Sunday, April 22, 2012

THIS IS GETTING OLD............!!!

Went racing last night.  Brought the car home in one piece, well the right front fender is a little "mussed", guy in front of me didn't GO when the flagman dropped the green flag & I did.......!!!!!  I almost missed him, but if I had gone to the left anymore the guy beside me would have really been unhappy.............!!!  LOL

Somewhere in the battle I broke my hand I think.  Actually I'm getting pretty good at diagnosing broken bones.......!!!  Same hand I broke the thumb on, but higher up.  So I iced it, wrapped it up when I got home, & will call the doctor tomorrow I guess.  

The way doctoring is done now, drives me crazy.  You can't go to the doctor, get an x-ray & get a cast put on.  No, no, no.....!!!!!   Have to make an appointment with your primary care manager, go see a PA (I'm not even sure what my actual doctor looks like.)  She does a lot of writing, gives a prescription to go over to the hospital & get an x-ray.  At least that's a walk-in.  Someone reads it, & pronounces it broke.  Back to the PA to get a referral to the Orthopedic clinic in Tucson, which won't see you unless someone else has already said, you aren't going to waste their time by not actually having something they need to see.  If you're lucky the next day is "Break" day, which is a walk in for broken bones..... well if you can walk, otherwise they have wheelchairs.  Otherwise you get an appointment depending on your level of breakage I guess.  See the big doctor for about 5 minutes, he disappears, someone comes in sticks a color wheel in your face & asks which color you want, then spends maybe 5 minutes slapping on a cast & out the door you go.  I'm sure they can treat a horde of people this way, but jeesh.........!!!!  I'm not looking forward to seeing the same hand doctor in Tucson again.  He seemed to think the broken thumb in October was funny, probably because of my age & how I did it.  This should send him over the edge.......!!!

John is ordering me a steering wheel today, that is solid in the middle, no place to stick your thumb or hand or whatever I stuck thru the wheel this time.  Our son had said they are harder to grip, but at this rate, harder to grip doesn't sound so bad after all.........!!! LOL 

The donkeys were glad to see us when we got home.  Vic & Lora had fed them, but they were still in their pens.  We are really going to miss Vic & Lora when they move to Colorado in June.  I keep hoping they will change their minds, but probably not, a lot of their family live up there.  

Jenny seems to be doing good, not sure how her bandage change will go tomorrow.  John still can't lift more than 8 pounds until Wednesday because of his angiogram Friday.  Believe me, Jenny can make her foot weight a lot more than 8 pounds when she wants to.  And now I'm "wounded" which is really bad because John doesn't do doctoring, even in good times.  Lysa cleans pens on Mondays & I had already told her I'd probably need her to help me doctor Jenny because of John's limitations.  So this should be fun.......NOT!

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