

John is now taking the fly masks off at night, so summer must be over.  The fly traps aren't filling up near as quickly...........YIPPEE!  Well except for Thelma, she doesn't mind it being taken off, but putting it back on can be a challenge.  Having this bum leg really puts a cramp in my style as far as working with the donkeys goes.  John's idea of putting on a fly mask is to stomp up from the front & put it on.  The donkeys that have been here for awhile have gotten use to this "abuse of manners" & allows him to do it.  Thelma obviously expects a little "wooing" & perhaps an approach from the side.  But I'm not ready to take a chance of getting knocked down.  

I'm not even feeding Sha'ba yet.  We have a relationship that consists of him butting me like a billy goat when I go in his pen with his bucket, & me trying to get away from him.  I know it isn't acceptable behavior, but he was so beat down when he got here, I was thrilled when he started showing a little moxey, & have let him keep doing it.  (And will do so for as long as he wants to do it)  But I still can't pivot or change directions with my leg, so can't take a chance.  

Thelma really doesn't care for ropes or heaven forbid a halter, so I guess that will be my first project when my leg gets stronger. 

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