Sunday, April 29, 2012


Boy our butts have really been dragging today.  We didn't get home from racing until 3:30am this morning.  Of course the donkeys started their morning ritual about 7am.  They don't seem to care if we get in late, they still expect breakfast to be served on time........!!!  

Our local track wasn't racing Hornets or Super Stocks last night, so our son hauled his Super up to Queen Creek, southeast of Phoenix, of course we weren't going to miss anything even if it was 200 miles one way.  

Fun track, lot of fannies in the seats to watch, & good car counts in all the different classes.  Two other Tucson drivers went up too.  Unfortunately Rod cracked a rotor in the heat race & didn't get to run in the main event.  

But I think a good time was had by all. I'm glad we went, but sure hope our local track doesn't ever close down.  This would be the closest track if we wanted to continue racing, & if we had to go up there to race, I'm not sure John & I would survive the experience on a regular basis.  

Started using the Silver Nitrate on Boaz's knee yesterday.  It's looking slimy which I would imagine is the way it's suppose to look.  I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow if I get a chance.  Tomorrow is bandage changing day for Jenny's foot, which is my big priority, so we'll see if I have time for other "fun" things.

Kris said to just cover it with a piece of gauze to keep the sun off it.  That's easier said than done out here with all the brush to get caught on. 

Today was mini horse day I guess.  Heard from CJ's family.  CJ was a little black & white mini horse with really lousy feet we got in Nov 2010.  The woman said she had lost my phone number, so that was why she hadn't called earlier.  I told her CJ's new home is with a farrier & a 17 hands high gelding that thinks she "hot" stuff.  There is also a mare that doesn't appreciate the competition & a goat.  The last I heard from Ernie, CJ was in charge of the whole operation.  

I also heard from Kathy that is fostering Bijou.  He has chronic conjunctivitis & his eyes are getting pretty sore.  I went on the internet looking for information & there just isn't a lot out there. 

Thanks for the pictures, Kathy

The main thing they say is call your vet.  Conjunctivitis is one of those things that each vet seems to have their own "special" treatment, so you can really have fun chasing this or that treatment. 


The Dancing Donkey said...

Don't stress about keeping a bandage on Boaz. I think he will be fine without it. Good luck with everybody.

Tish said...

Of course there's the other problem of the flies. He's one of those fly magnets types unfortunately. We'll figure it out......!! Thanks

qifei2012 said...
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