Saturday, January 22, 2022


 Not sure the "A" team girls aka Tula, Frijolita and Ruthie would agree.  They do not particularly care for him and try to run away from him when he heads their way.  Doesn't seem to work though, he spends quite a bit of time within their sight just looking at them.  I haven't seen him misbehave with them, but obviously they think he has bad intentions.  He's only been gelded about 7 weeks, when he first got here he was in "lust" with the mini girls, especially Mamacita.  Guess he finally figured out that wouldn't work, so started eyeing the big girls.

He actually very well mannered.  He does not like his feet messed with, his former owner said he had been mistreated by a farrier before she got him.  He has a crooked front foot that I will have Dr. Jeremy look at and maybe x-ray when he comes out again.  

We've had tours almost every day recently. One tour was 43 people........!!!  John and I started out one in front one in back and it didn't take long to figure out that wasn't going to work effectively.  So we just turned them loose and we moved around in case they had questions.  That worked out really well, we'll keep that in mind for the future when we have a large group like that.  

Our cat population is growing.  We have a black cat that has decided he likes the cat food fed on the back porch and knows what time meals are served.  He needs corrective surgery, aka, neutering, but we'll wait until Suzanne gets back from Indiana to live trap him and also to take Charley the blind/deaf cattle dog someone dumped in the neighborhood last summer to have a tumor removed from his eyelid.  We took him in for evaluation for cataract removal to hopefully help his vision.  The vet told us these cattle dogs have a genetic problem with their retinas and sure enough they tested him and cataract surgery wouldn't help him see.  He's got a nice large pen, access to the feed room that is heated or air conditioned depending on the weather, a 5 gallon bucket with assorted doggie treats in the feed room that everyone knows is there and Charley expects everyone to give him some.   He has trained us to feed him only beef dog food, none of that chicken stuff.  Not sure what his life was before, but it's pretty cushy these days.  Hope I never find out who dumped him...........!!  

Sorry, no pictures.  We have lost the cord to recharge my camera and until Suzanne gets back I don't have anyone to take pictures for me to share.  My camera is an old Kodak and the cord has the smallest plug I have ever seen, I don't think it's more than 1/8th inch long.  John got a 4 way plug and even the smallest one wouldn't fit.  So until we can find such a tiny plug I can't recharge my camera.  😠

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