Thursday, September 08, 2011

OUT OF TOWN..................!!!!

Bright & early in the morning, at least I hope bright & early, Georgette will arrive & our plan is to hit the road, since the drive will be about 700  miles to the San Angelo/Miles Texas area, & I'd like to get it done before midnight.  So I will be out of touch until probably Tuesday.

I was almost talking my self out of going this afternoon.   You know the baby was acting lethargic last night & the vet said give him an enema.  Well he was doing the same thing today, with the rapid respiration, so I called the vet, & she didn't return my call.  Called a new vet in Benson, but he wasn't in the area.  I called the vet in Tucson my vet recommends if she isn't available, & he seems to think the little guy is too hot.  Right now our weather is 100+ & humidity to boot.  I guess the new ones have a hard time adjusting their body temperature.  He recommended 1/2 OZ karo syrup & keeping him cool.............!!!  Not that easy to do, the pen is wide open & if we put fans out there, it would probably take at least 4 to cover the area under cover, & even then he could just move out of the fan area, very easy.  

I got on the Donkey Group & asked them for suggestions.  They said spraying him with water often on his neck, chest, & belly helps a lot.  So John has his marching orders & says he can do it.  

I destroyed 2 fly masks today trying to build him one.  It doesn't take much to show me how little I know about designing & sewing.  The first one was an absolute disaster, in the trash it went.  The 2nd one came out good enough I can put it on him, but it has it's problems.  A friend from the donkey group has offered to make him one, but she's long distance, I offered to give her the measurements on the last one I did, haven't heard back from her. 

I spent about 10 minutes twice today, sitting in a chair out there with them.  Mocha is so cute, when I'm out there, she pushes him towards me, so I guess I'm part of the family.  

Tonight when it started cooling off he started perking up.  I went in the pen & here he came, ended up under my skirt, & trying to climb in my lap, except I was standing up.  Hope he remembers me when I get back. 

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