Monday, April 02, 2012

Finally talked to Dr. Voss this morning.  Their schedule to makes calls seems to be when I am out feeding.  So it had been 2-3 days since we had really talked, rather than leaving messages.  
Jenny's still down, still getting stronger, but is weak enough in the rear legs that she can't make the final rotation to get all the way up. I asked if her rear legs were working OK & he said they work just fine to kick real fast when she wants to.  He said they had thought about maybe her neck or back being injured while she was under anesthetic.  They shackle their pasterns & literally haul them up in the air with chains to move them around.  Someone usually carries the head, but stuff happens sometimes.  He said no, her head & neck are working very well.  In other words she's using her head as a weapon, which is an old trick of hers, I warned them about.

Her muscle enzymes are coming down, white blood count a little high, possibly from stress of trying to get up.  We talked about things that never happen that might have happened, such as botulism.  He said her foot was a cess pool, who knows what was in there.

She's always in shade, they are turning her side to side several times a day.  He said when she sees someone she starts trying to get up.  She's eating & drinking good, kidneys are working well.  Some problems with muscles release "Yuckies" (that's a technical term) into the bloodstream that ends up in the kidneys.  If the kidneys get clogged from too much trash, it can cause renal failure.  But he said everything looks good.

So we are still on Wait & Watch.  When she does get up, I don't know how long it would be before she could travel, so this epic isn't going to be over anytime soon I guess.  SIGH!

Everyone else seems to be doing good.  Tucker hasn't even acted like anything happened.  Yesterday I was looking out the window & most of the donkeys were within sight.  Tucker was roaming around almost by himself with Mocha in sight of course.  He walked over to where old Pepper was standing & they smelled noses for awhile.  Maybe he thinks Pepper's his grandpa..!!! 


Patti said...

Sounds like everything is working except her "git 'er up". Maybe she likes getting waited on?

Tish said...

I hope not, her "Queen for a Day" ticker ran out days ago.....!!! LOL