Monday, September 19, 2011


It went as well as these things can go.  I have heard horror stories about ones that have gone wrong & can't imagine how horrible that would be, for all involved, especially the owner. 

When it was over, Nancy cut the bandage we put on yesterday, to exam the leg & also to see where the bandage failed.  The thin PVC collapsed, but the leg was like a piece of spaghetti, it had no tone to it at all below the knee.  It makes me feel better, Nancy said if we had tortured him for weeks or months, he still would have never been able to use that leg, 

John put him in the garage for the night, it was too late to try to bury him tonight & because of the drugs used, he couldn't stay outside.  It could poison any animal that might take a bite. 

We've lost 4 this year, way too many.  RIP Lucy, Noelle, Louise, & Beau.....!!!


Susan and Joe said...

This has been a rough patch for you guys. So sorry about Beau. He is just another casulaty of people who don't care for and train their animals properly. thnks for giving him and the other donkeys a fighting chance.

Tish said...

Yes I hope the future goes a little smoother at least for awhile.