Sunday, September 04, 2011


Jenny may be smart enough to not hurt her leg anymore, but there is a lot of difference between walking a step or two here & there all night long & finding out the next morning you are a LONG way from the pens.  She's been moving towards the pens for the last couple of hours & yelling at us, I guess because we aren't moving the pens closer to her.  The swelling is fairly soft, but she isn't real interested in putting much weight on that leg.  

Also her other rear leg has a sore, wound, cut, or something, on the front, right where the hock bends, so both rear legs are compromised, & she is still wearing boots on the fronts.  I tried wrapping the whatever it is one day & wrapping a hock is something I've never really got the hang of, so the bandage slithered down the leg.  Actually it took a day for it to "slither", so I might try it again, if I can get down that far.  I'm doing pretty good with my leg, but bending it enough to kneel is not an option at this time.........!!! 

UPDATE:  She got as far as the pen area in the shade & that was it, not going any further.  We doctored her where she stood, went off doing things came back & she hadn't moved an inch.  SIGH!  I got a can of Strategy & Well Solve, stuck it in front of her nose & we started moving about teaspoon per step.  Of course by the time we had move 5 or 6 feet the word had gone out, "FREE FOOD BY THE PENS, IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE OLD LADY TO GIVE IT TO YOU".  I had a feeding frenzy & John was up at the garage doing something important I'm sure.  After about 10 minutes of them trying to get it & me trying to keep them from getting it, & Jenny getting in a step here & there, John finally showed up & took over being the bad cop.  I guess we'll go ahead & keep her in for a few days & see if that makes a difference.  

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