Saturday, September 24, 2011



We had people come out yesterday for a tour, & I just got a call from some people wanting to come out tomorrow.  It's a little early for the "winter" visitors to start showing up, so I assume people are taking advantage of the "much" cooler weather we are having.  

We didn't know the people yesterday were coming, so the donkeys were out of the pens, thankfully just on the 10 acres.  We found most of them, & people do enjoy being able to wade into the herd, although it makes me a little nervous.  These were horse people, so they knew about being in close proximity with equine.  

Yesterday was suppose to be trim day for Thelma & Mocha & reset day for Falena's elongated shoe.  Tyler came out & said Thelma & Mocha's feet looked good & he didn't trim them.  Did say Thelma needs to move around more.  She doesn't move around a lot, I'm sure her feet hurt because they were so very long when we got her & it will take time for the bones in her feet to adjust.  There's nothing in her pen to make her move around, so John is working on her pen this morning to give it an outside gate, so we can let her in & out without having to go thru Mocha & Tucker's pen.  I hope she is cooperative when it comes time to go back in this afternoon.  

Tyler was quite pleased with the way Falena's foot is doing.  When we picked her & Selena up, she had been walking on the top of her foot probably all her life, at least long enough to wear the top of her hoof off flat.  So Tyler built her a complete hoof, using a special shoe & designing a front for her hoof with epoxy.  She walks right about 99% of the time, although she does stand with the foot turned over.  But Tyler said where her hoof is growing in new, is growing at the correct angle to eventually grow correctly, & she won't need the shoe.  It will take about a year, but that's OK.  They still belong to the state & the livestock inspector hasn't ever called me back, so we couldn't adopt them out anyway.  If I did, I'm sure the next day the livestock inspector would call........!!!!!  LOL

Falena isn't real cooperative, & in the ensuing battle, I got my hand caught between the rope & the 4x4 upright post I was trying to wrap the rope around.  The guys thought I should go for stitches, but I opted for super glue.  Getting stitches would be an all day process, & a lot of paperwork.  It sure seems like I'm getting beat up a lot lately.  Unfortunately it's my right hand, so the super glue is really getting a work-out, & not working as well as I'd like.  

John came in this morning & said, "you should have seen Tucker, he was really making high speed laps around & around his pen."  I want to get pictures of him running, but usually when I go out with the camera, if he is running, he decides to be a statue........or he's sleeping or eating.  The dogs usually tattle, when he's running like that.  I just need to coordinate getting my camera & getting out there in time. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

We so very much want to come and be one of your visitors one of these days!

Tish said...

I hope you make it, we'd love to meet you in person.