Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This morning was bandage changing day.  We started right after chores & finally got a new bandage on around noon........!!!!

Actually for her she was relatively cooperative, although as usual she wouldn't hold the foot still, just about the time you would be doing something important, she'd jerk the foot away from you.  

Our biggest problem was we couldn't get the bandage of Elastikon, & duct tape the clinic put on, off........!!!  We gnawed at it with just about everything we had that might cut & wasn't getting thru at all.  I finally called the clinic, talked to the vet, & she said she'd never had a problem cutting thru a bandage like that, using sharp scissors or a sharp pocket knife.  OK...........!!!!  I shared this information with John which really made his day, since he was the one in charge of getting the bandage off.  He finally made some progress using an exacto knife, yippee......!!!  Got all the wrappings off & saw her foot for the first time.  There is a gaping hole in the front, & a hole about the size of my thumb in the bottom.  I had to pack gauze into the holes to help prevent proud flesh from getting started.  Then the "drill" is, cover with gauze pads, brown gauze to hold them in place, diaper, duct tape boot, elastikon, more duct tape & more elastikon.  I've never done this much wrapping before & as I said she isn't the most cooperative little miss, actually BIG miss.  

We had her on a sheet, but in the soft ground, that didn't work very well, especially with her not standing still, & actually pawing to show her displeasure.  John got the brilliant idea of taking her in the garage on the concrete floor, so that's what we finally did.  Found a good use for last year's race car, that's what we tied her to, figured she couldn't squirm much tied up.  Worked great for the front end, although the rear end, where I was trying to work was still moving just fine, thank you very much.........GRRRRR.....!!!!   I finally used the last of my Dormosedan although it takes 30 minutes or so to take effect.  I think I got her bandaged before it took effect.  Called the local vet & she didn't have any, so I picked up some ACE from her when we went into town. 

I got a bandage on, we went to town to vote & she was laying down when we came back, so I haven't had a chance to see how the bandage is holding up. I've got my fingers crossed, the main thing is to not get dirt into those open places, until the hoof wall & sole grow out to cover them.  I certainly hope since this is going to be a long term operation, that Jenny gets a little more pleasant about the whole situation.  I'd hate to have to sedate her every 4 to 5 days.

The good news is the Underwood Horse Medicine is working great on her bed sores.  Don't know if they'll heal since she's still laying down a few hours every day, but I think I can keep them under control hopefully. 

Everyone else seems to be doing good, thank heavens.  I'm still doctoring Boaz's proud flesh on his knee, & it is finally starting to get smaller. 

Today was the start of the fly mask season for some of them.  I only put masks on the ones that have immune problems which seems to make them "fly candy".  I tried to put Tucker's baby mask on him, but it doesn't fit anymore.  The flies aren't very bad yet, & I put in an order last night to Colorful Equine for some new ones.  I thought I had enough for the new season, but when I started looking them over last night, I wondered why I even bothered to keep some, they were really tacky. 

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