Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Heard from the vet this morning.  Jenny is still down, still trying to get up, & now is talking whenever anyone comes within sight of her.  I guess all that attention is going to her head.  They are still talking about getting a crew together & trying to get her up, but so far they haven't tried it.  They still say she is stronger & perkier every day.  And her foot is healing very good.  Sooooo  here we are.  There's no way we would do anything different, but it is certainly frustrating, especially when they really have no idea why her hind legs won't support her.  

I noticed this morning that Tucker was laying down more than I thought he usually does.  I checked his "abused" area & it felt OK, a little damp, but no heat & no swelling.  I decided to take his temperature & hose off the area & was getting all my toys together, when John yelled from the neighbor's to bring him a halter.  Hmmmm, it seems Boaz had found a spot in the fence to go thru & was having a great time looking around & grabbing mouthfuls of weeds.  There is very little left on our property to eat.  I put the halter on him, hook the lead, started to lead him, & "away we went".........!!!!  Well he went, I sort of spun off the end of the lead.......!!!

 About an hour later we finally got him back on the property.  HE CAN MOVE IF HE WANTS TO.........& he did.  We both saw areas of various neighbor's property we'd never seen before.  John actually grabbed the lead a couple of times, but Boaz wasn't having any of that..!!!  (Gloves are a good idea in these situations, which John didn't have)  I guess he finally decided we weren't going to leave him alone, so he "allowed" us to herd him in the driveway gate.

 But, he decided that we didn't need to get close to him & he took off for Burroland to find the other donkeys, with his halter & lead flying.  Of course when they saw him & his flying lead, they all took off with him in high pursuit.  By this time I had lost any sense of humor I might have had.  The others circled around & headed for the pen area, he followed & we got him in his pen.  I exchanged the soft cotton lead for a stud chain & we did "learning to walk calmly with human" lessons.  He tried to pull away a couple of times & then decided it wasn't as much fun & quietly walked along for a couple of minutes & I let him go.  Grrrrrrrr!  

Finally got around to taking Tucker's temp which was normal.  Rinsing him off started out a little "squirrely" with a couple of very swift kicks, not in my direction.  But John stuffed a couple of animal crackers in his mouth & he decided maybe it wasn't so bad after all. 

And so our day goes...................


Witcheylady said...

Still keeping my fingers crossed for Jenny. Hoping today is a better day for Jenny & Tucker. I can just see Boaz dragging you around...not so funny when it's happening but those of us with the warped sense of humor can laugh about it later....right?
I remember the first time I dewormed the donkeys, Gus dragged me out of his stall & down to the arena. Not so funny then, hilarious now when I think about it. Hope no neighbors saw it...lol

Tish said...

Yes, I have LOTS of stories I can laugh about now, at the time, not so much....!!!