Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I will be in Missouri at my high school reunion until the middle of next week.  Vic will also be gone, so Lora his wife is going to be helping John, when Lisa doesn't come over.  

October 12th is Donkey Appreciation Day...........who knew........??  I certainly didn't.  Zeke's mom got in touch with us about the walkathon Zeke & Mike will be doing on the 12th from Tombstone to the front gate at Ft. Huachuca.  As I understand it, every year Zeke does something to raise money for charity.  This year he has decided to raise money to help his less fortunate donkeys that are in rescue or sanctuary, & has chosen Forever Home Rescue as the recipient.  What a wonderful thing for Teresa, Mike, & of course Zeke to do.

Sunday John & BlackJack are going to a photo shoot with Mike & Zeke to be used for publicity.  Guess I'll miss all the excitement.  I hope BlackJack behaves himself, he usually goes in the trailer pretty good & likes to be fussed over, so it should go well.  Of course he is a donkey & might decide this wasn't what he had planned for the day too..................!!!

This morning when John went out Tucker was in Thelma's pen.  There's an area between them that is just corral panels, & sure enough the little stinker found it.  John said none of the 3 seemed upset, which is surprising, I would have thought Mocha would have a fit.  

Thelma still doesn't show any signs of being pregnant, so maybe she isn't, but we'll continue to treat her like she is.


Morning Bray Farm said...

Hope you had a blast at your high school reunion! Thanks - I had no idea that October 12 is donkey appreciation day. :)

Tish said...

Had a great time, one of the guy's told me he had a crush on me in 1st grade.........!!! Good grief, I had the thickest glasses & the knobbiest knees you ever saw.

I didn't know about Donkey Appreciation Day either until Dee & Teresa got in touch & said Zeke & Mike were walking that day.