Monday, April 23, 2012

Called for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this morning.  Since I'm already in their system, I didn't have to do the primary care dog & pony show.......!!!   Suppose to see him tomorrow afternoon.  Sure hope it's just a quick look, cast & me out the door.  

Yesterday it was about 100 degrees here & felt every degree, like sticking your head in an oven.  The hay barn is open in the front which means the further back in it you go, the more stagnant the air is & it just sits there & heats up, ALL DAY LONG.  

John & I put our heads together & Jenny now has not only a fan aimed towards where she lays down, but also has misters running along one side.  

We didn't know about the misters, since donkeys usually don't like water or wet, but she figured out real quick that it was cool to stand there even if it does get her a little wet.  

Unfortunately right now no mister.  We just got back from town & the well has shut down.  One of John's "lovely" jerry rigged hose connections, disconnected & drained the tank.  In the process it either over loaded the surface pump & it shut itself off, or it burnt out.  Either way, we're waiting for the well guy to call us back & see if he can come out & "fix" it.  So right now she just has the fan, but it's a little cooler today, so she seems comfortable.

This morning was bandage changing day.  I ACEd her about half an hour before we wanted to start.  Getting her from the hay barn into the garage wasn't real easy when the time came.  Not sure the problem wasn't just Jenny being Jenny, but next time we're thinking about putting her in the garage & then ACEing her.  

Lysa was great help, since I have hand problems & John isn't suppose to lift more than 8 pounds right now, she did the heavy lifting, when Jenny didn't want to raise her foot.  Her foot looked good, except the heel bulb is still raw, but actually looks better than it did, so I guess we're making progress. 

John just came in & said he was working on the golf cart, it just died.  See why we're never bored.........!!!! LOL  This actually is golf cart #2, #1 "croaked" a few days ago & is still awaiting John's attention.  This is why we have 3 golf carts, chores would really be "chores" without a golf cart...........!!!  We've managed to find 2 electric golf carts really cheap because they needed batteries.  People almost give them away, because they know people won't pay what they are worth, if they need batteries.  Keeping 3 of them going keeps John busy in his "spare" time..! LOL


Witcheylady said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your hand is not broken. Geeez! What are we going to do with you?
Hope John is doing okay after his angio. You know I think about you guys all the time...
Hugs to you & "my boys" he-he-he.
I feel like I should at least be Quilla's honorary mommy.

Tish said...

Oh! you can uncross those fingers, that sucker is broke......!!! I just hope they don't have to pin it.

John's doing fine, I think that 8 pound lifting limit went out the window this morning sometime...!!!

Of course you can be Quilla's honorary Mom, I'm having to keep sunscreen on his legs now, to keep the sun from causing sores to draw the flies. He's a good boy about it.

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