Monday, April 30, 2012

This is what Boaz's knee looked like this morning.  I tried leaving the cover off, but the flies thought his knee was a picnic, so I had to recover it.  I'm leaving it uncovered tonight.  It's still enlarged, not sure if that is actual proud flesh or just years & years of neglect. 

Changed Jenny's foot this morning.  She's real good about doing the bandage, but getting her into the garage is a challenge.  She has always been difficult to lead, actually she doesn't lead unless she wants to.  She will stand flat footed, look at you with those big brown eyes & dare you to make her move.  Lysa was here cleaning pens, so we got her involved.  Jenny does know when to give up, & will do so gracefully if enough people are involved.  Her foot looks good, I guess, still a big gaping hole, but that isn't going to change anytime soon, unfortunately.  Still haven't let her out to roam around, I'm hesitant because of the rocky ground, & don't want the duct tape boot to wear thru, so that dirt could get into the open areas. 

Daisy is still trying to find a boyfriend.  Boaz has lost interest, but old Pepper hasn't.  Yesterday he was trying to figure out how to "hop" up.  He can just barely walk, but that doesn't seem to be a problem from his point of view.  Nothing like an old fool I guess. 

Cheyenne lost one of the new fly masks.  She is the smallest mini & a regular mini mask is pretty large on her.  I ordered ex-small for her & Tucker, but until they came in she was wearing a regular one.  It's somewhere on the 30 acres, but neither John or I have been able to find it.  Grrrr.....!!!  John did find one of Jenny's leggings from last year, which was a pleasant surprise. 

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