Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sha'ba & Georgette 2009
Sha'ba was ready to go this morning, it took very little drugs to release him from his pain.  

He had so much liquid draining from his nose & by the time the vet got here it was starting to have a red tinge to it.  He kept moving, like he was very uncomfortable & we could tell it was time.  

The vet's best guess was cancer with tumors either blocking his system, or tumors that had wrapped around his intestines  & were causing the contents of his stomach to back up thru his nose.  
You could just tell by looking at him his life hadn't been easy.  His ears had been cut off, he was blind in one eye, had an old break in a rear fetlock, & somewhere along the line someone had punched a hole thru his nose to use a bull ring, rather than a halter.  He would fight you if you tried to tie him up, & the shorter you tied him, the harder he would fight.  When we picked him up in Tucson 8 years ago we thought he was blind in both eyes, they were so infected.  He also weighed about 100 pounds less than he should.  We really didn't think he would be alive when we got him home.   We found out he could see a little bit, & he eventually gained weight , even though his teeth were worn off to the gums.  

He learned to trust people again, & enjoyed being with them.   Anytime we would go out on the property, if we went close to him, he would come over & then follow us around.  

A few years ago he was bitten by a rattlesnake on a front leg.  Didn't seem to bother him I guess the fangs hit his cannon bone & didn't release much venom if any.  

He had a spirit that couldn't be destroyed & our lives were much richer for getting to know him.  They are all special, but he was extra special...........we will miss  him. 


witcheylady said...

RIP Dearest Sha'ba.
You will be missed & remembered.

Dina said...

Thank you for restoring Sha'ba's trust in humanity.

Tish said...

We got so much more from knowing him than he did from us. I'll sure miss the little guy butting me like a goat, I was thrilled the first time he did that.

Susan and Joe said...

It has been a tough year for you guys. Thanks for gving this sweet guy a wonderful and safe home. You will have lots of braying and head butting waiting for you in heaven.

Morning Bray Farm said...

Wow, Tish. Thank you for taking care of him and letting him know he was loved after all.

Tish said...

He was very much loved by quite a few people, I don't know how many lives he touched, just being himself. He was my little muffin man. I always gave him double treats, because I don't think he got many treats in his life before.

Anonymous said...

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