Tuesday, September 06, 2011

BABY DAY...........!!!!!!

John woke me up this morning after he had went outside to see what the dogs were barking at, to let me know that Mocha had had her baby.  WOW! talk about something to get you up & out of bed, I was probably out the door in about 1 minute.......!!! 

Did grab the camera on the way out & this is what I saw first.............!!!!
Mocha was busy pushing the baby back to where he (we think he) should be, just like a momma should even though she is only about 27 months old herself.  We were afraid she would reject it, but she's, if anything overly "motherly".  The poor little thing is tired, but every time it lays down, she wants it up & moving.  

We thought the dogs might be bothering her since they share a fence, so John put in a temporary fence across the dog pen, so there is a 10 foot open space between them now.  

He finally got to where he needed to be, but she didn't have much of a bag & we weren't sure there was anything there.  John finally went in with her, & she let him squeeze out a little milk.

About that time Martha showed up.  She was coming today to do some massage & see if the mommas could be worked with as far as halters go.  Thank goodness she's "birthed" horse babies, so she was our stand-in midwife, our vet has jury duty today.......!!!!

I had John pick up the afterbirth & keep it in case Mocha started acting sick, so Martha & I did afterbirth study.  I knew you had to keep it, didn't really know what I would be looking for.  So she laid it out on the courtyard in a T shape with the cord attached to the sack & said it was a good one.

He pooed his first poo like he's suppose to, we iodined his navel, &  Martha said the only thing left to worry about is peeing, to make sure he is hydrated, & that the plumbing works properly.

This afternoon Mocha has settled down, & was even laying down herself one time when I went out to "look" from a distance.  The flies are really bad right now, so John has gone to town to try to find a itty bitty fly mask.  Hopefully they make one that will come close to fitting him & we can get it on him without upsetting momma too much. 

Thelma is still in the pen with them, & is keeping her distance, like a good auntie, or momma in waiting as the case maybe.  

I can't say the same for the rest of the bunch.  When we went out this morning they were surrounding the pen area.  Pepsi & Quilla both was absolutely going to see that baby one way or another.  John finally got everyone in their pens, except for Quilla, Selena & Falena, who don't have pens.  The girls kinda did a buzz thru 2 or 3 times, but they weren't as enthralled as the boys were.  

So Martha did a couple of massages, actually she did 3.  She looked at Jenny, who is still in her pen, not wanting to put weight on that hind leg.  She was surprised there was no heat or anything, & thinks it might be a sprain.  Jenny enjoyed the massaging as Martha tried to find the "spot".  We'll just keep her in & see how she does for a few days.  She really doesn't see why she has to stay in, & let's us know we're not treating her right ever chance she gets.  

Mocha didn't mind Martha being in the pen with a halter & lead, but Thelma wasn't having any of that nonsense!  She was 3 years old when the former owners got her, & they never put a halter on her, but obviously she has had bad experiences at some time in her life.  Hopefully it won't be too long before I can work with them, my leg is feeling pretty good.  I just don't want to take a chance of being body slammed & knocked down, until the leg has had a little more time to heal.  

John was all happy that it was over until he started thinking that Thelma hasn't had hers yet.  I'll be gone to Texas from Friday morning to sometime Monday, so hopefully she'll wait until next week.  I haven't seen any "dinners" on her yet so maybe she has awhile to go.

Tomorrow we were suppose to go up to Phoenix & pick up the mule Eeyore.  It seems the home close to where he lives fell thru, & the owner called Vic to see if he was still interested in giving the old boy a home.  I don't know now if I'll be going or not.  Not sure what I could do if needed, if I stayed home, so we'll see how things look in the morning.   


Susan and Joe said...

Just the cutest little thing imaginable!!! Mocha looks like a good momma.

Have you picked a name yet? I think you should consider Coffee, since his momma is Mocha!

Tish said...

Looks like a little plush toy doesn't he? Adorable little thing. Just want to pick him up & squeeze him. Don't think Mocha would like that though.

Haven't thought of a name yet, first we have to make sure it's a boy. At this age & since we're trying to make sure Mocha doesn't think we're trying to steal him, we really aren't sure. Martha thought she saw boy "plumbing"
when she dabbed his belly button with iodine, but he's so fuzzy it was hard to tell.

Should know in a day or so.