Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hmmmm.............looks like Thelma likes baby Tucker's stall. Might be a good thing we're picking him & Mocha up today before Thelma gets firmly implanted in it.  John is already talking about building one facing this one, so there will be choices, if necessary.  

Of course we had a big rain storm off & on all afternoon yesterday, & she wasn't the only one looking for shelter. 

The big wash ran, & this is John in his "designer" outfit, cleaning out the junk that took out the fence across the wash.  It took out the fence on both ends, & when that happens the first thing he has to do when the rain quits & the water recedes is to get those fences back up.  It only took the bottom wire, so it didn't take him long to fix it.  Only once have we had a herd rebellion bound & determined to go see what there was to see over there in the new territory.  Of course with both fences down, as I tried to round them up they just went to the other fence.  The neighbors got here before I wore out & we got them in their pens.  That's been awhile ago, but they seem to remember things like that.  I'm sure given the opportunity to explore again, they would.  

Of course the west fence would just get them on Burroland, but right now the gates are open so the cattle can come in over there.  I am happy to report the cattle are hanging out over there, hopefully eating mesquite beans as fast as they can, so we can let the donkeys over there again. 

Jenny is still 3 legged lame, & I've about decided that it isn't her foot & another abscess at all.  She has still got some puffiness on both sides of her hock, & doesn't want to put weight on it at all.  I'm not sure at this late stage what would be the best thing to do.  She's on "pen" rest much to her disgust.  She's started eating the shelters I think as a way of showing her displeasure. 

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