Saturday, March 31, 2012

Haven't heard form the vet clinic about Jenny today.  They usually call in the afternoon, although they said they'd call if she got up, so I assume she hasn't.  

Tucker is doing just fine after his traumatic day yesterday.  He was laying down a little more than usual, but when I let him & Mocha out this morning he took off as usual.  I checked him, much to his disgust, & everything seems to be just fine, no drainage or swelling. 

Today is the 1st race day of the season, so Burroland is closed.  I looked over there & almost everyone was milling around trying to figure out why they couldn't go over there.  When John rounds them up at 2pm to feed, it's much easier if they are all over here on this side.  


Since everyone was so upset I took a bottle of fruit flavored Tums out to the feed room porch & sat down.  Didn't take long for the observant ones to figure out there was treats being offered.  Ended up with Chantilly, Rusty, Gus, Mocha, Justin, Tucker, & Daisy.  Some of them had never had Tums but decided real quickly that they were worth pushing others out of the way.  Gus even put his front feet up on the porch & started making ugly faces at Tucker, shaking his head & putting his ears back.  Maybe because of being with Quilla all winter up at Claire's he seems more assertive.  I don't know, but he is definitely more involved with the other donkeys, even if it is in a negative way sometimes.......!!! LOL

Courtney is trying to get a day to come out & trim those that need it & reacquaint with Gus' feet.  She's also talking about bringing Martha out to do some massage work on Gus.  She thinks he might have some alignment issues, if he does Martha should be able to find them. 

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