Wednesday, September 07, 2011

IT'S OFFICIAL..........!!!

He's a boy, caught him peeing this morning.  So far none of my boy names seem to fit.  Gizmo is sorta cute, he looks like a little gizmo, but when he grows up it might sound silly.  

Tried putting the mini mask John got yesterday on him, & it wouldn't have stopped an elephant from getting on him.  It came down to the top of his little nostrils & gapped so much at the bottom it was useless.  Mocha didn't seem to mind us messing with him, so maybe she'll be OK with a fly mask on him.  

I got on the phone & called the feed stores, John & Vic & Laura (she's nosy like me)  will pass on their way thru Tucson.  One of them said they had 2 mini foal masks, so John is going to stop on his way to Phoenix to pick up Eeyore.  Laura has already said he will probably get a name change that's a donkey name.  They are also getting a horse tomorrow, so he will have a new home & a new "girl" friend.  Rusty will be so jealous, he loves the girls.

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