Thursday, September 01, 2011


This morning when I went out I looked under Mocha & Thelma just for fun,  & Mocha has "dinners"...............!!!!  Oh! boy, not sure we're ready for this, especially since Mocha is just a baby herself, but I guess whether we're ready or not, really isn't important, at this stage.  

The girl's pen is corral panels & a little one could easily squirm under a panel, so we have decided to move them up to the pen BlackJack & Cisco are in.  Three sides of it are cattle panels, which looks like concrete reinforcement panels.  John is going to run more cattle panels on the 4th side this afternoon over the corral panels, & will put chicken wire over the gates.

Now this change has not been discussed with BJ & Cisco, they've had that pen for years.  So I have a feeling moving them down to the girl's pen is going to be "interesting".  Cisco probably won't care but BJ likes status quo in his life.  He also likes to think he's the decision maker, in what goes on. 

Martha a friend that does equine massage & use to come out & work on Chester is planning on coming out next Tuesday & do massage on a couple of the donkeys & will also do some training with the girls.  The plan was to get them to where their udders could be handled in case we had to milk one for colostrum.  So I hope Mocha is just messing with our minds right now......!!! 

As it is John is going to be working in the hot sun this afternoon setting up their new pen, & sub dividing their old one for BJ & Cisco, can't take a chance that she is serious.  

Earlier in the month I put out a message about an old mule that was needing a home.  It looks like he's going to get one, not too far from where he lives now, thanks to the Facebook, & other messages flying around the internet.  One of our neighbors that has been helping John with chores was interested, his wife had a mule when she was a girl.  He was busy getting a place ready, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. 

It would be a good home for a mule needing a new home, so I'll keep him in mind.  Thanks to everyone that got involved to help this old gentleman find a good home.  Sometimes it just takes perseverance on the part of a lot of people, & some good luck. 

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