Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last night I got a call from a woman.  Tyler had said something about her as a possible home for Beau, when he was out to trim him & the 3 jennies last month.  She has a 30 year old mare & a 2 year old donkey gelding & has been looking for a buddy for them.  Tyler thought Beau would be a good match.  I had to tell her what happened.  I'm always amazed at how things turn out sometimes.  I doubt that anything would have been different if she had called earlier, although she said she could have taken him as a jack, she has a place she could have kept him if necessary.  But I don't know that we would have let him go as a jack, because so many times people don't follow thru with getting them gelded. 

Doesn't really do any good to second guess, it is what it is, it just seems to be such a waste.  He was such a cute small standard & would have been a great little guy with some training.  

Everyone else seems to be doing pretty good today.  Since it's cooled off, & there are less flies doctoring is getting easier.  Jenny is still limping around 3 legged lame.  Yesterday when Lisa & I went out to doctor her, we noticed a "herd" of flies on her coronet & sure enough an abscess was draining, so that's 2 on that foot.  She's still favoring that foot, so I soaked her again this morning.  She still has swelling in the hock, so it's really difficult to tell where her problem really is.  She's tired of staying in her pen, & lets us know every chance she gets.  

Tucker is running around like crazy, still on antibiotics for 2 more days.  He's 2 weeks old today.  I've found out if I'm close to him, if I reach out & scratch his butt, he'll stand still for more scratching & rubbing.  Mocha is still being over protective, kicking & biting if she thinks it's necessary.  She even kicked at Vic yesterday, when he was in Thelma's pen.  When Tucker gets his antibiotics syringed in his mouth, she will nip you if she can.  We don't know if she's protecting him, or trying to get the karo syrup.  

Pepper is doing much better, he hasn't got down & needed help getting up in quite awhile.  

Quilla has discovered a new past time.  Selena & Falena both are entertaining the boys.  In fact they are the reason Beau tried to get out of the pens.  Quilla stays right with them & occasionally tries to do the "dirty" deed.  Not bad for an old guy that this time last year was fighting for his life from a rattlesnake bite.  Unfortunately 2nd in line is Pepper, he follows them around all day waiting for an opportunity.  So far Quilla hasn't gotten mean with him, for one thing all the 3 have to do is walk off, & it will take Pepper awhile to catch up.  But he doesn't mind getting in close if he can, he's never figured out that he is old & frail.  And I don't think he ever will. 

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