Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talked to the vet this morning.  They are using Elastikon on the foot itself where it was opened up to get to the infection.  That will continue until the foot grows out completely I would imagine.  Patti said I need to invest in 3M company & I think she's probably right......!!! (G)  

They haven't helped Jenny up since yesterday morning, which is great news.  We were hoping by leaving her up there until Friday that she would be strong enough to make the 3 hour trip without problems.  Once she's here, hopefully she'll be strong enough to not need help anymore.  

We've decided to start her out in 1/2 of the hay barn.  She didn't like it when we put her in there 5 years ago, & I seriously doubt if she's changed her mind.  But it's a little cleaner in there than her pen will be, so a few days in there while we figure out the routine, won't hurt her.  

This morning I managed to catch Mocha, Tucker & Gus together.  Of course they were walking along until I showed up with the camera.  Somehow a video of donkeys standing looking at me, isn't as interesting as when they are actually moving........!!!


Patti said...

Tucker sure is growing!

Witcheylady said...

Looks like Gus is making more friends

Tish said...

He sure is, already taller than the minis.

Last night Quilla & Gus were playing. Quilla had hold of Gus' neck & was leading him around in circles. Gus didn't seem to mind.

qifei2012 said...
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