Thursday, April 12, 2012

IT'S A GO.........!!!

Just talked to the vet & everything is a go for us to pick up Jenny tomorrow.  The vet said she's still laying down, but every day she lays down less.  So we'll feed early tomorrow & head out.  Lysa will come over, clean pens & let everyone out when they are done eating.  

Vic will come over & feed in the afternoon in case we don't get home at a decent hour.  They will show us how to wrap her foot, so we'll have to be there for awhile.  And a friend from Saudi that now lives about a mile from the vet clinic is going to try to come over & visit.  Nancy has come over before when we were up there, but it's been a couple of years ago.  It will be good to see her again, if she makes it. 

Mr. Boaz is in the dog house.  Last night when John did round-up for supper, everyone came in except Boaz.  We fed & he still hadn't showed up.  John went over to feed the neighbor's dogs, (long story) & guess who he saw over there?  When Boaz saw John & John called him, he came "arunning", stuck his head under the smooth wire that runs across the wash, & quickly was on this side.   Hmmmm, I told him he just ruined his fun, by showing John where he was going back & forth.  

This morning the bandage on his knee looked like he had been chewing on it.  I've been using Wonder Dust on it daily for quite sometime & it is looking better.  I wonder if it is starting to irritate some of the tissue that has feeling in it?  I try to not get it on anything except the proud flesh, but I'm sure it doesn't always stay where I put it.  

I've got some silver nitrate ordered & will change over to it, when it gets here.  

No races Saturday night.  The pump in the well where they get water to water the track "croaked".  There's no way we could race without the track being wet down.  It's dusty enough when they wet it.  

That's OK, getting Jenny Friday & racing Saturday was going to pretty much fill up our "dance" card.  Next Friday John is suppose to have an angiogram, which he is really looking forward to.........NOT!    We still haven't figured out the logistics, he's suppose to be at the hospital at 6am for an 8am procedure......!!!!  He's been having a little breathlessness & palpitations & has a lousy family history for heart disease.  The doctor saw something that caught his attention, so this is what he wants done.  

So John will load the race car Thur night, in case he isn't feeling real peppy Saturday.  I can drive to the track & our son & grandson will be racing that night, so they can do whatever needs to be done, like reloading it on the trailer.  I'm not into all that chain & tie down stuff.....!!! LOL

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