Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picture I took of Tucker this morning.  I had plans to take a movie, but he decided he'd rather play being a statue.  Maybe later today.

Our weather has really changed the last couple of days.  We had rain, & now it's chilly in the mornings.  Chilly enough that it might be time to start taking fly masks off at night again.  Most of the summer we've left them on, because the flies were getting up in the morning before we were & getting in their eyes. 

Went to Tucson yesterday & stopped by the track to see if the rain was causing problems.  I heard pumps running when I got out of the car, & sure enough, the track I run on was underwater, & one end of the big track was also under water.  Doesn't look good for racing tonight, although the office girls said if we didn't get anymore rain, they should be able to race tonight.  We'll see...........!!!

About 30 minutes ago, Mark twittered, the donkeys have landed on the mainland, safe & sound, been loaded in trailers & are headed for Tehachipi.


Witcheylady said...

God, he is so cute!
Anything happening with Thelma?

Tish said...

Not even a bag......!!! Maybe Tucker isn't going to have a little half sibling to play with after all.