Saturday, April 21, 2012

 One of the member's of the Donkey Yahoo Group showing her "ass".  Looks like he's cleared the jump by about a foot.......!!

Picked John up from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  I hope he enjoyed his day of rest, although he didn't seem too impressed.  

The good news is they didn't have to do any "work", they went in & looked, & everything was OK.  But he still had to be careful not to open up the opening they made in the femoral artery.  Actually they made a hole on either side.  John had radiation on the right side years ago, & that is the preferred side for them to go in.  But there was too much scar tissue, so he got an extra opening.

We're going racing tonight, & he is restricted, not only by me, but by our son, grandson, & our racing com padres.  They have all threatened him with dire consequences if he tries to do anything except stand in the way.  We'll see how this goes........!!!!  LOL

I got a fancy  boot for Jenny yesterday to use when she starts going out of the hay barn, hopefully soon.  It's called an Equine Hoof Bandage from a company called Mossy Creek, LLC.  It looks like it might work better than duct tape to give her something to continue to protect the foot from rocks & gravel.  It's made to fit all sizes, so hopefully it will fit her overly long donkey foot. 

She seems to be fairly content being in the hay barn, but it would be great if she could be out at least a couple of hours a day.  John's afraid she will get a long way from the barn & we won't be able to get her to walk back.

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