Friday, April 06, 2012

The vet clinic promised they will try to get Jenny up today & put her in the sling if necessary.  After being down this long I doubt that she will be able to stand on her own, but I hope so.  Haven't heard from them so guess it hasn't happened yet.  

This morning just before we were going to get up the driveway announcer went off at 5:45am.  Looked out & sure enough there is a pick-up coming in the gate.  I love the driveway announcer, gives you time to put some clothes on.  (G)  It is a young man named Wayne.  He's been working for an Arabian farm in Tucson, he has a quad that is being worked on in Tucson & the parts are back ordered.  So he was looking for something to occupy himself for a few days.  Found our web-site & said he had always worked with horses & cows, no donkeys.  Sounded like something fun to do for a few days.  Once the quad is fixed he'll continue on to Texas, but in the meantime John is finding things for him to do.  Not too difficult around here to find something to do, unfortunately.  He's already noticed how much different donkeys are than horses, said he thinks he likes them better.  They are easier to work with I think, especially when they don't know you.  

Heard from Bijou's foster mom.  She said he still isn't moving around much, & is still ouchy.  I asked if he's still wearing his "Air Jordan's", but haven't heard back yet.  

Courtney & Martha are suppose to come out today.  Courtney wants Martha to do some massage work on Gus.  Actually he's been walking really well for him, although looking at his feet just gives me the "willies".  But they seem to work for him, so who am I to judge.  We tried getting his feet to look "normal" & it made him sore because the insides are NOT normal.  So if he's comfortable with high heels & stovepipe feet, I guess that's the way it will be.  

We are suppose to leave for Tucson at 4:30pm to go to a birthday/going away, welcome party for the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary people.  I hope Courtney gets here on time, I don't think she owns a watch, if you know what I mean....!!! (G)  The ones that need to be trimmed are having to stay in their pens.  Needless to say, they are not very happy, especially when they see the others going out. 

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